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Cup Final Day

The day of the cup final is always special, even if today felt different. I got up slightly later than normal and had some toast and tea for breakfast. Cruising the music television channels, I find myself tuning into VH1. They were doing a run down of the 500 Greatest British Songs this weekend. The… Read More »

Monday 16th February 2004

Back in Leicester, after a weekend at home. As always, time at home is extremely hectic, and before I know where I am, the time has drifted by and the East Midlands beckons once more. Another week at Uni begins and with it, the expectation and realisation that this is the final hurdle. A phrase… Read More »

Saturday 17th May 2003

Looking back at my week off there appears to be ‘re-occurring 80s theme’. I must have chosen, the best week to take off work, being a big fan of 80s music, and 80s related material in general. It started subtly on Sunday evening. I didn’t get a chance to re-visit my childhood, but I do… Read More »

Sunday 26th January 2003

Another weekend comes, to a conclusion as does another month! Looking back, the month started with an optimism that all January’s have! Its a new year, a new start and we wake up with a new outlook! However, a few days into 2003, I received some, startling news! However, this was only a minor blip,… Read More »

Sunday 5th January 2003

Been quite a quiet weekend, and I have been relaxing after a very busy, hectic festive period. There’s been the a great FA Cup 3rd round weekend and generally I’ve kept myself busy, getting everything sorted for the big week ahead. In terms of site updates, there is not much to report. I wanted to… Read More »