Sunday 3rd July 2005

My Saturday dived, I was hoping for more from my Sunday and yet another visit into Central London. This time the transportation of choice was four wheels. Originally the plan was to drive with my parents direct to the hotel in Canary Wharf. This changed at the last minute, with me driving around the city, waiting to meet up with my Mum and Dad. London has so many radio stations, but I also discovered a strange, ‘Economy Mode’ on the 307. If the engine is off for exactly 30 minutes, the rest of the electric components are switched off completely. You can count on the French to come up with these pointless life saving technologies. My Dad took over the driving, as we headed to the Britannia Hotel in my favourite part of the City. You could see the HSBC tower in the background, as we drove onto the Isle of Dogs. Those regular readers will know about my visits over to this part of the world, last year, before I started my late shift at work. I never knew before why I loved the area so much. Originally, I stated on this blog that it was because I felt I was stepping into America, with all those skyscrapers around me. Yet, after doing some reason into the area I have discovered my true love for the area lies in my favourite decade, the 1980s. When the Docklands was being developed, the company commissioned with the construction, ran into financially difficulty and actually went bust in the stock market crash of 1987. Olympia & York, a company that perhaps represents my way of doing business. Have the most ambitious plans, that everyone knocks, complete your project, but in the process become liquidated.

I digress, the wedding was beautiful, as all Indian weddings I have attended have been. Getting the chance to catch with friends and family whom I have not seen for many years. I wish I could have stayed for longer, but the fact that we had driven in, meant we were on the road just after 5pm. Is your wedding day, the only day when you are completely in control for 24 hours? I am not too sure, but having been invited to so many, you notice the personalities of both families coming through in the presentation and execution The traditional western tradition of having speeches was well done and well appreciated by all those in the banqueting suite. While sometimes I wish things were different, I realise that there is nothing I can do to undo the misgivings of the past. People just have to learn to forgive and forget. Awkward silences, doing the best to avoid glances, is a waste of time in my humble opinion. When my time comes, people will stop, listen and reflect. I will make it so.

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