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Wednesday 2nd December 2009

So here I am, my official first blog in my new Word Press application. I was hoping to get this all kicked off over the weekend but for some reason the One-Click Application was not working on my hosting. I logged a call with my host 123-Reg and they resolved the issue by Monday afternoon. Even though I perhaps expecting far too much gave them a call around 4pm on Monday to chase for an update. The installation process was completely painless and the most difficult thing was deciding on a theme and more importantly name for my blog. T3G:2 does not really mean much to many people and I have been in the need for some inspiration. At first I thought maybe the name of a movie I had recently seen at a friend’s house – What Lies Beneath, but it had too many negative, dark, eerie connotations. I then went for the same approach as my dearest friend Barry Tuck. (It should be noted that he is the main reason I have finally made the jump onto WP). He uses the lyrics from his favourite (or one of his favourite Radiohead songs. So I went with the same concept, selecting Human Nature, my favourite slow MJ song as the lyrics do kind of fit.
Once I got my head around how to publish posts, create an account for myself as an author, I began the process of transferring all my previous posts into this online application. Originally I thought I would work my way from October 2009 back but this would mean I would have to go through entries in a second pass to link them to the correct historical page once all those pages were up. Therefore I have gone way back in time, to the start of this blog back in 2002 and started from there. It is going to be tedious job but the outcome is worth it. I will have all my entries ready, you will be able to read and subscribe by RSS and even get e-mail updates when I create a new post.

So what have I been up to recently? I must go back to the weekend first. The Drive In Movie at Pinewood Studios was very good, even in the pouring rain. I had not really considering how they were going to pump the audio to us, I just expected large speakers scattered around, but as we entered the main parking area, the attendant told us to tune into 107.7FM. Genius, perfect sound in the car, no need to have windows open and engine noise would not interfere. I had sent a tweet to Pearl & Dean wondering if their titles would appear on the biggest outdoor screen in Europe but even though they had been running competition for tickets recently, their response in a direct tweet on Monday morning was no and I should just hum it myself before the movie starts. Not the same P&D, not the same at all! Notting Hill was very good and better than I expected. I am not a big fan of either Grant or Roberts but it was watchable, in parts very funny and Grant’s housemate, had me in stitches in part. It must be great being Richard Curtis. Having the idea of what it would be like to bring a the most famous person in the world (at the time, in this case a Hollywood actress) to a local dinner party, how would your family and friends react?

Sunday turned out to be a lad’s day. After clearing a great deal of paperwork from my room and shredding it, I spent the rest of the day infront of the television watching three football matches back to back. First there was the Merseyside Derby, followed by the London derby (the less said about that the better). This was followed at 6pm by action from La Liga, El Clásico. It was not as dramatic as the match I watched last season over the May Bank Holiday earlier in the year. After all the build up, it was a tight, one nil victory for Barcelona.

On Monday I had a few jobs to do in town but it was not the ideal weather to be waiting at the bus stop. It was 10am and I was soaking wet. Ryan’s Punto sped past and he recognised me just in time. He had just finished a shift at the supermarket and was heading home, so I asked if he could give me a lift into town and he kindly obligied. The 100 Park & Ride was already on the circuit down from ASDA back from the Empire Cinema, but I did not have the patience to wait. I collected my Dad’s mail from the Royal Mail sorting office, handed in a job application at Argos before heading home.

In the evening, I was hoping to catch FlashForward on five but my Mum wanted to watch some serial on Star Plus, so I used Sky+ to record the show and I would catch it later. In the end, the temptation was too much and I downloaded the Austrialian broadcast version (Channel 7) and started watching around 1am (into Tuesday) but I was so keen to catch the mid season finale and so many questions to be answered. It was good, with a brilliant twist in the middle. The ending though turned out to be somewhat predictable, but I guess that is because we now used to the format of the show.

Tuesday was a day spent on the job hunt pretty much all day. I had the treat of Heroes to late in the evening and got to go to my sister, Julie’s school production in the evening with my Mum. I had an interview on Wednesday lunchtime and had been given a great deal of work to do in preparation. I had missed a DHL delivery around 11am, so went to the debot to collect the package (which we eventually found after a little driving around town), drop my sister at school and then return home for a quick bite to eat before we headed back out to Marlow to see the performance.

