Saturday 10th July 2004

Been at working in my new job for three weeks now. My role has not changed so much, as I am being given a chance to help out with the help desk. Although I am no stranger to technical support, it is strange, when I am dealing with hundreds of members of staff. My telephone manner, is my no means perfect, but I do not mind talking to people on the phone. However, a shudder of nervousness over came me, with the prospect of answering calls and logging them on the help desk software. Other highlights of the week include installation of Blackberry devices. As fantastic as wireless comms are, they can be a pain to setup. Amazing technology, from the Canadian company, Research In Motion. We have covered this ground before, but I am not a big tea drinker. I usually drink on average two cups a day, usually to coincide with the start and end of the working day. However, this week I did not have my customary cup with my cereal in the morning. On Tuesday, I strolled into the entrance of the station, as my train pulled up. There was no chance I would be able to run over to platform three, within a minute. So I decided to get a cuppa. My mistake was I went for the cheap option. Never again, will I put myself through such torment. A regular coffee was only 50 pence, and with a queue of customers eagerly waiting, I had to rush. Disappointment is not the word I would like to use. As I sipped my hot drink, from a tacky polystyrene cup, walking down platform two, to the subway entrance, I reacted. This was officially the worse cup of tea I have ever drunk in my life. I did not really wanted to finish the cup, but my need to stay awake (for once) on the train journey into work was the only true motivation. Would I ever put myself through such torture again. No never. You do not realise how important that cup is at the beginning of your day. You are still very much sleepy, trying to get some bearings, straining your eyes to focus on that clock on the wall. I must confess that my progress on reading has been extremely poor. I do, always get my book out as soon as I embark the train home or to work. Whether or not I am reading as we pull into Marylebone or High Wycombe respectively is another matter. I aim to read around ten pages every journey with a daily target around of thirty pages. Sometimes by the time, we get to Gerrards Cross (only the second stop from my home station) I am struggling to keep my eyes open and my head is slowly drifting down into the book, to the bemusement of my fellow passengers. On Friday, again there was a need to have some tea to wake up my system. On this occasion I waited until I crossed over to platform three. Java the Hut is situated towards the exit of this platform and this was the first time I was making any purchase from this establishment. Once again, as I walked in to the small coffee house, I looked at the menu. An extensive array of choice, even for the tea. Was I really in the need for a herbal tea? No, so I ordered a regular tea. A great taste, which revived me as I waited for my train. The usual train had been delayed so I had to wait for 6.53am service. Just what the doctor ordered. I was fully awake, when I boarded the train, and read my Victorian novel, all the way into Marylebone. Success at last, but at what cost. £1, my dearest friend. That is the cost of such happiness in the morning. With work taking up so much of my time during the week, my weekends have become as valuable as gold dust. I must try and make the most of them, rather than collapse into my bed and drift of to sleep for several hours. Contemplating this, I have been wondering where and how to focus my energies. I am not the most sporty person in the world. Perhaps I need to join a gym again, but this time stick to it? Considering, if I am interesting person, or rather a unique person. I am not at all. I do not have many personal pursuits which make me different from the next person. This does cause me some disappointment and time is indeed slipping away. There is so much I want to do. I want to travel and see many parts of the world. I want to learn new sports and make new friends. Right now? I feel quite a substandard individual. I recall reading somewhere, that one’s blog is suppose to exacerbate my self-proclaimed uniqueness to the world. Does my blog do this? No, not at all, because I feel I am not as unique as some may want to believe. Personally, I am drawing the conclusion that this is very much a transition period in my life. Of course there are many things I want to do, many things I want to achieve. The time just is not right. Things need to fall into place. When they do, I will know. Opportunities will open themselves and so with them shall my chances of success. Was hoping to was my car this afternoon. The day started off, clear and fine, even if there was a slight chill in the air. This did not prepare us for what was to the turn, the heavens were to take. While driving on the M40, the short distance to Slough, what appeared to be a slight drizzle turned into torrential down pour. Visibility dropped, with all the water spray, and the cars across all four lanes, slowed down to meet the changing road conditions. No chance on cleaning my car today. Maybe tomorrow, will bring with it, much better weather. Nearly two months have passed since I returned to Wycombe. I have made little or no attempt to contact some of my dearest friends. So far, I have met up with a few and send SMS to a few more. Still no planned meetings, which is a great shame. Particularly with some of my friends whom I’ve known since school. I do feel great guilt for not made more of an effort, but I must remind myself that with the summer upon us, and the school children imminently breaking up for their holidays. Time is not on anyone’s side at this moment. The music video for the forthcoming cinema release, Thunderbirds is getting plenty of airplay on all the music channels. I know Busted are not exactly the most popular modern band and the lyrics of the song for the movie still leave very much to be desired. The rights to the actual television series were purchased by Carlton and there are plans to screen them soon in the UK. I hope they touch down soon after the movie hits the cinema screens this summer. I feel like a kid waiting for to go to the cinema for the first time. In some ways, I do wish I was ten years younger and anticipating this big summer blockbuster, with all the merchandising and other corporate tie-ins. There was a time, when I too would been drawn in by such promotions. “Cause now the boys are back in town, no strings to hold them down, down.”

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