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This where it all started in 2002, it runs backwards from December to January of that year. You will notice, that originally, the web blog, started life, as a few lines detailing updates to the site. It grew from March to May, to include, personal views and opinions. Then from June, it began to evolve into a discussion of my life, my feelings, my hopes and dreams.

Sunday 29th December 2002

With just several hours of 2002 left, I will be publishing my personal review of 2002, in the next few days. For the time being, there is a update to the photographs page, to keep you happy until then. Time is flying by, and I’m soon going to be back at the grindstone. Enjoy the holiday, whatever you may be getting up to. For me, its
just a well earned rest!

Sunday 30th June 2002

Brazil, are champions of the world, for the 5th time. In the end, a team who just about qualified end up lifting the trophy. I have to say, I have find the tournament highly entertaining. Some magical moments, the US beating Portugal, the Koreans big following and of course the Irish spirit. As for my site, it seems to be taking a back seat for a while. Expect an update, in the middle of the week some time. Take care for now.

Sunday 23rd June 2002

Life has become rather dull now that England are no longer in the World Cup. I mean, watching the matches, doesn’t have the same feeling as it did a week ago. Never mind, means I can spend more time working on my website. Links have been updated. A mirror site is now available. To go there click here. Although a transfer has taken place, it will take a few days for the full site to be uploaded to the mirror server. Please e-mail me with your thoughts on the site, and if there is anything that I should add. I appreciate your comments, good or bad.

Friday 21st June 2002

It was not to be! Oh, how we can dream of what could have happened. When Owen scored, the country was united for some twenty minutes, in celebration. England were leading 1-0 against Brazil. But, the gods above were not looking to aid our boys and we lost. Enough said. I am sure the media, will continue the post-tournament analysis of the England team’s failures. I am just looking forward to the next big international tournament, Euro 2004, to be hosted by Portugal. The USA played with much confidence, and were unlucky to lose to Germany 1-0. The score line does not reflect the hard work the Americans put in, to try and level the deficit. News on the site, well I am thinking of creating a mirror of this site on another server. This will allow more users to access the site and provide a backup, should this server be
unavailable or down. I am working on the transfer, hopefully the site will be up by next weekend. Some updates, to audio and top ten pages.

Thursday 20th June 2002

So, it is the big day tomorrow. Well not so much day, rather morning. The whole nation will be up and glued to their television screens from 6.30am. What a prospect, the best defense of the tournament, pitted against the best attack. Should be highly entertaining to watch. Personally, I think England will win, perhaps 1-0, with a goal
late in the second half. Who knows… but please spare us from anything but penalties. From now on, only updates for the last month, will appear on this page, other updates can be found by clicking on the link below. This is to stop this page becoming to full of text.

Sunday 16th June 2002

Another great weekend! England beat Denmark, 3-0! Booking their place in the quarter-finals! I also, drive home on Sunday morning, just in time to see Senegal score the decisive golden goal against Sweden to book their place in the last eight! However, later this afternoon, the Republic of Ireland, miss out, on the cruel penalty shootout to Spain. You should be proud of yourself guys, you painted a part of Japan and Korea, emerald green! Never to be forgotten. Still busy behind the scenes, updating the site. Hope to bring a progress report very soon.

Sunday 9th June 2002

What a weekend…! After England’s historical victory over Argentina, Lennox Lewis knocked out Tyson, in the 8th round of their much hyped bout. Our boys are doing us proud! I also heard a great football song over the weekend. It is called, “Go Eng-ger-Land”, and is a reworking of the classic Jam track, “Going Underground”. This will be my last update for over a week. I have to pack all my things, in preparation for my long drive home, a week today. So I have updated a few of the new pages (see
below) and hope to hear from you all soon. Good Luck for England!

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