As with these things, it started a little late my Mum and I were seated way in time for 7pm. The show was called Starstruck after the song by Lady Gaga which features on the album The Fame. I became aware of this song, when it was featured in an episode of sci-fi series Fringe screened back in late April. Series 1, Episode 17 – Bad Dreams. The show took the concept of a talent show playing a parody on Britain’s Got Talent format. The show began with an intro sequence of various performances of the younger school children, some miming, so ballarinas, some street dancers. Afterwards the show began itself and we were introduced to our three judges. Simon Crewell, Miranda Holdall, Pierre Moorhen played by Sixth Formers and a school teacher respectively (Mr. Stuart Ross). They were then sat to the right of the stage on the same level as the audience, so at times it was difficult to make them out and I had to just make do hearing their voices. It was then down to business with act followed by act, some good, some very very bad. My sister performed in Street Unity, third on the bill in what can only be called a poor man’s Diversity. It was good fun and I could see my younger sibling was enjoying herself. After all the performances there was an intermission. Although I was not at all thirsty, my Mum insisted on getting a drink (I was able to decline the option of a muffin). I was happy to share a drink but my Mum wanted a drink for herself, so we got two Apple & Mango J2O. Minutes later when we were seated, she moaned that it was too sour! The second act was a flashback, showing how each of the different acts found out about the Star Struck show and then went about preparing for the show. The highlight for me was the performance of Ben by Miss Britney Zavaroni but we later discover it was all planned by her scheming mother. An MJ song was selected to capitalise on his death and the song dedicated to Granpa Ben, when in fact his name was Ted. Britney was also told to cry during her performance midway through to further tug on the judges’ heart strings. Overall it was a very entertaining show and a good way to spend an evening for a change. Rather than the usual visit to Albert Square.

When I finally got home last night, I had a nice cup of tea and then settled down to watch Heroes. When I started to play the video file, I discovered the first few minutes were corrupt, with the footage skimming several seconds ahead and missing major parts of the plot. Fans of Heroes will know that major plot devices are always revealed in the first few minutes before the title sequence. I therefore had to go back to MSN and more specifically MSN Plus! Chatlog and pick out the HTTP link from Pav. He has abandoned torrents in favour of direct downloads. He had explained the link was to a super fast server and it took about 40 minutes to download. What was I going to do in the meanwhile? I decided to watch Paradox. I had forgotten to set the show to record on Sky+ so caught up by streaming on BBC iPlayer. Do not get me wrong, it is no FlashForward, but it is good by BBC production standards and has enough going to keep me occupied. I caught episode one over the weekend and decided to give the series a chance. You can therefore imagine that I finally went to sleep sometime near 2am, having watched both shows back to back.

Keeping up with what has now become tradition, please see below my Advent Calendar for this year. I actually requested Transformers from my Dad this year, even though he usually just picks up something he believes I would like. Every year, being my Dad he has been spot on but I just thought it would be ideal to give him a slight nudge for 2009! To keep all my images of advent calendars together, I have created a new set on FlickR. Now the question is are you a good person and eat your chocolate only on the designated day or are you like my sisters (particularly Samantha) whom would have eaten all twenty-five before the fourteen of December has arrived.

Transformers: Optimus Prime Advent Calendar

Monday 15th August 2005

Monday morning again. Thankfully this morning, I had Simon Webbe with his debut single on CD, to help make the day a much easier pill to swallow. I drove to work with a spring in my step and fresh wind blowing through my mind. Ready to take on the world and win! On this CD, I had another classic song. Yet, before I can give you the artist and title I need to give the background. Of course, the reality is that my dearest friend Nav should be providing this rushed look back at his college years, but it falls upon to pick up the baton. At college, in his 6th form college room, there was only one band, Nav used to listen to. Going through the trendy indie phase, there was only one song that can remind him of this happy and someone carefree time. I wish I could sum up the super powers to take him back and away from his current predicament. While I cannot do this, I can do the second (or rather twenty-third best thing). Dedicate this blog entry to him. Perhaps someone he feels he is from another planet, I find his company on MSN a constant joy and pillar of knowledge. Perhaps the great book is true. If this is case, then perhaps the one could be, Girl From Mars!

