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Wednesday 4th July 2007

After watching Sky News, I feel asleep around 2am. I got up early and Dave was awake soon after and in his smart work clothes. It was around 8.30am on Sunday morning. I declined the offer of tea and breakfast, opting to get the car packed and head out onto the road. I set the TomTom as I reversed out of the parking space, saying goodbye to Dave and thanking him for a great weekend. The ETA for High Wycombe was 12:00 exactly, the current time was 9.06am. I had a long busy journey ahead of me. My objective was to get back before midday and I try to make sure throughout the journey the estimated time of arrival reduced as much as possible. The sun was shining as I left Wrexham, I listened to the tail end of Nehal on BBC Radio One. He played the new Kanye West track, “Stronger” and I put the volume up a little. The listener chosen for the New Music Generator liked a diverse collection of music. From MJ, ‘Billie Jean’ to Beyoncé ‘Irreplaceable’. The song chosen for him was Foundations by Kate Nash. Her style is similar to Lilly Allen, quite urban and street. At 10am, it was time for Vernon. The drive was fine, a little rain but nothing drastic. I overtook a few trucks and slow drivers and was happy with my progress. I got stuck behind a tanker of some kind on the single carriageway A5. However by the time I hit the M54, I was plain sailing. Of course, I wish I had my A3, to switch over into the fast lane and tear past the cars but had to make do with the ability of the courtesy car. I had music, which for is the most important ingredient of any long journey. If I had no radio or cassette, I would seriously have been insane behind the wheel. By the time I got onto the M6 heading south bound the heavens opened and it was very difficult to see vehicles up ahead. Taking no risks, whatsoever, I switched to the inside lane and crawled at a lousy 60 miles an hour. This would be the pattern as I hit the final two motorways on my journey, the M42 and finally the M40, which to me will always symbolise the home straight. On the radio, Newsbeat was mentioning the concert and this perhaps is a fitting time for me to explain all the secrecy.

I heard that the Princes’ were arranging a concert to celebrate the memory of their late mother. I booked tickets literally the second they became available in early December. I however, did not tell anyone at the time. A few weeks later my Dad was in the living room and it was mentioned in the news and I explained I had bought tickets and smiled. We spoke nothing more about it until a few weeks ago, when the tickets arrived Special Delivery on a Friday morning in mid June. My plan had always been to take my Mum and elder two sisters. I wanted to take my Mum for her first trip to Wembley and also to a concert. Something she has never experienced before. It was not to be. When I called after the Doctor credits, I asked my Mum to pick up the tickets which I had left with a letter under the computer keyboard in my room. She passed the letter to my sister, Natalie read and I heard cheers in the background. My youngest sister, Julie was upset as she could not go. My Dad had said he would take her to the cinema. It was one of those unfortunate circumstances where I could only get four tickets, if I could have got more I would have. In any case, I was really looking forward to the concert, for the amazing set list and the fact that it would be one of the first handful of concerts to be held at the new Wembley. So here I was, hours away and many hundred of miles away from the main event and perhaps a milestone of my weekend.

I pulled up outside my house at 11:53am, I remember noting the clock on my dash. The train was at 12:55pm and I shouted to get my sisters to get ready. My parents were out with Natalie, so I hoped they would get back soon. I had a shower and changed and was ready by 12.30pm. My parents and my Mum gave up her ticket for Julie. I was upset but knew something like this would have happened. My sister grabbed her company Astra and we headed down to the station. We were be lucky to catch the train, but I bought tickets from the FastTicket machine while they parked the car. The train arrived on time on platform three and I looked at the clock on the platform as we left. Within an hour, I had come back from Wales, got ready and on the way to Wembley. Truly a rock and roll weekend. My sister, Natalie had a group she wanted me to listen to. Acappella songs, so she said. I have always liked acappella music, from the Flying Pickets to more recently, Rockapella and Noorkuu. This however was something different. My sister told me there name and got me to listen to the song. It was Desert Rose by Sting. The band were called, Penn Masala. I was impressed, they were a talent group. Skipping across the tracks on the iPod Shuffle. They played a mixture of Hindi / Bhangra songs combined with Western songs. We tried to hunt down Kangna but my sister could not find it. I was rather impressed with “Show Me The Meaning of Being Desi”, which is a take on the Backstreet Boys hit song but rewritten for an Asian audience. I wanted to hear more and would do, on the way back.

