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Monday 16th February 2004

Back in Leicester, after a weekend at home. As always, time at home is extremely hectic, and before I know where I am, the time has drifted by and the East Midlands beckons once more. Another week at Uni begins and with it, the expectation and realisation that this is the final hurdle. A phrase which echoes in my mind, whenever I head to campus. Not long now, I know, as I draw closer to the finish line with every passing day.

Arsenal were in FA Cup action on Sunday lunchtime. I was eagerly anticipating the 5th Round tie. I recall coming back on Saturday 8th March, from Leicester to the catch the last dramatic encounter between the London clubs in this cup competition. If that match had anything to go by, I was in for an entertaining game of football. However, I was disheartened to hear that Henry was out of the game through injury. I knew that this would be a major test for the Gooners. Chelsea, must have thought this was the best opportunity to beat us in four years. The tie was going as scripted, with the Blues scoring towards the end of the first half. I had a feeling though. I had a feeling about our new signing Reyes. He had to deliver at some point and why not the best cup competition in the world. Two amazing goals in the space of five minutes. I would have been happy to go for the reply, but Reyes proved that with time and space he is deadly. What was everyone saying about Arsenal’s over reliance on Henry? I also feel a huge mention of Dennis Bergkamp is necessary. His contribution and vision was inspiring. Admirable to see a player still showing great skill and talent, even at the twilight of their professional career. There were numerous occasions when he split open the Chelsea defence, but unfortunately Arsenal were not able to make the most of the goal scoring opportunity. Not much else to report I am afraid at the moment. Upgrading my hosting this week, so the guest book should be online by Friday or the weekend.

I am breaking with the tradition of my website. Usually, I do mention a site, a webmaster and praise their creative ability. However on this occasion, I’m going
to go once step further and dedicate this blog entry to my dear friend, Kristy. For the rest of the events as they unfold will have a special meaning, only for
her. I hadn’t driven my car since Christmas and was looking forward to getting behind the wheel again. In anticipation for this, I burnt myself an Audio CD for the
first time, since Christmas. There were so many songs that I had been listening to excessively on WinAmp, but creating a track listing wasn’t too difficult. I need to take you back, take you back to the days of my placement. I mention on Wednesday 23rd April, that I had created yet another MP3 CD for the car. This particular collection was called ‘Pure Pop’. Now, I am sure that you are the same as me, when you are listening to a new album. You go straight for the songs that you know and love. Those that have been released as singles and had the most radio play. Very much, like a kid in sweet shop. You go for your favourite sweets, always. After a time, you begin to actually listen to the other tracks on the album. On one occasion, I recall vividly taking such a decision with this MP3 CD. I was going to start at track one, and let the CD cycle through all the tracks. The day I did
this, I was on the M1, heading back from Bedford, after yet another eventful day at work. But work was far from my mind and my thoughts were far from the road ahead. I already had a good collection of favourite songs on this album, beyond the well known singles. I thought there were no more I needed to hear. I was
far from right. As track six faded away, and the noise of the motorway traffic became apparent to me once more, I felt something strange. The feeling was that
of a distant memory. The song started, and music filled my car once more. The arrangement was breathtakingly perfect, every note timed with such grace and poise. Then the vocals began. There was only one person I thought of when I was listening to the song, those feelings came rushing back. “You say you’re sorry for the things That you’ve done To my life”, struck such a cord with me. I know that my time on placement was the best time for me professionally, where I took major leaps and bounds as a person. However, personally, it was the worse phase of my life in recent years, particularly the second half of 2002. Everyone knows that I am a fan of pure pop, and this was pure pop at it’s best. Simple, yet dramatic music that moves the soul. I had been listening to the song again, in recent weeks, not really sure why. The song is still as magnificent as ever, but those feelings, I felt in April are alien to me now. On Saturday, I headed to Bedford and there was only one song I
wanted to hear on my stereo. As I headed onto the motorway, the track came on. While driving my thoughts again drifted, but further afield than before. Across
the Channel to the Netherlands, to Rotterdam, where Kristy lives. I recalled with great accuracy the MSN conversation I had with her, in early January. I had
asked her what songs I should listen. She recommend the aforementioned track. I listened to it again, and the memories came flooding back. I asked if the
song had a video on the band’s DVD album. I was disappointed to hear, that it did not. But then Kristy told me that they performed the song live and the footage
included my favourite member, pumping the air in celebration during the minor bridge in the song. I tried to picture this and smiled. The power of music. Never to be underestimated. The band are of course, Liberty X and the song is, “Everyday”, from their debut album, “Thinking It Over”.

Wednesday 11th February 2004

Another excitng week here in Leicester for my housemates and I, and it is far from over. Who knows what the next few days will bring?

