Monday 28th May 2007

Did not really have much planned social wise over the Bank Holiday Weekend. I know this is not like me, but I prefer to keep things low key for a while. Saturday was quite busy, I was out the door soon after 8am and headed over to Amersham to get a courtesy health check on the A3. While the technician was looking at my car, I went for a walk down White Lion Road to Chalfont and then headed back to kill the forty minutes the inspection would take. I booked the car in for a service and MOT in early July. I then had to head into town. I was hoping to just been an hour but ended up being two. My N73 has been playing up, Vodafone refuse to replace it and instead requested I take it to a store to be sent off. I did this but they asked me to pop around the corner to Phoneland for a software upgrade (not necessary) but I thought I would jump through the hoops. This took an hour, so I had to waste away my Saturday morning, walking around my boring home town. The building of the Eden shopping centre slowly comes together, as it opens next Spring. I collected my phone from Phoneland and then took it back to the Vodafone store. Now this store is tiny with only three assistants (sorry, I mean advisors) so I was stuck in the queue for fifteen minutes and then it took another ten minutes for them to process the return.

I got home just before 12.30pm and watched the breaking news flood in of Beckham’s recall to the England squad. I was pleased for him, as I know his experiences on the field have justified his inclusion. I wonder what my dear friend Daniel over in the Far East would say about this on this blog? He has never been a big fan of DB23. The best aspect of the whole saga, is I get to watch it all unfold live at Wembley on Friday evening. I cannot wait!

Saturday evening, I worked on some web sites and then started watching a television series. The reason for the trip over to Pav’s on Thursday evening, had not just for him to see and hear my new stereo system in the A3, but I also went to collect a care package. The first in over a year at least, but only consisting of two DVDs. I had heard about the US show briefly and it had been given rave reviews but not had the chance to watch it. It had been mentioned by Pav, Foxy and Kev during our weekend in Cornwall and I thought I might as well give it a go. I watched three episodes Saturday night and another three last night. There are two elements to the show that make it so successful. There are several strains in terms of stories and building up powers slowly. You all know that in the comic books and movies, the superhero gets his or her power almost instantly in some freak accident or exposure to some radioactive ray beam. Heroes is different. I have become hooked and have been texting Pav, absolutely raving about it. I think I will try and catch a few more episodes of series one later this afternoon.

Vue cinemas have always had one minus point, an achilles heel if you will. If you ever got to the cinema late, you would be stuck with rubbish seats at the front and severe neck ache. On my visit yesterday morning with my sister, I discovered they now had reserved seating in place. Fantastic! 🙂 This means that whenever I go to the cinema in future, we can pick the best seats, particularly important in Screen 4, the largest. We got to the Oracle at 10.30am, and I bought tickets and then my sister Samantha bought the popcorn and sweets. We got into the screen early but it was by no means busy. A handful of parents with their children. For me, there was no big anticipation for this sequel, as there was last July when I came to see Dead Man’s Chest. It was entertaining but not amazing, I had got used to the characters and life at sea with a pirate. Good fun but the big adventure I expected and I am sure some of the younger children in the audience would have been hard pressed to follow the storyline. Then again, all things consider, Disney have not done that part, to make three box office smash hit movies on the back of a theme park ride!

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