123-Reg, the new hosts of my web site got their act together this morning. I still had not been contacted as the administrative contact for my domain. So, I faxed them, a cover sheet. Funnily enough, the address for them, over in Nottingham is Portland Street. A nod, or rather insult to the names of my previous hosts. The man upstairs truly doeswork in mysterious ways. It was confirmed as a successful transmission at 10.24am, in fourteen minutes, I had the confirmation sent to my Yahoo! account. Amazing. This was the sort of quality service I was used to. I logged in and ported in my domain into the 123-Reg control panel, purchased my hosting and sat back to relax. After thirteen days waiting around, I was hoping the hard work was done. I changed the DNS servers, which updated instantly but I had to wait until around 8pm tonight for the change to propagate around cyberspace, far and wide. Over in Brumland, the change was not as quick. While I could see the factory fit holding page, Sippy could see nothing. They just must be extra slow in the Midlands. I could not wait for them, so had to get my friend Nav on the case to check the site. Indeed, over in Lincolnshire, he could see my personal holding page (just my logo), while home in High Wycombe I could only view the 123-Reg holding page. :( Please only link to this site via the official link – t-e-g dot co dot uk.

So here we are, hosting done and dusted. No banners, no UK2Net, no chance of a DoS attack bringing down my servers or that of my host. The future is bright. The future is red. Why red? Why, the red planet of course. On my drive home, I put the volume up as I headed out of the car park, it was time for some serious rock.

Do you remember the time I knew a Girl From Mars?
I don’t know if you knew that.
Oh we’d stay up late playing cards,
Henri Winterman Cigars.
Though she never told me her name,
I still love you, Girl From Mars.

Saturday 6th August 2005

Unfortunately I am having major problems transfer my domain from UK2 to 123-Reg. I am not sure what exactly is causing the delay, but for the time being, please bear with me. You may notice that the main link to this site (t-e-g dot co dot uk) does not work. Please use for the time being.

Unfortunately, I will have to postpone my blog entry until later in the week. There are only a few minor stories to fill you in on. The Arsenal Members Day, which I attended at Highbury on Thursday. Plus the highlight of my weekend (if not the entire football season) The FA Community Shield, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales. I will be there tomorrow. Expect a full report later in the week.

Monday 1st August 2005

Those of you who attempted to visit my web site over the weekend, will have notice it was down. Appears that my prestigious host, Portland have either gone on holiday or gone bust! Even their site is down and no one is responding to e-mails. Therefore, this evening, my dearest friend Sippy came to the rescue. He is temporarily hosting a cut down version of my web site, while I search to hunt down a permanent home. To keep the site of this site, as small as possible, I have removed the photograph galleries. I will try to keep you posted with a detailed newscast on what is exactly happening, but for the time being please be patient and bear with me. Please only link to the site using and update your bookmarks.

Saturday 21st February 2004

The weekend arrived and with it, another classic encounter with Chelsea. I of course followed every incident via the BBC Sport website. For my post match analysis, I turned to the blog that appears to get the balance, between the facts and opinion, just right. Arse Blog, does exactly what it says on the web banner! So beating Chelsea 2-1, and the old enemy, ‘United’ only managing a point against strugglers, Leeds, Arsenal are in the driving seat (again!). I know that there is still a substantial amount of the season to go, and it would be nice to think of trophies already, but I shall not be so foolish. Major Champions League game on Tuesday evening. Looking forward to that, as I will be able to watch the game live on ITV1.

I have ordered my new web hosting from Portland. However, that means I will lose the domain I have for this site and transfer over to However do not update your bookmarks, just yet. I will phase in the new site as I want to make all the new feature, mainly the guestbook are working properly. So just a few more days of patience is needed.

I was speaking to my housemate Nav and he had just downloaded some songs by the band, PM Dawn. Instantly, it brough back the melody and soothing lyrics of their biggest hit, “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”. This was famous for the fact they sampled, True by Spandau Ballet. There music is described as ‘psychedelic hip-hop’ and you can read more on their Yahoo Artist Page. Once again a song can summarise how I feel and how I should look upon matters close to my heart.

Hopefully my new site should be loaded next week.

She was right, though, I can’t lie.
She’s just one of those corners in my mind,
and I just put her right back with the rest.
That’s the way it goes, I guess.

Thursday 5th February 2004

Site has been down for a week. I was hoping to be back online by Sunday, but my account was not unlocked until this afternoon. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, I am seriously considering purchasing hosting for my site. I hope to sort something out, later this month, but it involves a considerable about of messy work to move my domains around and clear up the mess, so all my domains are in one place (help by one service provider) who is also my host. Anyway, I will blog later this week, mostly likely over the weekend. Got loads of work to be getting on with, mainly on my Final Year Project.

