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Sunday 12th June 2005

Audio update, for the first time in six months. Rather depressing reading, unfortunately. Single collection has only grown by 100 songs over the past 6 months, equaling downloading one song every other day. My collection of albums has not really grown for over a year. I blame this purely on the closure of various BitTorrent sites which I use to use extensively. My collection overall is in quite bad shape and I need to undertake an extensive pruning when transferring over to the new PC next weekend.

People often tell me that I spend far too much on recordable media. At the time I bought my TDK Cyclone drive, in July 2002, I made a promise to only purchase and burn onto TDK discs. Certain sites over media as cheap as 20p, I have always paid around 50p for my discs. It is worth paying the extra for the quality and piece of mind, knowing that the disc will play in every player and last for years. I kept this promise over the past three years, ordering around 50 discs in bulk. I still have 20 CD-Rw discs lying on my desk but wanted to keep them for their sole purpose, which is to archive my MP3 album collection. So this afternoon, I rushed down to Staples to pick up an emergency supply of discs. Looking at the shelves I noticed to my surprise the number of DVD related media in relation to CD. The format has really picked up the pace in terms of consumer everyday use. CD based material was quickly going to be replaced by DVD as the preferred format of exchanging data. The reason I rushed out and made this purchase was to sort out my audio collection in the car. I had been creating discs at the drop of hat, without paying attention to quality and therefore always searching for something to listen to in the car. There are only a handful of new tracks that I listen to and the rest are a mixture of newly discovered songs from the 80s and 90s.

Monday 12th April 2004

As I come to the end of University and hence the educational leg of this trip we call life, I do wonder. I wonder what will make the children of tomorrow to take this step and leap into higher education. I recall like yesterday the day, when I ‘knew’ I would be heading to University. It was July 1994, some ten years ago. I was given an award for excellence for my time at my primary school, then Lansdowne County Middle School, now Chepping View. There were around five of us given this award. My headmaster remarked that these would be the people who would be at University in some eight years time. That sealed it for me. All of my elder cousins had gone to University and I had known for many years that it would be going. I suppose it was confirmed for me that afternoon, during that final school assembly and as I left Lansdowne forever. Leaving behind many sweet memories, friends and dreams of joy. So it was with bemusement, I heard the latest attempts of the government to get more young people into university. In a radio advertisement aired around December last year, the Aim Higher market team hit new heights. To appear to be happening, hip and appeal to the ‘yuth’ of today, they scripted the following:

Spokesman:There now follows a message about going to university. (Cough). Word up.
Youth (not impressed):He says he’s got something interesting to tell you.
Spokesman: The mega news is that the darty government posse will help you through uni by shelling out the clam.
Youth: There’s lots of financial help available like loans, grants and help with fees.
Spokesman: You cough up zip till ya minted.
Youth: You won’t pay back a penny of your loan until you’re earning over £15,000 a year.
Spokesman: So peg it man, don’t veg.
Youth: To find out what’s available to you now and the changes proposed for the future call 0800 587 8500 for your free information pack.
Spokesman: Don’t sack it, braw.
Youth: Don’t stop. Aim higher.

To read an article in the row which this advert caused in the commons go to the Education part of the Guardian website.

A quick message to Sam. Thanks for leaving a message on my guestbook. Tried to e-mail you but message was returned to me. Please get in touch via e-mail. Thanks! 😀

Looking at my Audio page, which I had not updated for almost exactly 2 months. It was time to update my MP3 database. Not a dramatic update, as I have only increased the total number of songs by 30. The main increase has been in the albums department, where I am just 10 shy from 200! Also, I have been cleaning up my MP3s and removing songs that I rarely listen to and seasonal favourites, which also have been archived away onto CD-Rw. I know many of you may be concerned with the recent move of legal action being taken against Peer-to-Peer sharers in Europe. It appears that the record labels are going to go after people who share an excessive amount of copyrighted material. Not sure how I should approach this situation. All the audio listed on my audio pages has been ‘obtained’ from various sources, but I do not share any of the material. I know that does break the whole philosophy behind peer-to-peer networks. That is not to say I’m a self centered and selfish individual, if anyone contacts me requesting any material, I am more than happy to trade or in some case give them what they desire. Not sure how I should plead my case when the lawyers come knocking. Then again, will they? Ignorance is no defense, but then perhaps I could make the case that I have all this audio in CD or tape format? Didn’t think so! :S

Sunday 8th February 2004

Finally got around to updating the MP3 Database on my Audio page, I am nearing the dizzy heights of 3000 mp3s. Adding almost 100 mp3s since November. My album collection has exploded to 184, from 166 in November. I am going to aim to update this listing every two months. There are two reasons for this, mainly due to time constraints and also the realisation that my collection will not grow dramatically in the space of a month.

