Gold Dust

I have been in the market for at tablet computer for some time but have been waiting for my perfect moment to invest. However the Gods were consipring against me just before Christmas, with every high street (and most online) retailers out of stock of the Nexus 7. It was going to take me a while to get my hands on the grey box.

On Saturday I had called the John Lewis store in my hometown of High Wycombe and got verbal confirmation of a delivery today. I therefore made sure I was at the store promptly at 9:30am to pick up the item. The dilemma unfortunately for me was that the item was out of stock on the JL website and I could not reserve over the phone with the item not available on the shop floor. Never knowingly undersold apparently. While the sales assistant in Audio & Visual called local stores (Watford is not exactly local but I was willing to drive there on a tablet mission impossible!) I called my wife to let her know about a great offer on a Freesat recorder. It was at this point in the conversation she informed me she had reserved the Nexus 7 at Argos in South Ruislip. I had my next destination for the Google Navigation on my aging HTC Desire.

Google Tablet

Item remains boxed until I secure delivery of screen protector and case. The wait therefore continues but at least the grey box is in my flat and not with Yodel for delivery or sitting in some warehouse in Mongolia.

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