Various links to pages that I visit on regular basis. I’ve collected a big range of favourites over the years, and add the best sites onto these pages.

Other Sites


Arsenal Football Club – The official home of the Gunners – great site. ArseWeb – one of the best ‘fanzine’ sites out there! England FC – A fan site dedicated to the England Football Team. The webmaster has left no stone unturned in his quest to create the best footy site for the national side ever. Everything is here, latest news, match reports, reviews, statistics, full history, women’s football. Football365 – football, football and more football. Great site, with results, reports and comical looks at the beautiful game. Guardian – Well you need to make sense of the madness that is our national game.

Computing – Windows 95/98/XP/2k/NT shareware, desktop themes, icons, wallpapers, utilities Yahoo! UK – One of top search engines which I personally use all the time for research on every subject under the Sun! WebCrawler – If the above fails to match the desired results this always offers a host of great relevant links. Alta Vista – Sponsored by electronics giant Digital this search engine offers one of the fastest servers to deliver the most accurate and updated information from around the web. Google – If you are unimpressed with the commercial search engines, try Google. This site has no advertising, just a search engine. And it is ultra fast. Check it out! Excite – another great search engine with loads to offer. Of course, commercially based with heavy advertising, but the directory is organized very sensibly and has quality and quantity with links. Mail2Web – Access your mail account from the web just like your Hotmail Account. This service is amazing, and it even lets you customize your login so you can access your mail ever fast. The best thing about the site is? Its totally FREE! Ananova – My favourite news source. Although I personally access it mainly through WAP. The website brings the additional feature of pictures and more detailed articles. It brings you all the latest news and sports stories, plus entertainment and weird and wacky stories from around the globe. Recently acquired by the mobile network, Orange. You are even able to voice your own opinion on news stories with message boards and also a news direct to your mobile phone via SMS. MSN – If you are new to the internet, this is an extremely good place to start your surfing. On the opening page, you have all the latest news, latest sports results and entertainment gossip. Then there are links to take you around to the most popular parts of the site, with competitions, great offers and useful advice. Highly recommended! O2 – To all those of you, who had a Genie account. Well with BT Cellnet, merging into the big global O2 network, this is the site you want to visit now. Still got all the usual features, free text, address book, text alerts etc. Plus some added bonus! Multimap – This site provides maps from around the UK. I use it for directions across the country. All you have to do is enter the postcode of your departure and destination points. It provides detailed information on how to get there.


Kazaa – This is currently the most popular peer-to-peer network. Using a piece of software called, Kazaa Media Desktop, which connects you to the other uses and enables you to share, audio, video, software and images. Highly recommended! Blubster – another p2p network, gaining steady popularity. Only sharing MP3s, it offers additional features such as message board and news, with a interface similar to Napster. However, currently no resume feature which can be tedious. Although members continue to bombard the creator to add this feature. After Napster – Site detailing all the Peer-to-Peer clients out there. Music Plasma – The visual music search engine. Find other artists that you should listen to.

Galaxy FM Broadcasts across the UK on DAB, but this is the site for Birmingham’s Galazy’s. The best RnB and dance music! Comedy Weird Al Yankovic – Official homepage of the ‘king of parody’. Weird Al, takes well known popular songs, and then changes the lyrics to create highly successful comic parodies. For example, in the 80s, he took Michael Jackson’s, “Beat It” and created, “Eat It”, and more recently, for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, he took Don McLean’s, “American Pie” and created, “Anakin Guy”. I have over 80 songs by this guy and every song is very very funny! – Fan site, which looks surprisingly like a popular search engine. Includes various sections about Weird Al, song lyrics, details of albums, where to purchase merchandise and links to other fan sites. Highly recommended!


BBC – This site is huge, I mean, it covers so many exciting sites, its not a website, but a portal in its own right. Of course there is the unrivalled BBC News and Weather service. You will also find sites, for all your favourite BBC programmes both television and radio, plus forums, competitions, guides, advice. Everything you could ever want to know. Here are a list of my favourites: Eastenders Football Film Motoring News (Breakfast) (Newsnight) Radio One Radio Five Live

Chris Moyles – having only started listening during my placement, to his show on a weekday, I’ve been converted. Its a great show, and I especially like the tedious link track, played every day at 5.30pm. Check this site out for more details. Includes details on Chris’s TV show on Five (which ran for one season) and also parody tracks played on his show, plus his move to Breakfast. Channel Four – Another huge site, covering all the C4 programmes. Some of which have sites in their own right. Lots of background information to all their programming. ITV – I can’t plug two television station websites without mentioning the rest of the flock. ITV has a good comprehensive sports page, but the rest of the site is in need of attention. Still a valuable, if limited resource. Sky – a mammoth website which covers everything! News service is second to none, and so is the sports coverage!


the Site – a site aimed at the youth of today, mainly Uni students but most aspects of life as a young adult are discussed. There are forums, advice pages. Everything is covered, from which course to enter, finance and also accommodation. Well worth a good look around if you are on your way to University. Then, when you get there, is can provide you with all the tips that you need to survival the three or four plus years of your course. Movie Mistakes – instead of going to the cinema (or watching on DVD!) for pure entertainment value, there are some people out there, you purely go to watch the mistakes. Silly things like, how the glass goes from half empty to full over the course of a scene! Friends Reunited – Have you ever wondered what happened to that guy, who used to be top of you class back in Primary School? Or what happened to that girl who was a very talented musician? Well now you can! This site, is free to join, once registered you can add your personal profile, with details of what you are up to at the moment, to your all the schools and colleges you attended. However, to be able to contact, your old school friends, you have to pay an annual fee (£5). This then gives you the ability to e-mail whoever you choose! This is a fantastic site! I have been in touch with several of my old school friends, and it has been great to catch up! Go to this site, you will be surprised how many old flames will resurface!

Henley College It includes details of the course available, services available for students, the town of Henley, local businesses and institutions co-operating with the college. Colleges I find are better than school sixth forms because you are in a more relaxed atmosphere, you have more free time to devote to your studies and are given that sense of freedom, away from still being treated like a school child in an environment full of school children.

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