Monday 14th June 2004

Why do we do it? Why do the English national squad always press the self-destruct button? Why, in the last dying moments of the opening group game of an international tournament do we lose that all important concentration and fall flat on our faces? All that when you are in a commanding position for 90 minutes, defending a one nil lead, playing some good football to contain the deadly French strikers. A draw, which I felt that game was deserving of, would have been at least partially acceptable. But to throw away your lead, in such a manner, and then one lapse in concentration, to be followed by a cynical back pass, which players like Henry, live for.

How do I feel, at 4 minutes passed 10 (last night)? Well totally dejected, frustrated and empty. “It could have been all songs in the street, it was nearly complete, it was nearly so sweet”. I think as an England fan, you have to realise that there are far more, what could have been scenarios than there are moments of sheer joy. France did not win the game, the English lost in. In more ways than one.

Under normal circumstances, I would trailing around various news sites to get the full post-match analysis on the England game. But today, I am going to do something slightly different. To get the view from the fan, I am searching for a blog entry from an depressed England fan. So far found, Diary of an England fan. Just a shame it has not been updated with recent events. If you find any blogs that discuss the English defeat, please let me know.

During the half time ad break during the England game, did you notice an rather below the belt act by ITV? They showed a mock up of the BBC Euro2004 trails, with Larrson of Sweden. Then, for the voice over to say, “We don’t want no artists of football, you PLANK! We just want to watch the football!” Then show the details for their up and coming matches, this evening. I never thought that ITV would steep so low. The BBC trails are much more classy, including the intro sequence for their European Championship coverage. Particularly, when you compare the production values and overall end product. BBC wins hands down for a much more polished finished article.

Talking of commercials. I like television commercials that make you think. I remember when I first saw the Honda Accord ad. It was a special moment. Everyone in my family just stopped, the room fell silent, as we were taken over by utter intrigue, for the poetry in motion on the small screen. The fact that no computer trickery was used, makes the final fluid array. All that much more breathtaking to watch and enjoy.

The advert for the Audi A6, too builds on this sense of mystery and intrigue. The luxury saloon drives around a city centre, but if you look more closely at the backdrops, you will be taking a double take for sure. They at first appear fine, but at closer inspection you realise that the car is driving around a city that does not exist in reality. This will make much more sense to you, once you have seen the ad.

Just a passing observation. You must have seen the video or at least heard the latest track by Jay Sean. Is it just me, or does it have more than a passing resemblance to the 1995 internation hit by Luniz, “I Got Five On It”? Listen to it very closely next time you hear it, and wait for the chorus.

Woke up this morning, and with my breakfast, I was flipping around the variety of music channels. They I stumbled upon VH1 Classic. The opening piano solo, threw me slightly, as I gathered my thoughts to reflect. Yes maybe it is true. Maybe, “That’s Just The Way It Is”.

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