When we got off at Wembley Stadium our tickets were checked before we walked up the stairs to the stadium. Everything had been cordoned off and we had to walk to the far side, even while our seats were to the left. We then joined a queue, it was before 2pm so I did not expect to wait for more than a few minutes. I explained to my sister Samantha, as she began to moan after just a few minutes that I had to wait nearly five hours back in November. I took a photo as we queued.


I decided against taking either of my digital cameras. The heighten security situation and then the nagging headache of having yet another thing to look after. My N73 was more than capable of taking a few photographs and overall did a stern job, even though I did not use it constantly. There were other people there with professional cameras and one guy to our right with a telescopic lenses! We eventually were allowed through, some twenty minutes later and had all our bags checked and were padded down by the security guards. The recent events over the weekend in London and Glasgow had made security a top priority, which was understandable. We rushed around to our entrance, K and went through the turnstiles. We headed up the escalator and went to find our seats. Then Natalie and myself went to get some food but nothing hot apart from chips was ready so we opted to wait a little while. On our second trip, I noticed the terrace bar and went to take a look. It was the same place we had seen so many England fans, exactly a month earlier for the friendly against Brazil. I decided to take some photos and once again, the sun shone behind the arch.


We grabbed some food and then headed for our seats. This is where I would sit for the next six and half hours of entertainment. I was excited. I was looking forward to the show. I was looking forward to being able to re-watch the whole thing in full via the MythTV recording MightyMouse had scheduled at home. My favourite performance of the evening was P.Diddy with his rendition of “I’ll Be Missing You“. It was a fitting tribute to Princess Diana and the star has amazing stage presence. Kanye West who performed before Diddy, was very good but played only a seven minute set which was a medley of old songs and his new single. I was frankly slightly disappointed. Other highlights including Fergie with Glamorous (although she had to ad lib the rap part of Ludicrous herself, to limited affect). Elton John, Tom Jones and Rod Stewart never disappointed. The Scotsman kicking several footballs into the crowd. Take That were fantastic, and a girl of around 17 from Newcastle, sitting behind me, went absolutely crazy the minute they came on stage. The screaming from girls was just too much. Roger Hodgson, was great with his SuperTramp medley, particularly as younger fans would know his music (myself included) from Scooter – The Logical Song and Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes. The full list of performers and speakers can be found over on Wikipedia. When we left around 10.15pm, we did not have to wait long for a train. It was the walk all around and against the flow of other punters which was annoying. The first train at the platform was heading stopping at Wycombe. We got some seats, my sister gave me her Shuffle and I put it on. How ironic, Penn Masala started playing acapella version of Every Breath You Take. The perfect way, to end a perfect evening and more so, a perfect weekend.

Friday 7th January 2005

So we reach the first Friday of 2005 and not a minute too soon. Even with the comforting though of a four day working week, it has been long haul with many things going on at work. Further observations will shortly be posted on my work blog.

