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Tweet Envy

While I joined the Twitter service early (as an early adopter of most technologies) in 2008, it had only been running for a few short years up to that point, I did not fully engage with the service until perhaps a year to eighteen months later. Now, I cannot be separated from the micro-blogging service. Particularly as it gives me the outlet to blog in substitute to more detailed posts, which of course land on this site.

Let me give three examples of the power of social media in the past month. Following on from my post on Christmas Day. Tom Cruise (well a member of his team), tweeted back the following which made not just my Christmas, but bought the year 2012 to a perfect close!

TC is Jack Reacher

Have you seen Tropic Thunder? If not, it is a movie you need to see to understand the tedious link between Tom Cruise and rapper Ludacris. Perhaps you caught the MTV Movie Awards in 2010. Tom Cruise is infamous movie mogul Les Grossman and he loves to dance to Get Back, even joined on stage by Jennifer Lopez. In any case, I am also a big fan of the rapper and movie star, and he is set to appear for the fifth time in the sixth instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise in May. Now I am using Instagram on my tablet, I am keen to find celebrities I like to follow, so I thought I would just put a tweet out there to find out what Luda’s username was on the photo sharing site. To my disbelief, on the bus home, I put on my tablet and tried to connect to the on-board wireless (resorting to tethering to my HTC Desire in the end) and low and behold, the main man had tweeting me back! It was only around 4:30pm on Thursday but he made my weekend.


After listening to Amnesia practically all week (even during the course of the working day at my desk), I was keen to find out more about the beautiful Canadian singer, Rosette. So sure enough, I found her official site and began to follow her on Twitter. Within minutes of sending her a tweet yesterday evening, she responded with only three words but they meant so much to me. I shall be watching her career very closely this year, right I feel I should go and buy the single from Spinning Records.


Much Ado About Nothing

I heard about the story just over a year ago, as it was debated on BBC Radio Five Live at length, one evening over a weekend. I am sure it would have featured in numerous phone in shows and television discussions (The Wright Stuff anyone?) which I did not catch. In February, Michelle sent me a group e-mail, to all her friends regarding the trip to Bloomsbury Theatre to see a host of stars perform for The Twitter Joke Trail. I replied with a yes immediately, before going onto the website to view the complete lineup. This was indeed an A-List selection with Stephen Fry, Al Murray and David Schneider among a host of other stand up comedians (some of which I had never heard of). I was really looking forward to the night but as there were several months to go, I thought very little of it. I duly booked the time off work and remember sharing the line up link with my colleague Rich, who was very jealous. He believed the cost per ticket for such a glittering lineup was well worth the venture into the capital.

I have been using Twitter since May 2008, considering myself an early adopter (as I am with most technologies). I enjoy the ability to rant to the world in a separate world to Facebook. Generally my tweets tend to be of a more geeky nature, if compared to my Facebook status updates (which are far less frequent). I am trying to think of perhaps my most stupid tweet, which would be in the same vain of PaulJChambers, but can only find no worthy examples. However, I can understand why it is very important to respect our freedom of speech. Paul was using tweeter to vent his frustrations, it was not (as I would learn later this evening) a ‘credible’ threat. I also realise that this could have happened to anybody (famous celebrity or not) and the fact that Paul has lost two jobs and is facing a very expensive legal bill among other things made the event, a very worthwhile and noble cause.

Michelle and I headed into London on the delayed 15:58 from Langley to Paddington. From here, we grabbed a quick Starbucks from the food court (I have become rather partial to a Signature Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. I am sure it does little to help reduce my waist line!). We then crossed the platform of the grand train terminal, looking magnificent in the sunshine with one roof restored. We caught the Circle line, but were heading in the wrong direction. Stupidly I just followed Michelle onto the first train that was on the platform, rather than checking myself. We were too busy nattering for three stops to notice that we had gone passed Ladbroke Grove (we were going the wrong way!). We got off at Wood Lane and headed down the stairs and across to the opposite platform to catch the first train back and then finally come out above ground at Euston Square. Here we met up with Magda and Steve. Some fifteen minutes late, but I was very quick to blame Michelle. Magda I had not seen since Christmas Eve (112 days ago) and it was great to catch up after over four months (three months and twenty two days) apart. We headed to lunch at Zeen, a local Indian restaurant, but as it did not open until 5:30pm, we were looking like rather eager punters, waiting outside the door. Just as Steve called the restaurant, the door was unlocked and we were allowed inside. A mellow but very contemporary affair, in the far corner of the basement restaurant, a widescreen plasma television was showing the DFL IPL on ITV4.