Not much to report, I’m afraid. Not really in the mood to blog, on a Sunday morning. Busy with Uni work at the moment. My project and various coursework assignments that I need to get on with. A song I have been listening to is a cover of a Donna Summer classic. “This Time It’s For Real”, has been revamped and updated with the fantastic vocals of Kelly Llorenna. A really great dance tune and I have to attempt it has started to grow on me.

Should be heading back to Wycombe this coming weekend, so another reason to get as much work done today as I can. Will hopefully update again later in the week, when I should be bringing my guestbook live. Currently tweaking the layout and design, so it fits in with the rest of the site.

Tuesday 2nd October 2003

So an new month dawns, and September disappears into the abyss. However, with anything records remain of the past and they come back at times to haunt you, at times to bring joy to your heart. A incident when I logged back into my University account was to check the contents of my network drive the home drive (H:\). Browsing throw the folders, I discovered an old excel spreadsheet with details of my MP3 database. I checked the date, it was 31st May 2002. My mind instantly flashed back to that time and how wonderful life was. I had just finished my exams and the World Cup was a mouth-watering prospect, with a few days away from England’s first group game. The file took me to a life, which now seems to be a completely different from where I am now and where I am heading. The most extraordinary fact is how my MP3 collection has grown, since the end of my second year and how the content of my web blogs have gone from a few lines detailing updates to the site, to an opportunity for me to tell the world what is on my mind.

487 days had passed since the date recorded on my MP3 database. In that time, my MP3 singles collection had grown from 1282, and increased by over double in the space of 16 months. The most dramatic rise is in the album collection. In May 2002, I had 37 albums. I now have 152, which is an increase of over 4 times. I have updated my Audio page to reflect the latest information with regards to my MP3 database. Due to University commitments, I will update it on a monthly basis.

Not sure if any of you have seen the latest Party Political Conference Broadcast from the Labour party. It did indeed make me chuckle. I would use the word that they use, but it is more borrow the idea of the classic MasterCard advertisements. However, the tagline changes to the comical: “There are some things a government can’t do. For everything else there’s Labour.” Interesting, very interesting but I’m not sure the most ideal marketing tactic for a political party heading for some rough times in the coming parliamentary session. Of course, time will tell.

Wednesday 20th August 2003

I do not think I have mentioned the legend that is Tommy Boyd. By chance, about three years ago I started listening to TalkSport during the weekend evenings. This was to become something of great importance in my life. I was hooked every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Tommy Boyd, would dispel his wisdom to his avid listeners every weekend. The jewel of the weekend was the Sunday evening phone-in. Calls would be aired directly onto the studio, no producers or assistants screening calls. The would result in some hilarious radio for about four hours. Callers would ring up to play, pre-recorded audio, or say some stupid line or whatever. It was an example of democracy on the radio, and people had the opportunity to get take out their angst against the world. After all Monday morning was glaring on us all, and was as inevitable as the sun rising. A great site would his dedicated to Tommy Boyd and his life.

My MP3 collection has grown dramatically over the past few weeks. I now have over 140 albums and over 2500 songs. My Audio page has been updated to reflect his.

Wednesday 23rd July 2003

I have been busy, this week, downloading more Mp3 albums from eMule.

You’ve waited a long time for it. The Audio page hasn’t been updated since 8th June. Some of the individual mp3 listings haven’t been updated since 15th May. I have been very bad with regards to updating these. I’ve finally got around to it, as I have now got a great PlayList generator. It is a plug-in for WinAmp. It is called, EZ Playlist. I now have over 118 albums. Over a year ago, my total collection Mp3 albums only covered 10 650mb CDrw. I now have some 26 CDrws, each holding some 700mb of quality albums.

However, I received an e-mail on Tuesday at 7.16am from Nehal Patel, with regards to comments I had posted on my website. He appreciated my comments but had a few corrections with regards to my posting. Firstly that his surname is Patel, and the actual full name of his website is, “My Sangeet”. Sangeet is the Hindi for song. Nehal pointed out, that although there is substantial amount of ‘copying’ which takes place in Bollywood, there are many musical composers who are original. The following, have produced soundtracks that are less than 5% copies of Western songs:

  • A.R. Rahman
  • Ismail Darbar
  • Aadesh Srivastava
  • Anu Malik – used to be a big copier but has been “clean” for a few years now and has created amazing tunes on his own
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Mr. Patel, was also able to provide some much needed statistics with regards to this copying phenomenon. In general only about 15% of Hindi songs are copied from western sources. Another 15-20% are copied from Eastern sources (mostly Pakistan and Persia). So actually 65-70% of Hindi film songs are completely original.

Some original soundtracks include:

  1. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
  2. Taal
  3. Rangeela
  4. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
  5. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun
  6. Devdas

I would like to send my best wishes to Nehal Patel, ask him to keep up the good work. He has obviously been doing his research, and knows his subject well. Thanks for the feedback. It is much appreciated.

Not been up to much recently. Just trying to get other things sorted, like mountains of paperwork and post, in anticipation of my Final Year at University. I must say, that I am looking forward to it. It will be a bit strange, switching back to student mode, but I’m sure, once I’ve settled down, the work will get in the way of everything that I want to do.

