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Tweet Envy

While I joined the Twitter service early (as an early adopter of most technologies) in 2008, it had only been running for a few short years up to that point, I did not fully engage with the service until perhaps a year to eighteen months later. Now, I cannot be separated from the micro-blogging service. Particularly as it gives me the outlet to blog in substitute to more detailed posts, which of course land on this site.

Let me give three examples of the power of social media in the past month. Following on from my post on Christmas Day. Tom Cruise (well a member of his team), tweeted back the following which made not just my Christmas, but bought the year 2012 to a perfect close!

TC is Jack Reacher

Have you seen Tropic Thunder? If not, it is a movie you need to see to understand the tedious link between Tom Cruise and rapper Ludacris. Perhaps you caught the MTV Movie Awards in 2010. Tom Cruise is infamous movie mogul Les Grossman and he loves to dance to Get Back, even joined on stage by Jennifer Lopez. In any case, I am also a big fan of the rapper and movie star, and he is set to appear for the fifth time in the sixth instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise in May. Now I am using Instagram on my tablet, I am keen to find celebrities I like to follow, so I thought I would just put a tweet out there to find out what Luda’s username was on the photo sharing site. To my disbelief, on the bus home, I put on my tablet and tried to connect to the on-board wireless (resorting to tethering to my HTC Desire in the end) and low and behold, the main man had tweeting me back! It was only around 4:30pm on Thursday but he made my weekend.


After listening to Amnesia practically all week (even during the course of the working day at my desk), I was keen to find out more about the beautiful Canadian singer, Rosette. So sure enough, I found her official site and began to follow her on Twitter. Within minutes of sending her a tweet yesterday evening, she responded with only three words but they meant so much to me. I shall be watching her career very closely this year, right I feel I should go and buy the single from Spinning Records.


Friday 20th March 2009

My weekend started around 4:40pm, I had come back to the flat and changed into my running gear and was putting on my trainers. I had 1Xtra on the Boom and it started to play a song. Dave had recommended it to me on Wednesday night. My friend Nikki from Leicester was crazy about this artists debut release. I found it repetitive and overall a little boring and unoriginal. You cannot describe his new song in the same way, it is great. I am of course, referring to Crank That (Soulja Boy) by Soulja Boy. That song was just a waste, but his new song, Kiss Me Thru The Phone. Go check it out on YouTube, although of course, the official music video will be missing if you are based in the UK like me!

My run was arranged for 5pm and I was keen to get my weekend off to a good start with another solid three mile run, following the same route I had covered on Sunday mid morning. However, I have received a text from my colleague to confirm we actually covered four miles, with a time of forty minutes. Ten minute miles, a good pace but I know I can do better. It was the perfect weather to be out for a run, the sun setting in the distance and the cool air breeze in my ears. Once I got back to the flat, I had a nice long shower and was glad that the weekend was finally here. Quite a lot planned once again but I will get to the preview a bit later.

How has my week been? Very busy as you would expect but also very tiring. On Monday night you may have noticed I was on MSN all night, while transferring my high-res, non-compressed photographs from the engagement party over to Pav. I went into the lounge to watch Newsnight and feel asleep on the sofa, it would not be the first time I would do that in the week. I had got a new book out from the newly opened Newbury Library (now with self service checkout desks, using exactly the same software that High Wycombe Library have had for nearly a year. I was looking for Dreams From My Father but it was still out, I even asked a someone whom looked official but he was just a contractor for the council overlooking the new computer terminals. On the PC search it came back that the one copy was out and I had the option to reserve but decided against it. I then tried to remember what other books were on my list, as I had left the list at my flat. Bear in mind this was lunch time and I did not have a lot of time to browse, as I still had to fly past Tesco Metro to get some food. I opted to get The Invisible Man by HG Wells. I thought it would be inspiring, particularly as there have been many times in recent weeks when I wish I could disappear completely from view.

It has been a strange week, mainly because both Chuck and Heroes, stable television diet for Terry have been on break, so I only had The Big Bang Theory to watch this week. Add to this that I have not been feeling too great. My severe migraines have returned, one occasion it was induced by me. On Wednesday I felt it come on at work but reacted quickly enough to counter act it but on Thursday night it was a different story. My vision started to become impaired while watching Eastenders. I should have listened to the voice in my head not to go on the computer but I just had to check my e-mail and that was it, it sent me over the edge and subsequently I had to just shut the computer down and get into bed around 9.30pm. Extremely early for me, I listened to Manchester City in the UEFA Cup, they were through to the quarter finals if they could keep a clean sheet for some sixteen minutes. Could they? Could they hell. I was awake as they entered extra time but fell asleep soon afterwards. The full nights sleep did me well but the headache returned mid morning in the office and it was only a long walk at lunch time and some fluids that shifted it by the time the afternoon came along.

You can imagine my sheer frustration to receive the following Tweet reply in my thread on Monday evening. I was so annoyed, that I just had to called Aniya up and say, “Sister, I do not have tickets…yet!”. What made it worse, was the content of the message, how careful she had been with her phrase, “This Is It residency at the O2″. Like as if an MJ fan I did not know he was doing fifty dates at the concert arena in Greenwich. However, it was a tweet by one of the more well known people I follow that actually really made me chuckle. It was not the tweet itself but the comments left on the TwitPic. Out of pure curiosity, I had been searching for a picture of Mrs. Rebecca Bacon but found very few and those were not very close up and I had to pay for the privilege of seeing the wedding photographs. I am a fan of the former Blue Peter presenter but not that big a fan! I love the fact that someone will always say what you are thinking, the internet is a liberating place: “Pulled out of your skin there, Richard. Mind you Konnie Huq was way out of your league as well.” Maybe there is hope for me yet, although I am sure I will need to be more original in my birthday present ideas.

What are my plans for the weekend or rather ‘maneuvers’ as Pav always asks me on a Friday? (Although of course he has been AWOL from Wednesday to Friday and I have only heard from him on SMS a few times. Well tomorrow is a big clear out day and I have my land lady making an appearance at 10am, after her no-show last Saturday morning. I now do not need to get my haircut as I went straight after work this afternoon at 4pm. A shopping trip is on the menu for early afternoon (after Football Focus) but I have yet to decide if I want to venture further up the road to Tesco Extra. A decision for tomorrow. Afterwards, I will need to get ready and head over to Reading. We are hitting the town for a few for Em’s birthday. I have been told that quite a big crowd have confirmed attendance via Facebook. Sunday will be sent as a day of cleaning, a heavy weight session at the gym in the morning, a run in the afternoon and perhaps a nice meal out in the evening. However, I cannot reveal too much just yet. Although my Mum does not read my blog, or know of it’s existence, it would be bad of me to reveal all surprises in a such a public fashion.

I am in fact looking forward to next weekend a great deal more. Why? Well it will be the first weekend in ages when I have absolutely nothing on the agenda and I can actually treat myself to a lie in on Saturday morning. I should hopefully have a few more toys up and running which I can mention nearer the time but for the time being I hope you all have a great weekend and I promise I will try and update again before the weekend is out.

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