Friday 31st May 2002

Football fans across the globe, have been waiting patiently for months for this day. The start of the 2002 World Cup, in South Korea and Japan. What an opening game! France beaten by the most fortunate of goals ever! Senegal proved all the doubters wrong. However, this was the first time in 12 years, that […]

Wednesday 29th May 2002

The World Cup is only 2 days away. England’s first game is only 4 days away! I am getting very excited! I’ve had these feelings before, but this time there is a different, more positive atmosphere surrounding this tournament. I can recall build ups to previous international tournaments, Italia ’90, Euro ’96, France ’98 and […]

Monday 27th May 2002

Just finished my exams, so now I have some free time to update my site. Although, I did like the new colour scheme. We fell out , it was rather dull anyways, I suppose I just had a creative block! I wanted a much more brighter colour, something that would bring live to my website. […]

Wednesday 8th May 2002

I have noticed that a number of the links, on the links page and also the England page do not work. I will be sorting out this problem very soon. If you find any dead links on this site (internal or external) please e-mail and let me know. Two months, since my last update. That […]

Friday 5th April 2002

On my back to Leicester in the morning. Not really had a chance to get much work done on the site. Hoping that I can get a few pages done before the start of exams next month. Before I came home, I planned to get so much of my coursework done. However as usually, I […]

Sunday 10th March 2002

I have been promising a makeover for my site for months and I have finally got around to doing it! (Hooray!) The site layout is quite the same, with a few pages removed, other pages updated. The main change I have been made is to the visual appeal of the site with new logos, images […]

Saturday 23rd February 2002

I have been giving some thought to making my site W3C compliant. This would be a heavy workload, as each page would need to be screened, to check that the HTML code, meets the compliance of the world wide web consortium. The eventual achievement, would be that the site would be visible in any browser […]