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This where it all started in 2002, it runs backwards from December to January of that year. You will notice, that originally, the web blog, started life, as a few lines detailing updates to the site. It grew from March to May, to include, personal views and opinions. Then from June, it began to evolve… Read More »

Sunday 29th December 2002

With just several hours of 2002 left, I will be publishing my personal review of 2002, in the next few days. For the time being, there is a update to the photographs page, to keep you happy until then. Time is flying by, and I’m soon going to be back at the grindstone. Enjoy the… Read More »

Thursday 20th June 2002

So, it is the big day tomorrow. Well not so much day, rather morning. The whole nation will be up and glued to their television screens from 6.30am. What a prospect, the best defense of the tournament, pitted against the best attack. Should be highly entertaining to watch. Personally, I think England will win, perhaps… Read More »

Sunday 9th June 2002

What a weekend…! After England’s historical victory over Argentina, Lennox Lewis knocked out Tyson, in the 8th round of their much hyped bout. Our boys are doing us proud! I also heard a great football song over the weekend. It is called, “Go Eng-ger-Land”, and is a reworking of the classic Jam track, “Going Underground”.… Read More »

Friday 7th June 2002

Our boys have done us proud. An amazing performance, from every player in an England shirt. They were solid, looked lively in attack, and took all the of the ‘argy-bargy’ thrown at them by the cunning Argentinean players. I still, think England will make it to the semis, that will be a great achievement!