Monday 5th May 2003

My dear friend, Mr. David Jones, has finally taking the plunge and if I may be so bold to use a Welsh, or rather Wrexham saying, “applied the handbrake”. To those of you, unaware of the meaning behind this, he got married on Saturday. I must say, that this being my first experience of a Christian wedding, being thrown into the deep end (just a tad!) by being Best Man. It was a day, I won’t forgot for a long, long time. The church, St. Paul’s was set, high up in the Welsh valleys and you look across and down into the town of Wrexham. Breathtaking stuff, and indeed a very surreal experience. Mr. Jones, is the last person, we would have thought would be taking such a step, at a tender age of 21. Who, am I, to stand in the way of one man’s happiness. Happiness is such a unique commodity and one, when we find, we should endeavour to hold on to, regardless of others view of such things. After all, we should remember, to not allow anyone to come in between our happiness.

I wish Dave and Lisa the best for the future and do hope they build on the happiness they have found and find nothing but success lights the way.

Photographs to be uploaded to the photos page, within the coming week.

Not much to report really. My weekend mileage, was considerably lower than last weekend, clocking up a total of 400 miles, which was in fact reasonable.

Music wise, I was keen to watch the Q Music channel, which was having a Q Mix week. Having already downloaded the classic, mix of Bee Gees – Staying Alive, Britney Spears – Slave For You and Shakria – Wherever, Whenever, last year. I was keen to hear some of the latest mixes that had been produced. I was keeping my eye on the play list, at the bottom of the screen to see what the channel had to offer. To my surprise, there was Craig David versus Survivor. Well the latter artists’ song was an easy guess, “Eye Of The Tiger”, but I was searching through my head on which tune, would be fighting the soundtrack classic. I didn’t need to think for long, the next song to came on, was the one in question and it was Fill Me In. My mind flew back to October 1999, when this song was in the charts. Such a different time in my life. I was in college, I was driving for the first time and life was considerably different. How times and circumstances change. The song however, still holds something special place in my heart, if not for the time and place, but more for the people whom were so much a part of my life then.

Another, so called comeback. No, comeback is not the correct word. Return, return of an amazing dance artist. Sonique, whom I recall watching live at Party In The Park, back in 2000, which was my first year at the event in aid of the Prince’s trust, organised by London’s Hit Radio station, Capital FM. Her song, “Can’t Make Up My Mind” will be one of the anthems for the car this week. Looks, like I need to go back to the drawing board with the Club Mix MP3 CD.

What has been learned in the past month, is that looking back, although does so much for your soul, it does little for your heart and therefore we must do our utmost to keep looking forward, and indeed keep on moving….

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