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Friday 18th May 2007

Trust me, you do not appreciate the godsend a broadband internet pipe is, until it is gone. Then, I suppose that is the case with most things, the heart always longs for something that is no longer there. It has been nearly exactly three days without the broadband at home and I am truly suffering,… Read More »

The Big Switch Off

Last night at approximately 11.30pm, I switched off my computer as normal. However it would be the last time I would have broadband internet access until my line is cleared and I switch over to Sky broadband. The count down starts here. I expect to be without broadband for two weeks but the wait could… Read More »

Monday 13th October 2003

The broadband connection finally went live at Sheffield Street, at around 5pm on Wednesday 8th October. Two souls had been waiting patiently, for the big, “switch on”. For one, it would just be a case of normal service resumed, for the other, it would be an brand new experience, unlike no other. Once the configuration… Read More »

Saturday 24th August 2002

So, the month slowly draws to a gradual close. At least we have a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy before September, and the heavy burden that month brings comes along. Don’t expect any further updates than today on the site, although depending on what happens on Monday. Finally, got my ADSL broadband connection live… Read More »

Saturday 20th July 2002

Another week passes us by and the weekend we so come to love, follows the same routine. As much as we would like to be stuck in that magical world in between Saturday morning and Sunday evening, Monday morning glares its ugly head way way too quickly. Broadband has been delayed until Tuesday. Its a… Read More »

Friday 12th July 2002

Exciting news, I am getting broadband within 9 days time. Meaning, I will have 24 access to the internet at extreme high speeds. Of course, as I am at work most of the day, I can only make use of it effectively at weekends. But it will mean that I can download mp3s in less… Read More »