Teg & Magda

We were hoping to be joined by Aminee and her boyfriend but they were unable to make such an early evening dinner, so it was just a double rather than a triple date. The food was good and given we were the only customers for a good thirty minutes or so, meant the service was exceptionally quick, just what we needed. After dinner, we walked the five minutes to Bloomsbury Theatre. It was my first time at this venue, but for Magda, this was her old patch, the theatre is part of UCL. Her medical school building was just around the corner. The venue was busy as we made our way up the stairs to the box office to collect our tickets. Jack Whitehall walked in and created a buzz among some of the audience queuing for their tickets or just chewing the fat before the start. Jack was not someone I recognised by name but having seen him in the flesh so to speak, I realised who this up and coming young comedian was. I use the term young relatively, he is 22, so a good eight years younger than me. It was at this point that Steve pointed out he had seen Jack Whitehall three times in the past week. We now waited for Aminee and Saard to arrive, which they did duly a few minutes later. While we waited, I switched on my mobile internet and uploaded a fresh photo to my HTC Desire FlickR set. (Hand modelling courtesy of Dr. Magda)

Twitter Joke Trial

It was then pretty much a time to take our seats, Michelle had explained that this was a very intimate venue and that with our seats in the stalls we would be right up close to the performers. She was of course, right! We were in row H, towards the left of the stage but sitting directly behind the benefactor of the gig, Paul Chambers. The hashtag #twitterjoketrail was being used on Twitter (where else would it be used?) and I tried to send a tweet but my net connection was poor in the auditorium. Saard must have thought I was socially inept (probably not a bad conclusion to come to) as I was meeting him for the first time but instead of having a proper conversation, my eyes were firmly on the phone trying to get my tweet to be displayed on the big screen. I did apologise, “I will be a prober human in a second, just want to send this tweet”. Aminee had mentioned a free public wireless network but I had not been able to find it, let alone connect. In the end, I gave up and would catch up again at the interval. I had however, at least been able to update my Facebook status and drop a rather general tweet about my location while we had been waiting outside in the foyer. That would have to do, at least for the time being.

Twitter Joke Trail Gig

The show started, slightly later than billed, opened by national treasure Stephen Fry. We were in for an excellent evening of entertainment. Al Murray was second to appear, in character as the pub landlord. He would then be comperé for the rest of the evening, introducing the subsequent comedians and whipping up the crowd in a frenzy. Stephen Managan would appear camera in hand (pretty sure it was an actual digital camera rather than a mobile camera but it is very hard to tell these days) with each act and take a photograph of them on stage with the audience as the back drop. These were being tweeted live during the course of the show and it is only now a few days afterwards that I am able to catch up with these twitpics. Each act had about a twenty minute slot, some focused on twitter, although of course it is difficult to refer to an active case. Most carried out their standard performance. For example, Katy Brand performed the Single Ladies dance as seen on Dance for Comic Relief in 2009. Personal highlights included Rufus Hound playing via an iPad his heated discussions with Edwina Currie on BBC Radio Five Live from last year. Something I had missed both on the radio and in the seven days hence on iPlayer. the best comedian for me though was David Schneider, whom I have admired from his early days in the mid 1990s on BBC Children’s show Hangar 17 (anybody out there remember it?). Not only does he just look funny the moment you see him, his performance was hilarious, particularly with engaged audience member Emily (picked on throughout the show) was asked to come on stage for a impromptu performance. This started with David wooing Emily with a variety of songs (including Take On Me – which was too high for Dave’s vocal range). He ended his skit with a embarrassing Dad dance megamix. (Indeed very similar to a performance on Britain’s Got Talent less than twenty four hours later). While the words would do little to reflect the performance, all I can say to describe this dance is that Schneider takes the key elements of signature dance moves (Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Beat It) and puts on his own comical twist. The result is a musical montage you will rarely ever see again. Plus, the guy is rather buff, if I must say so myself for someone pushing fifty! To read a more detailed review of the evening, including the full lineup of comedians, check the review from UK Comedy Guide – Chortle.

