Sunday 16th November 2003

I have updated the Audio page as promised. My mp3 collection is close to breaking the 3000 mark. I aim to do this by Christmas. I now have over 165 full albums. My collection has grown by four full 80 minute CDs, that is 320 minutes of music gathered in the space of four weeks. I also have been clearing out a lot of redundant mp3 files from my collection. I have moved all classic Christmas songs to CD.

Everyone knows that I am a big fan of Eastenders, and there is very little that will can get in the way of me missing an episode of the BBC soap. On my treks across the world wide web, I have discovered a blog dedicated to the soap. The Eastenders Blog gives the authors view of shows, past, present and future. A great way to find out how other people view the fantastic show!

To all those, who said to me: “You could have been dead in the 80s and you would’ve missed nothing!”. Well I feel I am having the last laugh! Popstars: The Rivals, produced Girls Aloud and of course One True Voice, who are no longer together. The five ‘losing guys’ have formed their own band, called Phixx and released their first single, “Hold On Me”, towards the end of last month. The song, and the band’s image is very new wave, and it is as if they are paying tribute to the great bands of the early 80s, such as Human League, Flock Of Seagulls and Adam Ant. Well let us focus purely on the music and we find that it does have an 80s production. That is not a bad thing, and it a break from the state of play with current material out in the charts at the moment, and perhaps the guys deserve the chance to prove Pete Waterman, wrong for the mistake he made. Check out the official, Phixx website, or various fanzine sites on the web.

New photo album uploaded. Please go to Photos page to see the full listing.

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