Friday 31st December 2004

A strange way to end the year. Be called out on business, across to Bedford for but nevertheless a necessary meeting. As I headed home the sun was setting across the hills of Dunstable to the east. The M1 southbound was busy but moving steadily as my mind began to drift. My mind reflected on the year about to pass and the year ahead. Several months of difficulty but lacking the powerful pain, I had felt so strongly in the past. Yet, we showed our perseverance and overcame the struggles, to find ourselves on the right course and very much happy. Let me consider my happiness in greater detail. No, I am not truly happy but more relived that once more, all the pieces of the jigsaw have fallen into place, and not a minute too soon. For someone bless with little luck, I sometimes find myself amazed by the smallest act of divine intervention. Those who know me well, would consider me to be a mild control freak. A fact I could not argue with, yet the more I think about things the more I feel stronger powers are at work here, than those of my own mortal doing. If things happen for a reason, then maybe just maybe 2005 will be the year which sees me taking bigger strides on the journey of success. Just a simple case of believing. Believing in myself.

As has become customary, I would like to wish all visitors to my website a prosperous 2005!

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