On the way home, I contemplated on such a great evening and how sorry I felt for Paul and his family. Steve, Magda and I had wished him all the best for his appeal later in the year, as we had left the theatre. His counsel had appeared on stage briefly after the interval to explain important aspects of the case. This was not someone used to such an atmosphere (or is that audience outside the court room), papers quivering in his hand, but he over came his nerves to explain some of the rather ridiculous chain of events that would lead to Paul’s arrest and prosecution. Never has the phrase, “You cannot make this up” come to mind more often. I will do my best to keep an eye on the case in the media, but I am sure it will be on Twitter, that some of the news will be broken first. Afterall, this is where the story begins and it is where the solidarity was also shown. Remember when IAmSparticus was a trending topic for the UK (or perhaps even the world) when millions of users of the social network retweeted Paul’s now infamous tweet. The powers that be cannot lock us all up and I would dredd to think of the day when they put Mr. Fry under lock and key at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

News You Least Expect

The problem with job hunting in the current age and perhaps more so in the current financial climate is that you rarely get feedback. Most jobs listed on various job sites clearly state that if you do not hear back from the ABC Recruitment agency within three days you have been unsuccessful. It is a shame, because after making the effort to apply and fill in various application forms and questions, you would at least expect some recognition. Even if it is just a faceless, nameless auto response e-mail.

I had a really bad day, even by my extremely poor recent standards. I was woken up early to take my sister and Mum to to their schools but in the end, as the roads were clear my Mum ended up driving her self and dropping me at the top of the estate to make my own way back. I sat on the sofa, watching BBC Breakfast but felt a headache coming on and just disappeared back into my bed. Hoping that maybe an hour or two of sleep I would be able to pick up the pieces of the day. I woke up around 2pm and after having some food, jumped on my computer to find an e-mail. It was not the news I had come accustomed to received via this medium. I suppose that put me off my guard. I expected a telephone call. It was good news, but I had expected bad because of the long delay in the response. I had attended the interview at the top of the year. My dearest friend Sippy had even left a great response to my initial Tweet with some comforting words of encouragment. It worked, because I got offered the job and although perhaps I should have just accepted it straight away, I had another possible opportunity to consider.

In any case, it was like a bolt of lightning for me. Tomorrow I am going to get loads done, I am going to get my haircut, join the gym and get everything prepared. It feels like I have been a a dormant animal of late and I am finally coming out of hibernation. To a person that thrives on routine and having something to do, I am looking forward to being able to get up on a Monday morning and have a place to be and something to do. It has been a long long time.

Sunday 25th January 2009

A break from the holiday posts to give you a quick update on everything that has been going on since I have returned to good old England. Returning back to work on the gloomiest day of the year. Believe me it was not planned like that but it just happened. If I had a choice I would not have wanted to come back on this day but it was out of my control. Work has been busy but to compensate I have been going in early and then have the option to go home at 4pm or stay a bit later if I need to. I have slowly switched back into work mode and glad to be back.

On Monday evening, after Eastenders I went over to the Tesco Extra store on yet another impulse buy. I picked up a Philips DTR to go beyond the basic five channels I had on my television in the lounge. I know I have a Freeview card in my PC, but with my desktop out of action I thought this the ideal moment to get the piece of kit. After all, there was no chance of me bagging my sisters’ box, plus I could never get all the channels on my PC in any case. Rather an impulse purchase but well worth it, now that I have sixty five channels but only twenty-four which are favourites! Nice to have some music channels (TMF & 4Music) to put on at the weekend and have as background entertainment. Overall very happy with my purchase even though there are some negative reviews over on Amazon based on the box packing up over time. I am hoping I am not so unlucky. Time will tell. Even if I am, hopefully by the time it stops working I will have either a media centre with Freeview up and running or be back on my desktop! (Hopefully both!)

Weekend has been rather chilled, just as I wanted. Yesterday I got up late (by my standards) at 9am and got on with all those jobs like cleaning the flat and sorting out bits and pieces. I had made a list at work during Friday lunchtime but still not done much. To be honest I doubt I could actually tick anything off the list really. Oh well, there is always time in the evening to get a few things done.

