Sunday 15th October 2006

The only down side of going out on a Saturday evening is missing Match Of The Day. Perhaps several years ago this would have been a major problem because there was nowhere else apart from the Beeb to see the goals. In the modern age of satellite television and rolling news coverage, you can capture the highlights almost anywhere at anytime. I usually watch Goals On Sunday but if I happen to be up early on Sunday morning (very rare) I watch the early morning repeat of the flagship BBC show. As luck would have it, last night at the Phatz Bar there was a big screen showing the programme so I went over to watch the highlights of Arsenal versus Watford. Afterwards the screen was kept on to show The Omen. I suddenly recalled that it was a eerie time with Friday 13th having just past and Halloween a few weeks away.

Saturday at the Phatz Bar was good, although it was strange to leave home much later than normal. Usually I tend to leave early and be one of the first out. Instead I left home around 9.30pm and got into Maidenhead around 10pm. The cost of parking at the station car park has gone up. It was £2 back in December, now has increased to £3 but as you can guess I only had £2 in lose change so had to get some more change from one of the taxi drivers parked nearby. I then text Pav to let him know I was here and waited by the Odeon cinema (previously Film Works) for them to pull up in Kev’s Seat Leon. We walked down to Phatz Bar, it was quite busy downstairs but upstairs was generally quite. I said hello to the rest of the gang and then got the first round in. It was ten minutes before Pav took to the decks. Good night overall, in a small rather cozy venue. Although downstairs they were playing the more commercial pop material, I was happy to spend the evening with my friends listening to Pav DJ. With his N73, he uploaded the photographs taken during the evening, onto his FlickR account, just a matter of time before he upgrades to Pro.

When Sunday comes around, I always plan to do more than I actually get done. While this is perhaps not a major problem, I always end the day feeling I could have done more. This weekend was yet another prime example. Clean my room, clean the car, tidy my desk. I got around to just hoover the car around 4pm on Sunday, after a long nap. The video I uploaded to You Tube became one of the most popular and most discussed clips over the weekend, hitting 17 on the honours list. By the end of Sunday evening I had over 1000 hits and over 20 comments. I expect more tomorrow when many people return to the workplace and free internet access.

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