Only seven days into this new year, and I find already a backlog being created for my blog. Firstly I need to tie up some loose ends from my previous entry. Like a newspaper editor rushing to meet the deadline for the first morning edition, I was keen to get as much crammed in. However, this has left some gaping holes that need to be filled. Do not worry, this will not take too long and then I can bring you up to speed with more recent events. Having made the primary purchase in the morning, I felt quite pleased with myself. Yet there were still secondary and even tertiary targets to seek out. Over the Christmas period I had been extremely ruthless with my tie collection. Many had now begun to show their 2 year age, and usage over placement and subsequent City job. I needed to buy a few more ties, having already added three blue ties from Next in mid December. Most of these ties that were now cast to the charity shop, had been purchased on Wednesday 12th June 2002. On that day too, I came to Birmingham from Leicester. On that occasion, I went to Tie Rack and I was keen to give the chain some repeat business. The signs however did not far them well. There are three stores (to my recollection) within the city centre, one in each of the respective shopping centres (mall is such an American word and unfit for use as a description. In the World Cup year, I had used the Palisades branch and on this occasion, I wanted to make use of the BullRing. I was disappointed in the range available, in what must be their bigger branch of the three. The ties were bland, conservative and unexciting. My ties never make an extra exaggerated statement, but do reflect my personality as a person with a high standard dress code. Other stores did offer ties but again, did not have that special magic which made me want to pick them up. My brand loyalty was shining through and I wanted give Tie Rack another chance. While in the Pavilions Central later in the afternoon, I just headed in the direction of the store, not expecting anything, if I am honest with myself. First impressions proved to be meaningless. The store had a few customers inside, and I could not see any of the pure silk ties. Instead just the usual monotonous selection, until I looked further around. Then a few Italian Frangi ties were spotted and I just had to make a decision on colour. Feeling that my tie collection lack scope for colour, I chose a light blue tie with what can only be described as yellow oxygen bubbles pattern and a black tie (which is always useful). Bringing my grand total of ties to 9, bringing some relief to the fact that I would no longer be hunting around one morning for a tie I had not already worn that week! As I came to the till to pay, I noted a Chip and Pin terminal on the checkout desk. Would this be used this time around? To my surprise, I was asked to enter my pin, although apprehensive found the whole experience simple. Although the gentleman who served me still scanned my credit card through the conventional till after the pin had been verified. Once I was handed my receipt, I noted that this was future for all my future high street non-cyber based purchases. No longer a scribbled copy of my signature. Time will tell if the pin truly is mightier than the pen. I am still to be convinced.

Now I take a leap towards the end of the day, sorry but this final segment of the day is important, on various levels. So bear with me, on this short but entertaining ride home. The first day back to work, was becoming a realistic thought, as the sun set around me, and I entered a twilight period with all the shops switching on their lights, the street lights coming on to compensate for the darkness. Looking at my watch, the time was ticking away as I headed towards Moor Street station. Trying to block out the thoughts of the real world and the fact, some twelve hours later I would be sitting at my desk and taking phones from clients. Moor Street is a traditional style railway station, with two platforms devoted to the old steam engines of the past. Ended back to the operating platform, I realised I was on the wrong side. Trains only headed further north to Snow Hill and beyond. Just as my mistake became apparent, a south bound Chiltern Clubman pulled up opposite. It was heading to Banbury, and if I had run across I could have boarded with plenty of time to spare, but I decided to wait for the train I had planned to catch home. The station was surprising busy for a Bank Holiday, with many people waiting to catch trains. There was a group of families with young children, a few students, and a few courting couples. The answer came to this, with the sound of an approaching train. The local service, provided by Centro on dirty, worn out trains were the chosen mode of transport for these people to get to their destinations in and around Birmingham. I can think of traveling in a slightly more comfortable and reliable way than this. I did not have to wait long for my train to arrive. Punctual, as expected, and surprising for a holiday, at 17.21 precisely. I jumped onboard and was subsequently questioned by a few passengers about whether the train stopped at their destination. I would have preferred to have been more helpful but I much rather just play ignorant. Even though I had a timetable in my bag, they would spent some time trying to decipher. Quickly taking refugee in a seat, I rushed to get my radio on, listen and switch off from the passengers around me. The train was quiet and there were plenty of seats available around. Even so, many people decided to stand, very strange. I plugged in my ear phones and switched over to Core Control and was amazed at what I heard. The bass line to a popular hip hop track was just kicking in, I had switched on the radio just in time to catch the song. Smiling, I drifted into my seat, looking across at the night skyline of Birmingham fade away in the distance. Overcome by a warm feeling, I was heading home, making good time and my Birmingham adventure had come to a close. Just as the lyrics, “You Can Do It, Put Your Back Into It…” rung in my ears.