I must take you back to the first weekend of 2009. The Saturday evening to be precise. Although I think it may have already clicked forty minutes past the witching hour, so the early hours of Sunday 4th January. I was looking at my Twitter feed and noticed a reply. It was from my dearest friend and old housemate Sippy. He used to run a very popular blog but he neglected it some years ago and pretty much disappeared online. It was a shame because he was one of my best friends and I would speak to him almost every day on MSN. This was the first time I had been in touch with him in almost two years. I had been thinking about him on the drive home from the gym back in December, wondering if I would ever get in touch with him again. I am not sure why but he does not use IM any more. I knew he was never going to join a social network site, he does not agree with them. However Twitter is a step in the right direction. Although, his feed has dried up in recent weeks. If you remember Sippy and his blog from the good old days, go ahead and follow him!

Today has been a really good day. Went to the gym at 8.30am, but as my left shoulder was aching I did not really push myself that far. I had wanted to really get the programme done but it was just too painful. Hopefully I will better tomorrow. I have started taking my little Coby MP3 player to the gym but need suggestions for gym tunes. Some dance tracks would do but I am willing to consider anything. Any suggestions, just leave a message in the comments. I have also taken the step to invest in some decent weight training gloves by the famous Golds. After several months of using £2 pair from eBay, I thought I should take the leap to quality. Plus, during my ski trip, I had lost one of old gloves somewhere at home. The search continues.

After the gym, went for a breakfast at local cafe with Steve, then into town to get a few bits before heading back to the flat. After half an hour of chilling (and me checking my e-mail) we headed back out again to the Hogshead to catch the FA Cup match. The less said about the goalless draw the better. Another replay!

Day 3 – Monday 12th January
Was rather over optimistic with the alarm time once again. It was set for 8:18am but I did not get up until 8:50am. My postcards were ready to be sent so I headed to the post office and bought some stamps for La Poste afer breakfast. When I returned to the chalet, everyone was ready to head up to the slopes. Ben was having a lie in before his lesson at 2pm. The plan was to head to Tignes-Le-Lac, the main part of the resort and I was hoping to tackle some of the green runs and beginner zone there. The boarders and Geoff were going to hit some of the red runs the other side of the mountain. We took a similar route up like the previous day, up the main gondola, Sache up to the extra long chairlift, Marais. From here we took the difficult blue run, Corniche down. The plan after my misadventure on Sunday afternoon was for me to head off and the boarders to follow close behind so they kept tabs on me. This lasted for the blue run, until we got up to the red. I should have known better than to follow my friends but I was under this foolish notion that Bluet was actually “Blue A” and a simple blue all the way down to Le Lac. There was a blue run to Le Lac but it was the other way around. I quickly came to the realisation that I was majorly out of my depth. The piste was rammed and in the end after at least two crashes I gave up, took off my skis and walked down to a clearing on the left (directly underneath the Chaudannes chairlift). From here I gained the confidence to put my skis back on and make my way down. It took me over two hours. In fact Paul and t_chien made it down to Le Lac (they had split off from the others and come back up on the chairlift). I thought it was a bit strange when I heard two people shouting Teg. At this time I was collapsed in a heap on the right hand side of the slope. Eventually I got up and slid down to the flat before eventually skiing down to Le Lac. It was midday by the time I got to the resort and took off my skis. The rest of my friends had already gone up one side of the mountain and come back down the red run.

Tignes-le-LacGeoff & Teg

The others headed off to do a red run while I had lunch with Emily at the restaurant close by. It was not as expensive as you would expect. We then decided to plan the afternoon together. We went on the green run a few times, where Poole advised me to practice my parallel turns but to no joy. I just was too busy concentrating on my snowplough turns and looking out for other beginners that I just did not give it a go. We went up again and did the green run one more time before deciding to head back. There was a good deal of sking to be done down to Sache. I enjoyed the ski down to the Chaudannes, the chairlift that takes up back up to the top of the mountain. Mainly because it was a green run but it also went down through a tunnel and I felt a little like a spy on a mission, albeit with far too many English tourists around. we made our way up and agreed to get to the gondola and catch it back down. Although I quite easily could have skied all the way back down to the bottom. However, by the time we got there, I took the easy option out. Even though Em thought I was going to ski down. Remember the day before it had taken me an hour to get down the step slope, this time it took me fifteen minutes. I was improving although I did not feel I was making enough progress. We made our way down and then went to the restaurant next to the gondola and waited for Ben’s lesson to finish.


