Saturday 14th December 2002

So, we edge ever closer. I actually completed the first stage of my preparation for the festive season today. However, the busy day of shopping will not be for another week. I enjoy, the rush and buzz of shopping for your Christmas presents, late. Many have said to me, throughout the last few days, that there will be nothing left. What are you people talking about? You seem to give the impression that I’m going to some market and all the fresh produce will have been taken already, leaving me with the stale goods! I have never had a problem obtaining anything for anyone, by going Christmas shopping late. Plus, there is always the fantastic backup of the web, should that scenario fall upon me.

Busy weekend, as you can imagine, but next weekend, will definitely be the killer. Christmas shopping all day and then off to party in the evening.

So, as always the battle for the Christmas Number spot is in full swing. Of course this year, there is the added rivalry between, One True Voice and Girls Aloud. Personally, I prefer the Bee Gees cover, “Sacred Trust” from the boy band. For a trip down memory lane for some great memories check out Christmas Number Ones (1952 – 2001) Be warned though, there will be some songs on there that leave a bad taste in your mouth, especially 1993! One amazing fact, is that the Beatles and the Spice Girls are the only two artists to have three consecutive Christmas number ones. I think that is one record that will stand the test of time.

No site updates – sorry! Too busy at the moment. Will try to work on this, during the week.

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