Sunday 1st December 2002

How the time has flow by? It is the final month of the year already! And what a year it has been!? There are a few things I forgot to mention, in my update yesterday. Mainly, what else I got up to this past week. On Tuesday, I went to see Die Another Day at the Warner Village cinema in Reading. This was the first time, I was going to watch James Bond on the big silver screen. I must admit that I was not disappointed. However, I still believe Moore, is my favourite Bond. Although, Brosnan does a very good job, he misses the elegant Englishman’s comical touch. The Bond series, isn’t something that appeals to me as much as Star Wars and other big movie franchises. However, I must admit that it still does, even after 20 years provide you with all the entertainment that you have now come grown to expect.

Many of the pages on the website have been updated and edited. I will try and get some more updating done, over the coming weeks. Take care. I hope you enjoy the chocolate from your advent calendar, today.

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