My Guestbook is not live! Sorry to report this. Finally after a good solid few weeks of work, behind the scenes, I am bringing a new feature to my site. This is the first major step forward, since this site was re-developed in October last year. However, there is a PHP problem with my host. Will sort this in when I upgrade my package next week! (I hope!)

The second semester is going well for me. I must admit that having adjusted to the pace of final year modules and coping with a project, I am enjoying my time at De Montfort University. Four years is such a significant amount of time. A new President is elected, the World Cup trophy is contested, and athletes meet to compete in the Olympics. In four years, titles, championships, records are won and lost. But for me, there has been no loss. Of course there are those who will say that I lost a great deal. Over half way through the course, one persons decision, could have had such a strong bearing on the remainder of my time. Time was on my side, and as luck would have it, I paid little price for someone else’s decision. I stand by mine, do you stand by your’s? Even now, at such a date, that brings both memories and pain. Time is perhaps the harshes judge of all.

My housemate is building a super computer. To truly take him to infinity and beyond. The specification is a mouth watering prospect, with the memory and graphics cabability to make Windows excel. I too, am planning on building a super computer this summer. My Mesh Matrix, has been a great servant, for the past five years. Yes it will be five years, on 31st March 1999, my machine was delivered. Oh how sweet the memories are. Since then, it has been shipped to Leicester and back to Wycombe at total of six times. In that time, it has burnt endless amounts of CDs and the only major transplants have been a replacement TDK CyClone, some more memory to beef up the ram from 128mb to 648mb (Ooh yeah!). Also removed the Pioneer DVD-ROM drive. This was to make room for the hard disk drive caddy. All in all, a fantastic machine from an award winning computer firm that have been making PCs since 1987. Until my next PC is born, for now, I will have to enjoy the birth of Paul’s PC. A magnificant experience, to see these mortals hands, give life to such a beast.

Reaching Out To Touch A Stranger
Electric Eyes Are Everywhere
See That Girl
She Knows I’m Watching
She Likes The Way I Stare

If only it was easy to find a positive response to all these feelings I have. I have many regrets, so many that listing them would forever hold me to the injustice, they force upon myself. For once I am not going to let such a trival matter, become a burden upon my conciousness. I am going to act. I would quote from Hamlet, but I feel that would be going too far.

Although I can blame my feelings on ‘human nature’, I know that by not acting, my fate will be once again in my hands rather than the hands of a stranger. Although I try my best to avoid some external intervence, such activity is unavoidable. I will do my utmost best to make it minimal. Third parties can cause confusion and limit my chances of success.

Sunday 8th February 2004

Finally got around to updating the MP3 Database on my Audio page, I am nearing the dizzy heights of 3000 mp3s. Adding almost 100 mp3s since November. My album collection has exploded to 184, from 166 in November. I am going to aim to update this listing every two months. There are two reasons for this, mainly due to time constraints and also the realisation that my collection will not grow dramatically in the space of a month.

Not much to report, I’m afraid. Not really in the mood to blog, on a Sunday morning. Busy with Uni work at the moment. My project and various coursework assignments that I need to get on with. A song I have been listening to is a cover of a Donna Summer classic. “This Time It’s For Real”, has been revamped and updated with the fantastic vocals of Kelly Llorenna. A really great dance tune and I have to attempt it has started to grow on me.

Should be heading back to Wycombe this coming weekend, so another reason to get as much work done today as I can. Will hopefully update again later in the week, when I should be bringing my guestbook live. Currently tweaking the layout and design, so it fits in with the rest of the site.

Tuesday 27th January 2004

I got back into Leicester on Sunday. Although it was very much so, an unplanned trip home, I did enjoy spending time with my family and meeting my uncle at Heathrow. Sunday was spent in Nottingham with my sisters, and the rest of my family, enjoying what the city has to offer. Overall quality time with my family which was fantastic because it was so unexpected. Why, oh why does the weekend go by so quickly? I returned to my University city, to pick up the pieces of my weekend and try and catch up from where I had left off from Thursday. Not an easy task. This task was not made any easier when I switched on my TV to find something to casually pass a few minutes. The last channel I flicked over to was five, to instantly recognize the film that was on. I was taken back to a more innocent time of my youth. Youth perhaps is the wrong word, maybe childhood. This has been happening to be me on a regularly basis now. I was talking to my housemate, Nav about the film, Wing Commander, and how big a fan, I am. I might even make the profound statement, that I have played every single carnation of the Wing Commander series on the PC. To my amazement, BBC1 showed the film on Saturday 17th January. I have discussed with many people, my favourite movies as a child of the 80s. Sippy had agreed with me, that one of his favourite films was filled with adventure, suspense and comedy. Low and behold, five showed the fantastic Goonies.
However, the fact that they had not really made the showing public, meant I missed all important beginning, and started watching the film, towards it’s final hour. A great shame indeed, and I did feel some disappointment, but hung on for the final twist and turn in the ride. I hope they show it again soon. Data, has to be my favourite character! :)