Sunday 1st February 2004

My hosts, United provide me with 15 megabytes of advertising free webspace. However, there is nothing like a free lunch and there are several restrictions on my account. One such barrier is on bandwidth. I am only allow to have 100mb per month. This had never bothered me before, because I rarely outstretched the 70mb mark. However, I had some bad news on Thursday 29th January, I had exceeded my limit by 4.3mb. I didn’t think this was going to be a major problem and that my site would still remain live. I received an e-mail from the people behind United, a company called Portland, informing me of the situation and that I would need to upgrade my hosting package, or pay for additional bandwidth until the end of the month. I was not interested in either option. To my dismay, my site was now offline and a message declaring to the world of my situation. I swiftly searched the FAQ archives to discuss the severity of my fate and whether or not I had a chance of redemption. I was in lucky. The server is reset on the first of every month at 3am, re-issuing me with 100mb of bandwidth and my site would return to it’s rightful place in cyberspace. I was unhappy with the situation, very unhappy. I assumed that now that my site was no longer available, I could not incur any further excessive bandwidth use. I was wrong. This afternoon, I received yet another e-mail from Portland. It was 3pm and in 12 hours time, my site would be back up. I had exceeded my bandwidth limit for the month, it was now up to 109.91mb. In an attempt to counteract this, I changed the redirection of my URL ( to my University site, in order to stop any further escalation of the problem. I remembered on the Portal Forum, that if my excessive bandwidth reached or breached 10% of my total allowance, that is 10mb, I would be forced into purchasing enhanced hosting. Refusal to do so, would result in my site being removed and a ban, to stop me creating a site again. Not good news at all. However, I feel that I have done extremely well in my crisis management. To stop such an event happening again, I am going to ban myself from visiting my site in the future.

I have continual pronounced that my website has found a truly international audience. For some, this would be very hard to believe. Of course, the world we be a much duller place, if there were not the realists among you. Those willing to probe further and ask the difficult questions in order to discover the truth. For all of you, here is the evidence you have been looking for. I am not sure how or why the popularity of my site had exploded to the far corners of the globe. My own explanation is my recent listings in blog directories. Any other explanation, no matter how far fetched or unbelievable, I will let you seek in your own time. If you have any news which may enlighten me, please get in touch.

What a week! For once you realise the importance of the saying, “A Week Is A Long Time In Politics”. For the government to win, a crucial vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday 27th, and then be exonerated in the Hutton Report in such a fashion that they prove themselves whiter than white, really beggars belief. At times I do wonder, if it is life or just a play. For Alistair Campbell to achieve all his aims within the space of 18 years, shows the importance, one man can have within the corridors of power. I was deeply saddened by the departure of the BBC Director General, Greg
Dyke. I have been a longtime admirer of his, and the admirable ways in which he has transformed the BBC into a public service broadcaster that is the envy
of many other media corporations around the world. The resignation of Gavin Davis, was not unexpected and I was glad to see the hierarchy within taking
such a step. Greg didn’t not have to go. He didn’t deserve to go. In an act of irony or perhaps sheer misfortune for the BBC. After Question Time and This
Week on Thursday evening, the name of the film summed up everything for me. Game
Of Vultures
, I wonder if TB had the time to enjoy the entertainment? I am not alone in having such feelings for the man at the top. If the scenes on Thursday
afternoon are to believed, Dyke has created more bitterness or the government than ever before. His staff make their feelings quite clear in black and white. Can it be, that we live in a world, where justice prevails from the hands of not judges and juries but a ‘director of communication’? I do realise that we live in a media age, and image is everything? But can image ever take the place of substance and the truth? Maybe not, but there are those who can cleverly manipulate the facts for their own ends. A truth can become an untruth. Innocent people become victims, and the power remains in the hands of those few, we once trusted. Not any more…

This has been the first time that I have ever considered mentioning politics on my blog. I did not want to voice my views on several ongoing political sagas, including the second Gulf War. However, I just wanted to make my position clear. I am a life long Labour supporter, taking this political stance from my late Grandfather. It appears above that I have become very cynical of the government and the Labour party. I am not, at all. I am just disappointed for the way in which circumstances have panned out. Particularly for the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, for whom I have nothing but undying devotion. As the saying goes, “A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault ” We must admire someone for holding such conviction for their own principles and seeing them through to the end. That is why, I was for the war in Iraq. When you are aware of mass criminal activity by a tyrant dictator,
the weaker man would do nothing. You deal with it. Yes people will die. Yes the cost will be immense. But the final outcome, won’t that be worth it? There is only so long you can wait and do nothing. For time waits for no man, whether righteous premier or murderous mogul. I just hope now that several obstacles have been removed, we will see a much more positive approach. The thought of Howard as Prime Minister, does little for my imagination. Nor will it for many others.

