Monday 10th May 2004

My exam this morning went well. Actually it went much better than I expected, the questions I had revised for and more importantly hoped for appeared. Fantastic! This was to be the most challenging of the three that I face this summer. However that is not to say that the final two will be a push over. Far from it, I will still will have to apply myself, but at least I over the first hurdle, those first exam nerves. I made the most of my two hours and wanted to get as much down on paper as I could. The only down side was the fact that my favourite invigilator, was not around. I hope I do see him soon and don’t have to go back to the future.

I have added my Amazon Wish List to the Info page. I am slowly going to build up the page to include more links and much more personal data. Just give me a chance to put a few things together. My plan is add details of the music I am listening to, CDs currently playing in my stereo (both at home and on the move in the car). Also want to add some more quirky information, such my personality traits and other characteristics. May involve taking part in some of those online questionnaires. Such as find out about my Personality and the temperament of my character. Oh yeah, how could I forget, the Geek test. Once I have gone to the lengths to get all those completed and rated, you will know exactly why you should avoid me at all costs. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I am keen to get back into photography. I want to start taking pictures on a daily basis. I will do this as soon as the exams are over. There is no need to take a set number of images for the sake of it, I want my photography to capture the moment. A special moment. Something that will compliment this blog and provide it with some much needed creative balance. The albums on the Photos will be completely redesigned. Although the software program I was using to organize all my images was very good, I am not a hundred percent satisfied with the results. So expect the images and albums to be upgrading in the coming few months.

Following a long discussion with my housemate Paul, I have been pondering the purpose of my blog. In my quest to make my writings different to the thousands of weblogs out there already, I feel this the ideal time to reflect on where I have been and where I am going. Not just in the case of where my life in general, but also my blog. To many people this is purely an egotistical trip of self importance. Why is my life so important that people would want to read this? This is true, but I want to take my readers on a journey. I want them to join and perhaps even learn from this journey of self-discovery. I mentioned before that I ‘found myself’ during the first year at University. I think now is the time to find my place. Time will tell how successful my quest is, but it begins today. As always I will post my discoveries, failures, moments of joy and disappointment on here. I look forward to your comments along the way.

Many people will find this surprising but I do like my rock music. This may sound unbelievable for somebody who enjoys every ounce of his pure pop and sugary ballads. However, there is a moment, when you need to do some serious head banging and air guitar. I remember that around three years ago, one of the albums I really wanted for Christmas, included a free air guitar with every purchase. However, I did not receive the album and it has now grown to a full three volumes, including a box set. The third and latest volume was only released in November, last year but not as well received as the first two. This got me thinking about something my housemates had mentioned to be in October last year. Would you believe that there are an annual Air Guitar Championships in the United States. The event is only a year old and David “C-Diddy” Jung is the current champion. Check out his winning video and prepare to be amazed. Then went you have had a taste of the magic, take that step up with the big boys at the World Championship. My choice for an air guitar track? It has to be ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ by the fantastic Def Leppard. Described as catchy, tuneful and fun example of 1980s hard rock, the album Hysteria is regarded by many as best example of rock ever.

Music is amazing, particularly how genres of music inter-connect with each other. On this principle, if you like certain bands, say for example, 1980s electronic pop trio, a-ha, there is a chance you also like the Pet Shop Boys. Well someone has taken this concept of six degrees of separation and designed a music search engine. Go to Music Plasma. Enter the name of an artist and a flash animation links them with bands, past and present. Artist information and full discography is also only a mouse click away! Amazing!

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C’mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can’t get enough
Pour some sugar on me
Oh, in the name of love

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