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Sunday 30th April 2006

Finally got around to cleaning up and updating my XBox this morning. Well when I say XBox I mean the software, XBox Media Centre. The last release of the software was dated Christmas 2005 and I uploaded it on 4th January this year. So for the past four months, I have left the software from… Read More »

Monday 30th August 2004

Oh yes, my XBox was successfully upgraded yesterday. It took longer than the two hours we had scheduled for the urgent maintenance Expect full details on my forth coming project page. Hopefully, I can find time later this week, to add this to my site and also go over any other parts of the site… Read More »

Sunday 1st August 2004

So August is upon us. A fresh start. A special month. Uniquely slotted in between July and my favourite time of year, September. The football season re-starts. The kids are on holiday. Many are away on holiday. The silly season, as often referred to by the tabloid press. Are you a gamer? More importantly, are… Read More »