The weather recently has been the talk on most people’s lips. Luckily, this year I was able to avoid some of the hazardous driving conditions which affected many motorists up and down the country. It is now I realize the truth, when the weather person says, “Please do not venture out, unless it is absolutely necessary.”

Read my entry, from February 2003. You will note that I was on the M1 motorway for over 10 hours. I was grateful that I was not in those circumstances again this year. A person shows their true colours in the face of great adversary. That is when we are judged. So if a country is judged at the time of great need, your realize how pathetically we are prepared for a well advised snow shower in January. It took the lesson of last years chaos for the roads to be gritted with greater urgency and in great numbers, to make sure events did not repeat themselves. Perhaps we could learn from our European cousins, whom have great experience fighting such battles with the weather. So what could bring me greatest comfort, as the snow showered down in Leicester on Wednesday afternoon? It was the discovery of a new blog, dedicated to my team, the Gooners. It had been reported the record signing of Spaniard Reyes from Seville, to the tune of a staggering £17.4 million. This 20 year old must be something special. To find out more, and to keep up to date with ‘views’ from within and around Highbury, go to Arse Blog.

What have I been listening to recently? Well I have had some time on my hands to finally get my mp3 album collection archived onto CD-Rw and organised. I am hoping to have time to update my Audio page tomorrow. In terms of music I have been listening to, well let me take you on a journey. You must have seen the film Bend It Like Beckham, during it’s cinema release in April 2002. I did see the film at the cinema, but towards the end of it’s screening schedule. A highly recommended movie, purely for it’s feel good factor and the main character overcoming several barriers to her dream. Something we indeed can all relate to. During the film, there is a scene with Pinky and her financé Teetu (played magnificently by Kulvinder Ghir) are in her Nissan Micra. The action (or lack of visible action) is not what I wish to draw your attention to. It was the song being played. The melody I instantly recognised, as “The Power Of Love” by Jennifer Rush, from 1985. One of my favourite love songs, if only for the soft voice of the artist and gentle soothing way the song is able to pull the very strings of your heart. The voice and lyrics were foreign to me. It was being sung in Hindi. Nothing new of course, I have already discussed the western influences musically on Bollywood cinema in July 2003. I purchased the DVD for my family as a Christmas gift in 2002. My sister, then subsequently went out to purchase the soundtrack. To my utter disappointment, although it contained several of the films songs, many were missing, including the Hindi, Power Of Love. I then began a brief but concise search in an attempt to discover, the artist behind the remake and if I would be able to obtain the song by some means. My success was short lived. Many other purchasers of the soundtrack had highlighted their bitterness at the missing song. Eventually, after several hours of searching, I discovered, the name of the artist of was Amar. Information on her was nonexistent. I therefore, gave up my pursuit of this song, seeing it very much as a lost cause. In was not until this week just past, that I re-lit the search light, this time in search of the definitive knowledge that would lead me to a year, an album, a successful artist and my song. I contacted a DJ at an Asian Digital Radio station. She was able to pour some much needed light on affairs and aid me in my search. Around 5pm, on Tuesday 27th, I received an e-mail I had been awaiting for almost two years. This was not to be my only good news that evening. The name of the song in Hindi was “Mohabbat Ka Rang”. Translated directly, would mean “Love’s Colour” or more succinctly, “The Colour Of Love”. A more fitting title, as I would discover later, is “The Glory Of Love”. On her drive time show, Kim Boss informed me that the song was from the album, “Mein Aur Tu”. Again, the translation into English, is “Me And You”. The DJ played the song, but I missed it, as I had turned off the live internet feed of Yaar Radio. Undeterred, I continued my search for more information. I recalled there was someone who could help me even further on this quest. My dear friend, Nehal who administers the site, My Sangeet. I explained to him what I need to know and his lightning response was to point me in the direction of several site. Oriental Tunes, which gives a brief synopsis of Amar and her music. He was also able to point me in the direction of several individuals who appeared to have the album in question from 1994, in their collection. The search continues. But do not fret, for the song was played for me on Thursday drive time and again on Friday drive time at 6.30pm. During the latter transmission, I encoded the live feed into MP3 format. Not ideal I know, as the quality does waver and is far from perfect. But if it lets me experience Amar and her Glory Of Love, there is little I can do but, sigh, fall into a daydream as I begin to learn to learn about “The Power Of Love”.

This blog entry was written during the late final hours of January 2004 and early fresh hours of February 2004. For completeness it has been added as the first entry of February 2004.

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