Friday 7th March 2003

Just arrived in Leicester, literally a few minutes ago. The time is 18:27, and I’ve just got into the Queens Lab at University. On my drive into the UK’s 10th largest city, I felt strange feelings. Mixed emotions, really. On the one hand it felt great to be back in my University city, on the other, I know that I have the hard labour of my Final Year to come! Oh, if only I could be locked in my Placement Year forever! On seconds thoughts, maybe not!

Oh, how things have changed, from the scenery, buildings (new SU is taking shape – and looks – “Impressive, most impressive”) to the code on the computer lab door. I’m here with my friend, Sippy. He’s “apparently” had the most hectic, demanding and stressful day ever! Then I tell him about the day I’ve had, and it all falls into place! Then, I discover, the sleepy Sippy has had no lectures or labs today and in fact it is his day off, from Uni today! Talk about cheek! It was great to see him again after so many months! I really enjoyed my weekend with him! We spent a lot of time reminiscing about ‘old times’ back in the first and second year! It was a good laugh!

Its not like I’m not going to see him again for a good few months! I’m up to Leicester again, on Tuesday night as I have my Module Options Day on Wednesday! I’m looking forward to it, going be extremely weird having to switch into ‘student’ mode again! Its going to be great to see my friends, Daz, Shush and some of the other guys! I’ll be doing the usual things with these ‘usual suspects’, particular since I haven’t seen them for so long! We will be exchanging business cards, and exchanging the stories of who has got the best company car and who’s got the most kosher role on placement!!

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