Saturday 31st August 2002

So, August comes to an end. I have to say, that this is not be the best month of my year so far. Although the year has gone extremely well. Events at the beginning of the month are to overshadow the rest of the year. I am not letting this phase me though. There is so much going on, so much exciting things working out in my life. For once in my life, I am making big plans and schemes for the future. I am just going to glow with the flow, sit back and see what happens. Hopefully everything will work out. All that matters is that I get what I want. Only time will tell….

As always, thank you for your kind support during this, difficult time. Its at these times in your life you realize who your friends really are. Music has helped. I have been listening to some extremely uplifting songs, that have made me feel better. I mean, its amazing how some 3 minutes of audio can take you from the gutter to the blue sky. Tomorrow is going to be tough, but I will get through it and by the conclusion of the day, the result I have been longing for will prove everyone wrong and me right.

Looking back to what I was doing this time last year (is amazing!) It was properly, the most happiest time of life. I was in Leicester, looking forward to England playing Germany in Munich on the Saturday evening (technically tomorrow – 1st September). The world was entirely oblivious to what was going to happen, in some 10 days time. I wish, I could go back, and warn people about it, and even put a small bet on England beating Germany 5-1, and being laughed at by the bookmakers.

And then I come out of my daydream and wake up to my current circumstances. Oh well, what a difference a year makes? Not much updated on the site. I’m going to concentrate on that once, this whole episode in my life has blown over.

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