I had a nice hot chocolate with cream and it was very good, just what the doctor ordered. Em, as she did throughout the holiday, ordered a mulled wine. We had noticed Ben struggling on the nursery slope but he seemed to get down okay. Then on his next run he had a mega crash. Emily got the key for chalet but he was going to head back with us. It was Pav’s birthday and we had quite a night planned ahead of us. We went back to the chalet and got changed and waited for the others.

Once they arrived and were ready, Pav blew out the candles on a bakewell tart. Then the plans for the evening began. We wanted to head over to Val d’ Isère, have a nice meal and then go out clubbing. The birthday boy was 27 after all. Our plans changed. We headed down into the village and bumped into the owner of the La Bouida, who just happened to be both English and getting out of a taxi. We then asked the driver, Jack to take us out. The owner recommended we head to Val Claret to avoid the high prices in Val d ‘Isere. He would take us to a nice place to eat and then point out some of the lively night spots. We had a drink in La Bouida while waiting for the driver. It was not for the first time but the music channel NRG played the end of Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing. It was a song I would hear on a regular basis over the resort. This was closely followed by Womanizer by Britney Spears. Jack drove us the thirty minutes up the road to Val Claret and dropped us off outside the @ Bar. This was a trendy little bar which also had three desktop computers for internet access. Ben jumped on to check some important e-mails but I resisted the temptation. The bar was very nice, cosy. Plus t_chien had a major crush on the barmaid, particularly when she came over to our table to drop of the snack tray. It was getting late now, around 9pm and we were all hungry, so could not stomach walking around the village, trying to find somewhere to eat, so we just popped next door. It was a rather simple restaurant but the service was quick and prices reasonable. We all had various pizzas and everyone put in to cover the cost of Pav’s meal which was a nice touch. Although later t_chien stated that if it had been his birthday, the meal would have been in the most expensive restaurant available and he would have gone for something more exotic than pizza.

Birthday Boy

While eating we planned the night out. We were going to go to some bars and then head to the discotheque next door, the imaginatively titled, “Melting Pot”. We headed back into the resort and first went to a quaint little pub called The Cavern with a restaurant at the rear. We all stood at the bar and made the place look busy. The barmaid was a tall blonde who gave us some advice on the places to go, her English was very good. We headed next door to the Grizzly Bar (so called due to the bears on display everywhere). We were not allowed to take photographs but did not notice the sign until t_chien pointed it out, by then the damage was done and we had all taken various photographs of the group. (Most of which are on Facebook now and I am sure you will have seen!). Foxy fell over outside actually and it was rather amusing picture, particularly when I pushed him further down into the snow. He then had a mini tantrum and accused me of doctoring the photograph to make it look like I had pushed him over (hardly!). The next stop was a lively bar with live music a few bars down. As we walked in they were playing Hotel California by The Eagles. They played a mixture of music, including some reggae. I recall them playing Al Green – Let’s Stay Together at some point during the evening. It was good fun but the place was rammed. We stood by a table right at the middle of the bar, by the entrance to the back and toilets upstairs. This is where we spent most of the night, the music was good and the crowd were in the mood for a party. Afterwards we thought we should at least check out the Melting Pot. Foxy took over (as he usually does) and became the leader of our group. He sent Paul into the Melting Pot to confirm whether we should go in. It was dead. We then walked down the icy road past Le Studio to the Blue Girl club, which was built into the car park. Once again, completely dead. We decided to go back to the @ Cafe. It was much busier now and they were playing dance music. We stayed here for a few before calling Jack and heading back to the chalet. It was a good night but the more eventful night would come later in the week.

Duos Point

I am back from my first ever Eurovision Party Experience! It was fantastic, I had a great time and most of my friends made a good effort to dress up and get into the mood. However, before I get to the party I should fill you in on my Saturday. After getting back quite late from the cinema (we went over to the Riverside bar and restaurant for a drink afterwards) I slept in until gone 10am and eventually got my act together at 2pm to go and wash my car. Well I vacuumed it first and then was in two minds as to weather or not to wash it. There was a slight drizzle but I thought I would bite the bullet and get it done. It took me just under two hours and it was a job well done. I used the new de-greaser that Pav gave me on Friday on the wheels and the dirty just flew off. Good product recommendation once again from Crystal Detail. Talking of CD, they now have an official web site.

