Going Postal

Generally I have kept my political views offline, but for the upcoming EU Referendum, we all have a choice. Perhaps the biggest opportunity to shape the future of our great nation for generations to come. Will we make use of the opportunity?

However I am surprised by the lack of interest in not just my peers but those many years younger. They are completely removed from the political process which is a great shame. Since I turned 18 I have voted at every possible election (general, local even parish council) and have been a postal voter for the majority of that time. I switched to postal since I went to University. While I miss the experience of posting my ballot in the ballot box, I do get the convenience to vote in my own time in advance of Polling Day.

EU Referendum Ballot Paper

Although in 2016 you would expect there to be a better system in place than pen and paper to carry out a consensus of the people. Electronic voting systems do exist in other countries and have been trailed in the UK but such a system would need to identify people prior to polling day. Interesting to learn that India has probably the most wide scale adoption of electronic voting in the world and has been experimenting with different tools almost as long as I have been alive. I wonder the kind of world we will wake up to on Friday 24th June.

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