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Return Of The Mack

Last year I was lost. Dealing with a number of issues rather than sharing with my nearest and dearest, I withdrew into myself. The cost of this was frayed relationships with some of my closest friends and as you can imagine a heavy price to pay! Towards the back end of last year, I slowly… Read More »


Way back in 2008, I saw a trailer for a new TV show to be screened on Virgin 1. (The TV channel is no more, finally dying after a small period resurrected as Channel One (Virgin would not give away their trademark to Sky plus there was a conflict of interest with their cable offering).… Read More »

Tuesday 6th December 2005

Arrived home this afternoon, to find two packages marked with my name. One, which I expected. The latest album from a-ha. The second was a surprise. It was a DVD from the guy who had been sitting next to me at the concert on Saturday. I rushed to switch on my computer and put on… Read More »

Friday 15th April 2005

As yet another Friday disappears across the horizon, maybe just maybe this entry will bring with it something different. The day went as expected. Work was busy, at times hectic but overall straightforward. Throughout this week, I have woken up with acute but not heavy headaches and this morning was no different. Hoping a shower… Read More »