I made my first attempts to apply the Victoria Concours Wax which I purchased from Clean Your Car last week. I only tested it out on the bonnet and rear boot, just to get an idea of how to apply it and buff it to a beautiful shine in the sunlight. Overall I was impressed with the wax and Pav told me later that it only needed to be applied once every six weeks or so as the beading lasts for a long time.

After washing the car, I spent the few hours I had left before the party to watch episode four of Greek. It has been getting better and there was memorably laugh out moments on the show but it was more of a filler slash character development episode. Then, I noticed that Superman II was being shown on five, so watched for a few moments before jumping in the shower and getting ready. I could not find a tunic, so my Mum got my cousin Anita to bring one along with her, so I had to wait for them to get to Wycombe. It was 7pm as I got into my car but they were around the corner in Asda getting some last minute bits and pieces for the weekend. Eventually I got the top and headed over to Reading.

I think I should clarify where I stand on Eurovision. I’m not a big fan but have liked some of the UK entrants of yesteryear (anyone remember Precious?). However, I do not need much of an excuse for a party, so was really glad when I heard Em was organising one and the Event got posted up on Facebook. I suppose you could call me a bit of a closet fan as I have watched most years at home with my family. Last year being the exception when I listened instead. In 2006, I watched the UK performance and then opted to watch National Treasure on Sky movies instead (the sequel I only watched a few weeks ago). However it is something I have always enjoyed watching and even downloaded the odd song. However, the ideal opportunity of a party meant we could all get in the mood and have some fun! It was a good reason to dress up and learn about a different country, particularly as I did not agree with Andy being there, it should have been Michelle Gayle, her song was much more Eurovision than the jazz club number, “Even If”.

I parked at the old house in Emmer Green and then Pav’s Mum gave me a lift to the house in central Reading. As I was let in by Pav, I handed him the important package I had brought along – the remote control. Could we tune into BBC1 and get decent reception. Andy (Sweden) and Nicola (Greece) were already there and Em (France) was in the kitchen preparing the snacks. I will put the country assigned in brackets but it will be quite easy to work out from the photographs (nearly 200) that are being uploaded to FlickR as I type. The lounge had been decorated with flags of several of the countries participating on bunting but the only furniture to speak of were some cushions, so I had brought along my inflatable football chair (which I had got as a leaving present from my placement at Hillier’s back in July 2003. I had only used it once, during Christmas that same year). It was quite a mission to inflate the thing, and even with Andy and Nicola helping, I only half inflated the beast in time to be seated for the start of the show. At 8pm sharp, the show began and here I was, my first Eurovision Song Contest Party could begin.

Rather than go into all the details of what happened during the course of the night, I think I will let my photographs tell the story. Sazzle (Russia) was the eventual champion but there were good shouts by Greece (Nicola) and Ukraine (Annie). So what are you waiting for there are 192 photographs over on this fresh new FlickR set.

TegNicola & Andy
t_doggGeoff & Em

Song wise I really liked the ballad from Israel. Performance wise, Ukraine was right up there along side Greece (whose song Secret Combination would not have been out place at a Britney Spears concert earlier this decade). Then there were the crazy performance, particularly Spain which put together a comic show with even one dancer (in pink) falling on the floor. Russia won and deserved their victory. I have seen Dima live, he performed at the World Music Awards in Earls Court two years ago and was very good even if he has more than a passing resemblance for Pop Idol flop Darius Dinesh. Off to Moscow next year then but will the man that keeps us all going through the evening, Sir Tell be there with us?

Joined up to Twitter so I can upload quick blitz updates to this blog when I am out and about. (I will get around to putting a twitter box somewhere but at the moment my side bar looks far too busy and needs a spring clean, something (or several things) will just have to bite the dust! Also considering the amount of time I am on the road these days, thought it would be useful. Just one more day of the Bank Holiday Weekend left. I was going to into London to meet up with a friend and look at The Telectroscope. However having just watched the weather (with Laura Tobin) I have decided to abandon those plans to visit the capital. It is going to be raining all day, so apart from a morning trip to the gym, a duvet day (of sorts). Hope you all have had a good weekend and make the most of tomorrow!

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