Monday 28th March 2005

So, the Easter weekend is over! Back to work tomorrow, back to reality with a bump! Did you do any of the following? When is the next Bank Holiday?

I had been planning this for several weeks, but finally on Friday night, got around to creating my own FlickR account. It was all prompted by an article on BBC News last week. I know that photos are an important element of any blog and I have been falling behind, particularly in recent months, for quality content in this area. My gallery, is always coming up to being a year out of date, so that will need an overhaul at some month over the summer. My FlickR account is T3G (Teg was unavailable) but I am yet to upload any images. As a perfectionist, I want to firstly assure that only the best photos are uploaded, but accurately categorized and tagged. Give me some time and I hope to bring some exciting images from my daily life. In the meanwhile, if you have a gallery, which you feel deserved a browse, please get in touch.

To fill in the gap between morning and afternoon, I was looking for a new blog to inspire and entertain me. I searched around Google for a while, with little luck so transferred to Blogger and used the Nav Bar and kept hitting on Next Blog button to go onto the next random blog. Although I found a few interesting blogs, they either appeared to been abandoned or gone into a strange hiatus. To my surprise, several blogs appeared which were just spam, identical postings trying to sell a product or service. As expected, my blog search proved unsuccessful. So, once again I turn to you, dedicated reader. I need to any suggestions for blogs, both personal, work related or subject specific. Please drop me a line and let me know. All suggestions will be gratefully received and considered.

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