Sunday 10th April 2005

Never expected the response I received in my comments following on from the posting on Monday, regarding events from last Sunday evening. While it is tempting to stop this facade and reveal all, there would be little fun to end the mystery so soon. I use the word mystery loosely. Many of you, who read this blog will already know who this mystery meeting was with. Those who are still wondering whom I am talking about, really need to open your eyes to some simple facts. This may be too much of a give away, but the person has only entered my life this calendar year, and is always associated with a great superstar. That is enough from me now on this subject, for I feel over the coming months, there will be little fresh news on the topic. I will endeavour to bring you any relevant information but it really depends on how things are progresses in the court room, as much as anything else.

I know I mentioned my FlickR account, in the final entry from March. That was more of just an announcement that I had taken the bold step to open an account. Last night, I finally got around to uploading some images. The full linkage is on the Photos page. While I am trying my best to take a photograph everyday, this is of course, not always possible. Instead I am trying to focus on quality rather than quantity. My photos are going to be capturing a moment, foremost then using my own creative ability to frame the moment as best as I can. If you have a FlickR account yourself, or recommend one, please drop me a line. I will create a friends list and publish it online somewhere.

Music, one of my major passions. I have been working tirelessly to improve my MP3 collection after a few months of neglect, even if the hard disk capacity is nearly full. I need to get back into the habit of watching music television and making a list of mp3 tracks to download. A religious task, it became part of my weekly Friday evening routine, while on my placement. I would watch the Box, as they screened all the fresh hits and then, later that evening I would download as many of the songs I could, then blog about them. I miss those days, those nights spent trying to put together a review of my week. While that was a difficult time for me, personally and professional I think overall the experience was valuable on so many levels. I realised the true meaning of hard work and knowing that no matter what happens, there is always hope. My blog was just beginning and I can never look back with anything but a smile.

There have been a few new tracks that I have downloaded this week. WarezP2P has been experiencing major problems over the past few days, so I have diverted to eDonkey2000. Although the interface takes a little getting used to, it is by far more reliable than WarezP2P or even KaZaa Lite. Most of the tracks I have downloaded, I mentioned in my last few postings. Apart from one. While I have little time for Jennifer Lopez (or is that J Lo or perhaps more accurately, Jennifer Anthony) the celebrity or even movie star, I have plenty of time for her music. While I was blow away by her entrance onto the music scene back in 1999, with some radio friendly Latino flavoured numbers. My personal view is that she has either found it very difficult to find a comfortable genre for herself and her music or has just decided to always go with whatever is in fashion. (Why does my mind tell me that the later is more likely the truth) She has had several collaborations and while I have no care for who is has or has not married this month, the music does stand out. By music I am referring to the tracks that are hidden on the albums and never really gain any commercial notoriety. For example, The One, as featured on the album, This Is Me… Then is an amazing song, moving and strong, with the vocals coming through on a sentimental musical arrangement. When you hear the lyrics, you see the quality and talent that this woman possess and a voice which is almost angelic. Over the course of several other tracks, she is able to capture the mood of a song and put this across. “Baby, I Love You” is a prime example of being able to adapt her vocals to the needs of the song. On Friday, I saw the ending of a video featuring Fat Joe, but was unable to note down the title. I made it my mission last night to find it and listen to it, in full. To my surprise I did not find the song featuring Fat Joe, but instead Don Omar. Not sure if this a change of direction for Jennifer but it is indeed a beautiful song and well sung, as expected. While I also downloaded the other version, the latino flavoured Omar version is far superior. Watch the video and read the comments on a blog dedicated to the actress and Hollywood starlet. Just what the Doctor ordered, a feel good track to get me through another tough week at the office. 🙂

Next weekend, Saturday in fact is all about some pure BMW M3 Power. My friend Pav is getting his M3 chipped and I will meeting up with some of his petrol head friends over at G Force Motorsport. Should be an exciting day, if you can recall the experience in the 325 just a few weeks ago. I will be taking my trusty digital camera and recording as many highlights of the day as my compact flash media will allow.

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