Arsenal pulled on the class to defeat Middlesborough, in the FA Cup on Saturday. It was a magical substitution by Arsene, to take of the Dutch master, Dennis Bergkamp and bring on youngster, David Bentley. Who, then by some act of god, or perhaps hero worship pulls of a Bergkamp style goal out of the bag. He is one for the future, but I’m sure he will get his test in the next and final battle at the Riverside. Looks like we may be facing Bolton in the Carling Cup final. If we makit that is.

Following a quick shopping trip to Asda on Friday 16th January, myself and Nav were listening to BBC Radio 2, as has now become customary, in his vehicle, a nippy Toyota Yaris. Although I do like Steve Wright, I haven’t really been a big fan. Then I wasn’t a big fan of public broadcast radio, when he was at the height of his powers in the mid 90s. However, as it slowly drew towards 5pm and the dark winter night began to set in, something made me turn up the volume. It was
feature that had caught my attention. Ask Elvis, which had me and Nav in hysterics. Basically the concept is that you call in, text or e-mail with questions for the King of Rock and Roll. He then answers your questions with a mixture of insanity and humour that will make your eyes water. I am trying my best to catch his next appearance on Steve Wright’s afternoon show.

Just wanted to point you in the direction of Why The Hell? website. It continues to reflect my personal feelings, both old and new and I have nothing but sympathy for the author, Alex. His predicament is not unique, but the way in which he faces these challenges and articulates his feelings, is of great admiration. Follow his journey, as I do every week.

Monday 5th Janurary 2004

Back in Leicester, back to the grindstone. Exams towards the end of the month. Then my final semester, which beats down heavy across the horizon. I know
this will be one of the most hectic periods in my life. Strangely, I’m looking forward to this final lap. Of course, everything will be ‘recorded’ on my blog.

When I was planning this revamp of my website, and ultimately to create a more ‘blog orientated site’ website. The dream was to create a site. Unfortunately, I created this. Max Munton from Leeds created “A Teenager Blogs”. In an alternate reality, it all would have been so different.

Not much else to report I’m afraid. I was hoping to includes several links and thoughts on such worldly issues as Eastenders, the FA Cup and Britney Spears’ marriage but I’m just not in the frame of mind to blog. I think it has now become one of those things, where you need to be in the ‘mood’ to blog. Something has to make such an impact on your life, on your emotions that you need to blog. Once I settle into my revision programme, I will have quite a few things to on my mind, a side from module content to publish on here.

Wednesday 12th November 2003

Middle of the week already, week 7 at University. The time is flying by and I am over half way through the first semester already. Where is the time going?
There was a Graduate Fair at the Walkers Stadium today. In conjunction with both University Of Leicester and De Montfort University, around 20 employees were exhibiting, along with several clinics and workshops during the course of the day. I was looking forward to potential get some contacts for job applications for after graduation. However, the day turned out to be quite a big disappointment. Ignoring the warnings, we went down, early afternoon, hoping to make the most of what firms were there, regardless of the fact that there we no potential IT positions. However, in the end it turned out that the majority of employers were only there to represent their companies, rather than offer potential graduates jobs, advice and direction. Never mind, I made the most of the afternoon and got on with my FYP and other courseworks.

I was having a discussion with my housemate, Nav with regards to blogs and their worthiness. Are they simply self propaganda, for the author, and an example
of the selfish world we live in? Or are they at a much highly level, an insight into the psyche of millions of individuals across the globe. Tapping into a wealth
of information that the world has never known of before. Nav came to the conclusion that it was purely self propaganda, where the individual just wishes to reinforce
their own important and in the process increase their ego, as the visit counter increments! I take the other view that blogs, no matter what their shape or form,
provide a unique insight into the lives of thousands of individuals across the globe, and enables us to communicate in a way, that was never possible before,
by exchanging thoughts!

Was hoping to go to see The Matrix Revolutions, this evening, but the monumental event has been postponed until tomorrow evening. Hope to bring you my thoughts
on the final part of the trilogy on Friday.

Site has been updated on several levels today. I am composing a list of ‘blog’s which I read on a weekly or daily basis. They will be listed on the right hand side, in the Quick Links panel. I was hoping to upload a new Photo Album but there have been problems with the jpg files, so I will do that over the weekend. Links page has been updated.

Not much else to report I’m afraid, very busy with work, but will hopefully add to my blog this coming weekend.

