Friday 26th August 2005

The last Friday in August, already? Where has the month gone? This must be the fastest four weeks, to pass before my eyes, ever. I suppose having so much to do, meant there was little time to sit back and watch from the sidelines. It has been a dramatic time for this site, also and finally, after six years, I have a permanent home, with no annoying pop-ups and advertising banners. Suppose, what you’ll be looking for next is a complete overhaul and redesign from scratch. This design, is just a few months short of reaching the landmark of two years in service. I am proud, that it has served me so well. The actually site celebrated it’s fifth birthday on the first day of this month. The whole celebrations were unmarked, because it completely slipped my mind. The site has grown over those short few years. It was in November 2003, the my visions for this blog finally became true. Detailed entries, with analysis, thought and feeling, featuring all the pictures I had caught on my camera. In May last year, I added the commenting system, which has helped me interact with all my readers. Who knows what the next two years will bring? Will there come a time when Teg’s blog ceases to exist? I very much doubt it.

Hate to go political on you, particularly in the period referred to in the British (if not global) press as ‘silly season‘. Our friend George, is at it again on the propaganda trail, stateside. Difficult to explain my fiery hatred for this political figure. It is the pompous, ‘I’m right and your not’ attitude. No one deserves to be attacked by a mob but then again, you try not to be a false prophet and dispel your critics. Nav has tried hard to get to the root of my ill feeling to this politician, but it not an easy task. I believe the fact that you can’t reason with him, is perhaps the most fitting and perhaps only reason I can give for my views. Unfortunately, he appears to have struck a cord with a certain group of individuals in the UK, who have now become his supporters. Proclaiming that he says it as it is, is a true, genuine politician and fighting the cause of the man on the street. There are famous celebrities, also called, George, with short entries on Wikipedia than our representative of Bethnal Green and Bow.

End of the rant and onward to the other George. Formby (yes, there is a m there, not an n!). Unless you’ve been on another planet this week, you will not have missed the headline news story of TB and his ukulele. While it was comical to think of our Prime Minister, strumming along on the beach, it got me thinking. The most famous British ukulele player, has to be George Formby. While the actual instrument is always associated with Pacific singers, there may be more truth in European roots. On BBC Radio Five Live, last night they had a ukulele player and Formby impersonator, and he played the classic, “When I’m Cleaning Windows”. Why am I mentioning all this? I think it is important to gain an appreciation for music, movies and general goings on, that were before our era. It is quite easy to close yourself off and only concentrate on the things that you can relate to. Yet, there is so much to learn and enjoy some golden oldies.

Over on her blog, Nazma has set some aims for the autumn. While her blog continues to be an inspiration to me, considering my own personal aims for the coming months, at her own suggestion. Do I really need to list some objectives? My problem with this is, is that I leave myself open to some sort of rejection or feeling of failure, if they are not met. This blog in it’s very nature, tends to be more reflective on past events, rather than looking forward to the future. Sure, there have been times when I look ahead to big events coming up, but they are few and far between. The purpose of this blog is record events, more than preach about how my future should pan out. Therefore I have decided to just go with the flow and set no great expectations for the future. Perhaps because Nazma is more comfortable letting her feelings spill out onto the page, she finds this process so much easier than me. I suppose what I’m trying to so hard to say, is that I believe that it will always Turn(ed) Out Nice Again.

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