Still looking at a new ISP, as the spam situation with my mailbox with MadAsAFish is getting out of control. I hope to have something sorted by the weekend. It cannot come soon enough!

Sunday 20th July 2003

Sorry in the delay in updating my website. I am still considering on the revamp of the website, to co-inside with the 3rd birthday of my website. This may also involve a move of ISP. MadAsAFish have noticed that I have been accessing and retrieving by the fantastic service, Mail2Web. This web based service, lets you
manage your POP mail account and ideally remove any messages that you do not want to download to your PC. From 16th August, I will only be able to access the mail, by dialling into the MadAsAFish account. Another reason, to move ISP is the substantial amount of spam or junk mail I have been receiving recently.Over three days, I totalled nearly 250 spam e-mails. Time to move ISP I feel. If anyone out there knows of a great ISP please let me know. I may temporarily move over to my Web UK Online account before finding a new home for my website.

Do not despair, I will keep you all closely with the decisions I make.

I have been busy focusing on the album side of my MP3 Collection. I have now over 110 albums in my collection and this continues to grow at a rapid rate. My single
collection is also growing, but I haven’t downloaded many songs this week. In an average week, I would be exposed to nearly twenty hours of radio and would hear several new songs that would need to be downloaded. Unfortunately, as I am no longer commuting some 600 miles a week, I do not listen to any radio at all.
I therefore, have been downloading songs, as I hear and see them on the numerous music channels on Sky Digital. Surprising to see the number of times videos
are repeated during the course of the day. And they call this interactive television? I will update the Audio page to reflect changes in my collection soon.

This was one of the weeks that will go down in history. For some of the most tragic news, scandal and lies. Never have I ever noted to see such events unfolding
on our TV screens. My feelings are that there is far far more to this than meets the eye. This is not just the heartbreaking death of a decent MoD expert, but
more of the undoing of this Labour government. More will come out, and heads will indeed roll.

Someone is responsible and someone should pay…someone already has…

Tuesday 15th July 2003

Again I apologise for the long delay in updating my website. I have to confess that I have been making the most of the hot weather, now that my Placement has finished. I still have loads of things to do, and loads of bits and pieces to check up on. I want to get this site sorted and my Placement page, finished before August, if I can.

As always, something that seems too good to be true, often is just that. Or in the case of BraveNet, just doesn’t last. I am extremely disappointed that BraveNet have decided to suspend their free counter service, with a standardised button, text and graphics. I was considering upgrading to the Pro version of the counter service, but was shocked to find that the cost of this is $99.99 per a year. That is far far far too expensive. So I am also on the search for a quality new counter, which again, has full visitor statistics. I may have to program one myself if my search does not provide a worthy replacement.

I have been downloaded several albums over the last few weeks. This has been mainly due to the fact, I have found a fantastic new peer-to-peer file sharing/swapping service. My friend, Darren, recommended Emule to me. It uses the eDonkey network and is great. Most users, share albums has compressed, zip or rar files, so there is no desperate searching around for that elusive final track on an album. I have downloaded a handful of albums, mostly recent news and I will be updating my Audio page to reflect this. The only problem is that most warez / mp3 groups enjoy placing their signature on the albums they are downloading. So you have to go and rename files and ID3 Tags, however, that is a small price to pay.

Most of you out there, will be unaware of the phenomenon which is the Bollywood movie. I am not a fan of this genre of cinema at all. Long gone have the days when I was seven, or eight and watched these movies, with an awe and twinkle in my eye, mesmerized by the action on the screen. But now, the fact that our hero, always seems to win, against unbelievable odds, get the girl and wins the heart of the family, all appears to be very superficial. There is no way, that our hero, only armed with a knife and defeat 23 villains all armed with sub-machine guns, pistols and grenades. It just simply, isn’t possible. When will these Indians learn? Another lesson, which they are far from heeding is that of their choice in songs. Well perhaps not so much, songs but rather backing track. As far as I can remember, Indian films have never had an original soundtrack. Quite funny, when you look at Western soundtracks which are always labelled, “OST – Original Soundtrack”. Bollywood films, also borrow something from western songs. It could only be explained that Indians, feel that Copyright, is having the right to COPY! On my search on the internet, I found a site by Nehal Sangeet, where it takes this subject that provides a list of songs and their western counterpart on which they are based. The website is aptly called, “Hindi Copied Songs”. I contacted Nehal and explained how grateful I was that someone had finally come around not to ask the question but also carry out the research. The research to link, western score song, to a Bollywood hit song. He mentioned that there is a much more comprehensive resource out there on the web, which also includes Real Audio of some songs. The site is I2FS – Inspired Indian Film Songs

I am working on getting some new photos on the site. Please bear with me. Hopefully, I will update the site later in the week. Take care for now everyone and enjoy the sunshine.

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