I grew tireless of listening to just the one station so started exploring the airwaves to see what other music was available. FiveLive had football commentary but from the Championship (often referred to as the Real League). So I focused on music stations, with a few new local passed stations appearing on my dial. I switched over to Radio 1 to be shocked at what I heard. It was the theme tune to one of my favourite TV show. What was this? Then I remembered the early chatter on my journey out of Wycombe. This was the Ten Hour Takeover which has become a customary fixture on most Bank Holiday weekends. The version of the A-Team theme that was played was rare, and included an extended version not played on the original television show. Sweet! Intrigued, I listened for the next few hours just to see what the public would select and if any of my personal favourites would be played. It was 6pm by this time, as I had been far too fussy trying to find something to listen to. Next to be played was an Elvis classic, but it was the song queued up afterwards which would be most spectacular I had been hoping they had not already played it but realising that the whole days programming had been devoted to this open door policy, I was less hopeful. The voice that Wes spoke to answered my prayers. “Take On Me” by ‘A-ha’ please said the voice over a crackly mobile line. Wes responded by offering the option to play the September 2000 UK number one cover by A1. To my astonishment, the caller did not have a preference. The abomination of his lack of true loyalty to the original baffled me. Just as the song started, we headed into a tunnel, and my reception was cut to a whimper. Frantikly I tried to retuned the radio, looking out of into the dark, looking for the light literally at the end of the tunnel, it did not come for a while and I sunk back into my seat, realising I had missed this moment. Of course, I had heard the song several times and new the lyrics inside out but the fact that Wes had not given a clear indication of which version he was going to play added to my frustration. We screamed out of the tunnel, and my radio came back to life, just as the song entered it’s final chorus stage, fading to an repeation of the song name. Gutted, that is how I felt. I stayed tuned for the remainder of my journey, hoping that more classics would be played, a few were, but nothing of note. Shame my day had to end of such a minor, insignificant downer. Strange how a song can have such an imposing effect on your day.

Friday 13th June 2003

Supposedly an ‘unlucky’ day for some, but I must say that Lady Luck has been shining on me for the past week or so. I knew, that the week that lay ahead, was going to be hectic and challenging. Having to rganise an event for work, later in the week, was going to take up a considerable amount of my time, but this didn’t mean I would be able to lose focus on my main job role. However, the weekend has arrived again and it is for us to make the most of it.

My sisters will be returning from University this weekend, and how my thoughts drift back to some 12 months previously when I too, was coming back from University. Life, my life was so much different then, and I had no idea. No idea at all of the mountain that lay ahead and the struggles that would need to be faced. I was caught up in the hysteria, that is the greatest show on Earth. The FIFA World Cup 2002. Looking back now, I feel I made the right decisions and followed them through to the end.

As always, there was a turning point in my week. It was aptly Wednesday evening, as I drove home. My Punto was in for its 36k service, so therefore I had a courtesy car. It was an Active Sport Punto, in Spirit Blue. (HGT wannabe anybody?!) Not too bad, and quite nippy, mainly as its a three door. I wasn’t intending to drive over to the Stevenage office that day, purely because I hadn’t considered the journey when refueling that morning. However, due to circumstances beyond one’s control, I was compelled to make that journey and provide my services. The England game was on my mind most of the day, along with the the 43288 jobs that needed to be successfully completed for Thursday evening. I hit the motorway, in good time to make it home, with time to spare for the big qualifier. As you will note from my previous web blogs, I’ve started to listen to BBC Radio 2, and happened to be flicking between BBC Radio 1 with Chris Moyles. I was just cruising on the M25, past junction 20, for the M1, I heard the beginning of a song, that I hadn’t heard for several years. Immediately, my mind was filled with thoughts from 1999, and my time at Henley College. A song, that is able to numb your senses in such a way, is truly magical and an amazing piece of work. I recall vividly, this song being in the charts, and the album, also being extremely popular. In my mind was a picture of me, holding a copy of this album in my hand, not in the trusted compact disc format, but my friend, David Wynn’s Mini Disc. It was one of the few original MD’s that he had actually bought, along with HIStory by Michael Jackson. If I was to look back my life now and cast heavy judgments on all the years of my life, 1999, would be one of the few years when I would take a step back, smile and say, “It was great… it was better than great… I began to learn the lesson…the lesson of life…”

