Friday 8th September 2006

You must be bored with the line I always spin on a Friday. Sure, there are millions of people around the world that must be relieved when the weekend finally lands and what makes me so special and different? Nothing. I just like to use, my favourite day of the week to look back on the working week and look forward to the weekend. When I try and think of what to cover in this post, there does not seem much to report. However, with a little thought there are a few things worth mentioning. Work was busy, especially yesterday and today but we made it through, as we always do. We have hit the period after the summer where most people have returned from their holidays and there is real work to be done once again. There are a few interesting projects coming up next month but generally speaking life on the helpdesk is quite settled. Strange to think the events or rather one event that took place almost exactly a year ago. Nevertheless, we are where we are. No point pondering on what might, could have been. Let us move forward, onwards and upwards. Been looking forward to Saturday since May 2003. Yes, three years, four months and six days exactly since I last Mr. Jones. I am really looking forward to seeing my best friend of some twenty odd years tomorrow morning. I made a promise, that I would not come up to Wrexham again until he came down to see me. He has got within a thirty mile radius of High Wycombe. He has been in London all week, staying with relatives. Although we have planned this weekend for months (with the daft idea of going to see Crystal Palace play in the Championship, just a shame they are away from home this Saturday) he kept his phone off most of this week, which meant I was unable to contact him, with no option for voicemail. How annoying! It must be the worse thing to hear when you are desperately trying to get hold of someone. As I pulled into the drive this evening, my sister rushed out with the telephone. “It’s for you she said!” I expected someone trying to sell me life insurance, but it was in fact DJ. Finally! I had tried to call him from work at 4pm but even then his phone had been switched off. His excuse? He kept getting calls from work! For some people there is no escape. I was glad he finally got in touch, as I was slightly worried that I would be heading into Central in the morning and hoping he would contact me. Plans for tomorrow? For a change, no big agendas. We are booked on for the London Eye for 11am, even though originally I wanted to go at 10am, it was far to early for lazy Dave. Hopefully the weather will be good, checking out Weather Channel web site, reports ‘mostly sunny‘.

Uploaded my second video You Tube last night. I should really make the distinction that the video is not mine and not my property. It is actually a television commercial which has had a recent revival with all the students heading back to (or starting a fresh at) University. Yet another comic classic, particular the moonwalk which cannot be performed due to the ‘static’. There is another way apparently.

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