Saturday 15th December 2007

You would think that having spent nearly five years writing this blog that it would become easier. Anything but. It actually becomes harder with every passing year and at times I find myself struggling for topics even worth discussing. The other day, a colleague went around asking everyone on our floor if they had had a good or bad year. Last night it got me thinking, how has my year been? To re-use an overused cliché it has very much been a game of two halves. It started off so well, with the right intentions, my heart in the right place, but seven or eight months in, almost everything fell apart at the wayside. It is difficult to pinpoint a particular moment or series of events which caused this change but all I do know is that I have not been able to recover. Will I ever be able to? While of course, I would have preferred the FA to appoint an Englishman, I fully understand their predicament. Although I do wonder what happened to the root and branch review we were promised. That I suppose is for the future, let us concentrate on the present. I do not know much about Fabio Capello but my dear friend Daniel believes he is the right man. He has put together a list of interesting articles following the appointment. Is he Mr. Right? I am not too sure. In fact, I will reserve my judgment until after the two games against Switzerland and more importantly France. I am not going to any more matches until I see a major improvement, actually I mean complete change in performances. He is Mr. Right Now, the management we need who can deal with egos, has experience with the difficult Italian and Spanish media. The language issue does bother me but then how many English people go abroad to work without learning the language of their host country. We shall see, all I can say is the press conference on Monday lunchtime at 1pm, will be entertaining! Before then, we have the ultra hyped, “Grand Slam Sunday” to look forward to. Nearly six hours sat in front of the television watching the “top four”! This afternoon, after Football Focus I watched episode eleven of Journeyman to complete my marathon which had started last week. Excellent series with some fantastic twists. I will go as far to say the series is better than Bionic Woman (which premieres on ITV2 this Winter, or so the trails tell me!) but perhaps some distance away from the magic of Heroes. My favourite episode was called “Keepers” as it opened with Take On Me by A-ha. There is a double episode final next week and I have done well to catch up with the Sky One pace so quickly. The magic of the internet, is great! Pav has been bugging me on MSN over the past few days, with updates after (or during) each IM conversation. Oh and by the way we have x amount of time left before we go skiing. So I thought I would put a count down timer on the site. The 5th January feels a million miles away but it will be creep up on me sooner than I think!

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