England were lucky to beat Slovakia on Wednesday evening. What now has become, somewhat customary, I viewed the game, next door at my neighbour Dave’s house. The first half was a very poor performance from the home side and all the threatening that the Slovakians had been making, provided them with a goal. The crowd at the Riverside were harshly silenced and I began to wonder if England were going to make any impact in the game whatsoever. There were further moments of nervousness as the away team had another three clear chances of scoring. There was a need for a change, and bringing on Owen Hargreaves for Danny Mills, provided the impetus that had been so lacking. The second half, was much more entertaining, with two great goals from Michael Owen. The penalty decision was debatable (highly in my opinion) but there are times when England need some luck and for a change, the referee was willing to point to the spot. One nil, but the second goal was a much carefully worked affair, with Gerrard crossing the ball, into the air, with Owen, making clear contact to send the ball into the back of the net. After comments from the commentators that England were lacking aerial superiority, with players such as Ferdinand and Campbell missing, Owen was there to prove them wrong. A great way to celebrate your fiftieth game for your country.

Busy weekend, but I will update more over the next few days. Take care for now.

“Live your life without Regret…
Don’t be someone they Forget…”

Thursday 27th March 2003

There are moments in your life that you never forget. There are also moments where magical things happen, with no logical explanation and remain with you forever.

One such moment occurs regularly in my life. Let me take you back to the beginning of the year. It was the evening of Monday 26th January. I had been forced to take the motorway route, due to road works to my A-road route. Although, motorway driving doesn’t bother me, and I quite enjoy it, my music is the thing that keeps me going.

However, by the time I reached junction 10, I was stuck in heavy traffic and it wasn’t going to clear for sometime, from what I was told on the TA (Traffic
Announcements) anyways! So, I dug in for the rest of the evening. I was listening to BBC Radio 1, in an attempt to move away from my now tired set of MP3 CDs and also well used 10 disc CD changer. I listened to Steve Lamacq, on his evening show which starts at 8pm. (Please note, I am usually home by 7.15pm (at the latest!)) After the initial chit-chat, he started to play a song. Instantly, I put the volume up. I new this was a song I would like, and I hadn’t even heard the first lyric yet! The song in question, was indeed, “In Da Club”, by the Eminen prodigy “50 Cent”. I’m not a fan of Eminen at all, but I must admit that this song, bangs in my car (if not my club!)

A similar scenario, like the above earlier this week. Tuesday, I feel was the day. I scanned through the usual channels, of Sky Digital. I came across, an amazing music video and also the lyrics, just took me away. I was luckily able to see the artist name and details flash up on the screen as the song came to a close. Laura Pausini (definitely Italian) and song was called, “Surrender”. I got the opportunity to see the video later in the week. It is extremely refreshing to see a record label and team spend money, and I mean a substantial amount of money on an artist. The video is what can only be described as unique and breathtaking. As for the artist, she sings the song with so much belief, strength and conviction that you feel unable to stop yourself from “raising your hands in surrender” to the pure talent. I do indeed, hope that Laura gets the opportunity to shine. Pure, genuine talent such as this, is hard to come by, in a very brand/product based music industry.

Take care of yourself and each other. (As the grey man, Kilroy says on the his show!)

Saturday 15th February 2003

I would normally apologise profusely for my lack of updates to my website. However, I will not. It will take far too much time, and there is so much I have to tell you. So much has been going on in my world, and the world around us that there is no time for the formal dignitaries. Instead, let us jump straight to the topics….