Monday 3rd November 2003

Weekend flies by and the busy week is upon us, with a blink of eye. Just thought I would make up for yesterday’s poor web blog update and add some more thoughts. I wanted to bring to your attention a link to one of the ‘thinkers’ at my University. I would say, one of the thinkers of our time, but that would just give him further reason to add to his ego. Mr. John Lampier has throughout the journey of my Computer Science course, been the champion of causes, few others would ever consider fighting for. He is on my Computer Ethics module, and has proved himself to be champion, against, an ‘unethical lecturer’. To find out more, click here and enjoy reading his essays on this heated topics.

I am not sure how many of you out there were watching Pop Idol on Saturday evening? Well during one the later breaks, between 19.00 – 19.30, there was an advertisement that captured my attention. A young lady enters the foyer of a large corporation and bumps into someone, falling and losing the portfolio she was carrying. I had seen this all before and was about to take my attention away from the television, when I noticed one of her possessions was a De Montfort University ID card. As she picks up the card, you see her time at university flash her by. The next shot, she is in the lift, and we are back to the present day, as she enters the waiting room, the receptionist asks, “Thomson, I have two Thomson’s on my list, are you the Thomson from De Montfort University?” As she replies, yes, the rest of the interviewees, look to the floor in shame, and one of them leaves. I am not sure exactly how to respond to this. When I was back home, I saw similar commercials for Middlesex University, but none so that caught my imagination in such a way. I suppose, in the past, I haven’t been that proud of my institution, but then perhaps I had reason to be apprehensive. The commercial has provided me with some much needed motivation to make the most of what remains of my time at DMU.

Very busy at the moment with work on my Final Year project. It is week six and I’m half way through the semester already. Two out of three coursework assignments have been released already, so I’m very busy at the moment.

Please report any dead links to me, via e-mail. I have updated the links page. I am working on getting the photograph gallery page uploaded very soon.

Monday 13th October 2003

The broadband connection finally went live at Sheffield Street, at around 5pm on Wednesday 8th October. Two souls had been waiting patiently, for the big, “switch on”. For one, it would just be a case of normal service resumed, for the other, it would be an brand new experience, unlike no other. Once the configuration had all be set correctly, thanks to those lovely people down at technical support, we were up and running. I had received an e-mail from my housemate, over six weeks ago and it had suddenly become a reality, “we’ll be setting up a home network and broadband connection, if you are interested…” Of course, I was. The benefits of having an internet connection on your doorstep, are too obvious and dull to waste noting on my blog, but not having to trek to the Queens building just to check my Hotmail, is of immense benefit.

Music wise, I’ve listening to a variety of music over the past two weeks. Of course, Kazaa-Lite was downloaded, before I had a chance to breathe, and eMule followed quite swiftly behind. A song, I had heard several times, during Fresher’s week, was known to me only by the title, “Turn Me On”. I was soon informed, by my dear friend Sippy, that the artist was Kevin Lyttle, with the help of Alison Hinds. I downloaded about four different versions of the song, by 5.15pm. The song is released today and it is hoped that it makes the top ten. In total, I’ve downloaded some twenty songs and four albums since the broadband pipe went ‘live’ and the downloading continues…

Audio page updated to reflect the changes to my music database.

Erasure, whom I mentioned in my blog, early last year around 19th January, are releasing a single this week. Well I should be clear and declare, re-releasing, but “Oh L’amour” has been remixed and rehashed for a modern pop audience. To date, I have not heard it played on the radio. To be honest, I have not been listening to that much commercial / music orientated radio stations in the past few weeks. The only time I would do such a thing, was if I was commuting some 600 miles a week. (I don’t think so…!) I am looking forward to seeing how well the electronic duo, do on Sunday in the Top 40.

Some of my dreams lately have been edging on the level of completely bizarre. I’m not sure if my new surrounding have anything to do with my dreams, but the content has been extremely peculiar. Mixed up images of friends from primary school, people I hadn’t seen in over ten years, and strange meetings with the Terminator. Not sure what has been happening. Maybe my diet has something to do with?

England played with great resilience in Istanbul at the weekend. As always, when in mattered, they put in the performance to answer their doubters and prove that England are still a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. Hopefully, all the uncertainty regarded Sven can be discarded and the Swede, left to make plans for Portugal, 2004. I’m looking forward to the tournament, as always, they come at a crucial point in my academic life:

  • SATs – Euro ’96
  • GSCEs – France ’98
  • A Levels – Euro 2000
  • Finals – Euro 2004
  • I’ve quickly adjusted back to University life and am enjoying being back in Leicester. Of course, I miss home, High Wycombe does tend to hold some happy memories for me, and as much I miss my family and friends, I know there is a job to complete here. The culmination of four years of good work, needs to be seen through to the end and I’m not going to start letting people down, as perhaps, I have done in the past.

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