Michael Jackson revealing to the world, his lifestyle as one of the richest pop stars in the world. Being a big fan of the ‘King of Pop’, I was at first, moved by the story as it unfolded on ITV1 on Monday 3rd February. Referencing his early years, as his ‘childhood’, I feel is unjust. He lives a lifestyle, the rest of us can only dream of, but at what price did he achieve this success? With his father, pushing the five sons, into making sure each performance was ‘perfect’. But you feeling of sympathy, or rather empathy takes a dramatic change when you carefully note his behaviour with children, his own and others. I’m a strong believer that when you have already been massacred in the press for ‘alleged’ child abuse, you do not put yourself in a similar position ever again. Because, as always, once bitten twice shy! It becomes very easy then for the ‘gutter press’ to assassinate our fallen hero, but perhaps to a certain extent his is responsible for creating this aura around himself! How can I use the adjective, hero? Well, it may be difficult for us in the Western world to understand but Michael Jackson is in a small group of individual whom have the ability to touch the hearts and souls of billions of people around the world. In India, my motherland, you find it difficult to find words to describe how such icons are worshipped by these peasants, who have nothing. They have no aspirations, they have no desire to move up in the world, their lives are molded for them, and they do their best to get on with the life they have been given.

No matter what you say about Michael Jackson, you cannot dispute pure talent and genius. The world shall never see such a human being capable, of floating on the stage, and moving in such away that it appears that he is walking on water……

Football – Champions League resumes after the winter break this week! Looking forward to it with great anticipation now, especially since Arsenal, have recently been playing some sexy football. Top of the Premiership, and only this afternoon knocking arch title rivals, Manchester United out of the FA Cup. The least said about England’s diabolical performance against Australia at Upton Park on Wednesday 11th February. We were lucky to get away with result that did little to flatter the English pride, already quite hurt by defeats in other sports. So is this final nail in the coffin? England, who gave the world – football, rugby, tennis and cricket, find they are no longer masters of the sports they created?

A big belated Birthday to my dear friend, Sippy! He turned 23 on 13th February! I’m sorry I forgot about it mate, forgive me? Check out his his website (version two currently under construction!)

On Wednesday 12th February 2002, I made the 45 minute journey from the Kempston office over to Stevenage. I was doing so, quite late in the day, and it was
3.30pm by the time I was in my car and on my way. Instead of listening to one of my MP3 CDs (that still sounds amazing!) I decided to listen to Chris Moyles, as this was an irregular time for me to be listening and I could try and discover what the quality of the programming was at the beginning of the show, rather than the end. To my amazing, he played a song from a female group. My mind suddenly came alert to the sound. This sound was very unique, unique to a particular group. They have been missing from our radio waves for far too long! The group are of course, the fabulous RnB/Garage trio – Mis-Teeq Their new single, Scandalous, isn’t released until March and is from their forthcoming album “Eye Candy“.

I quickly went around some websites yesterday, trying to find news on the girls. The official site, is the usual record label financed flash extravaganza, with the stereotypical content taking backseat to the images of the girls. A band is built on this ‘image’ and therefore its exploited at every possible opportunity.

One of the better fan sites is by Steve Bevis. Please check this out, as it gets the balance between information and news just right to deliver the Unofficial Mis-Teeq! Link removed, site closed November 2003.

Life is GREAT! Actually it’s fantastic, I never thought I would feel the way I do, at this time of year. I suppose, the challenged enforced upon me, has been met with ambitious dedication… and so we face the next challenge that shall fall upon us…

Saturday 9th November 2002

Another week disappears as a distant memory. It has been a good week, with none of the ups and downs, I’ve faced in the past. Less of a roller coaster, but more of a bus ride to the weekend. I knew my destination, it was just a matter of when, my ‘stop’ would arrive. Another great week, achieved everything I hoped to achieve, and everything I expected to happen did. No real surprises.

Yet again, a song can summarize to a beautiful melody how I feel. Driving home on Wednesday evening, on a dark night, with the rain coming down, making driving conditions extremely poor. As always, I’m listening to BBC Radio 1, and find a song new to my ears, fills the airwaves of my car. The band sound, so familiar and song, takes my breath away. As the song played, my thoughts drifted away from the road and heavy traffic ahead. Friends, family, both far away and those close at home. How friendships come and go and its only those precious few that stay. Contemplating this, the track brought a warmth to my heart as I drove deeper into the winter night.

Updating the site with a few more photographs and other little additions over the place. Continue to have a high visitor rating over the week. Over 1220 visitors now and increasing steadily. An important announcement is on my Audio page.

Take care. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the week ahead.

Oh, yeah, nearly forgot, the name of the song, “Holding On For You”, by Liberty X.

Saturday 26th October 2002

I must apologise for not updating the site during the week. A roller coaster of a week, I might add. Not really in the type of mood to describe my week. I must say
that its been quite a tough week, one of the most toughest, since ‘that week’ in August. I don’t really want to go into details. Lets just say, that there are still
challenges that I face, on many levels. I’m down, but not out for the count. A battle, which I thought I would never have to fight, caught me by surprise and I’ll
do whatever I can, to make sure that the war is not lost. I know my goals, and it doesn’t matter what obstacles are placed in my path… I’ll find a way through…

Two months and it will be Boxing Day. How time is flying by, the weeks just seem to go by so quickly. Yet, I feel trapped in the working week, and find that weekends just come and go with the blink of an eye. I suppose, we’ve got onto that train now, the next main stop is Christmas, with not many exciting stops before hand. :(

A highlight of my working day, is on my drive home, I am listening to Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1. At 5.30pm, Comedy Dave, plays his tedious link track. From mid August, they’ve been linking together various tracks and its highly entertaining. I know what your thinking, if this is a highlight, what are the lowlights of my day?
Check out links page for a list of these, ‘tedious links’!

Anyways, I have just got some new photographs developed this weekend. I’ll be updating them to the photos page, later in the week. A major update for my audio
page. I’ll try and update some more later in the week. Any suggestions, for links, messages or photographs are greatly received, so just drop me an e-mail. I’ll see
what I can do. I really need some help/advice on my Top Ten of anything. If you have any ideas, again please send me an e-mail, I’ll put your own personal top ten on my page!

Take care for now. Hope you have a great week and try and get in touch.

Saturday 5th October 2002

October already, time really is flying by uncontrollably. I must say, my week has flown by quite quickly and it hasn’t been too bad compared to other weeks. Achieved a substantial amount of tasks successfully which was rewarding.

The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, now hosted by Scott Mills (for the this week and next) has cheered me up on drive to work. I have had to take the motorway route, which means I always hit traffic. He continues to play the right mix of music, so that my CD player doesn’t get much of a look in, in the morning. Bootie Call has
always brings a smile to my face, and warms my heart with hope. However, on Tuesday, when a guy asked a girl out on a date, she turned him down as she was seeing someone else. The first rejection since I have been listening over the last few months. However, the rest of week, we had successful matched up couples.

Fame Academy started on BBC One last night. Should prove to be a very interested show. The prize is something completely unbelievable. The life of a ‘star’ for a
year. I did, enjoy the students’ version of the Tears For Fears classic – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, even if they did put their own dirty mark on it. Lets see
how their lives unfold on screen and which one will show the relentless ambitious dedication to win the £1 million record contract and dream prize.

Sad news this week, was the breakup of Hear’Say. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the group, for sure. I did however, really enjoy their hit, from last autumn,
“Everybody”, pure pop at its best. I’m just looking forward to the release of their greatest hits album.

Some of the views I have had during my journey to and from work has been breathtaking. On my usual drive, I cut across the rolling countryside and see across
the three counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Particularly a few weeks ago, with a bright blue sky and the sun coming across the horizon. It was truly amazing. I was thinking, that for some reason, the man upstairs, wanted me to see these breathtaking views and experience the wonder of a sunrise and sunset across the beautiful countryside.

I have been able to hold on to my emotions far more over the past few weeks. I have not been bottling them up, but rather not letting them take control. I have not
let them to decide the path I wish to follow. I’ve been very much concentrating on the things in my life that matter, the things that mean something to me. I have found
that no matter, how much that ‘particular’ issue bothers me, I can’t let it takeover. I’ve been much more calmer, control, collective and calculated. Hopefully, over the
next week, I’ll continue to grow in strength and be able to bring this chapter in my life to a close…well perhaps “close” is too strong a word. Bring it to a successful
conclusion, but to an extent leave it open ended.

Website – not many updates, apart from the audio page. MP3 database updated fully. Working behind the scenes to bring the rest of the pages up to date. Some more photographs will be added very soon. 😉

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