Friday 20th June 2008

A very long and tiring week and even though it is Friday, I feel somewhat that the past five days have past me by. I have achieved very little but somehow, for a change do not feel that bothered by that indismissable fact. Quite a few things to mention, some more important than others, so I will kick off from the start of the week. As I pulled into the gym car park on Monday evening, I noticed a silver convertible parked on the side (family bay). It looked like a baby A4 but then I realised it was the new A3 convertible. Very nice but the size I just could not cope with, expect to see a few more on the road but in the States I think Audi US are pushing the TT so this A3 variant will not be sold (I could be wrong). However I do tend to get all my news from The German Car Blog which I read perhaps once or twice a month. I have been trying to catch as much of Euro 2008 as possible but cannot replace the empty feeling watching games with no word on England (or any of the home nations for that matter). It just is not the same and during the group phase you always thought they would mention another group (Group E?) featuring England. However, I know this sacrifice is worthwhile in the long term to enable Capello to over turn our fortunes and qualify us for 2010. In terms of the coverage, the Beeb has been streets ahead (as always) of rivals ITV. Quite a heated debate over on the Guardian Organ Grinder blog. One thing is clear, many fans of Martin O’Neil and Gordon Strachan out there, including myself. Another quiet weekend on the cards but I am going to do more than lounge about and watch movies (more on that later). I am going to have a clear out of rubbish but also give several things a spring clean of both my wallet, bank account and CV. I also want to get down into town to view the new library (it has been open over seventeen days and I still haven’t had a chance to take a look). I need to get back on the saddle, only read two books this year so far since January. I could and perhaps should be out in London at the legendary Pacha nightclub where Pav is djing tonight. However, as Friday drew closer I just did not feel up for a party. I just am not in the mood and do not think I would be good company for my friends. Plus there is always the issue of getting back from Central London to Wycombe in the early hours. Never mind, there will be other nights and I am sure the next big night is already in the planning and event invite will spring up on Facebook very soon.

Paradisco, Pacha London 20th June 2008

This weekend is a movie bonanza. I am going to watch Ultraviolet tonight and then the Grindhouse double bill with Death Proof and Planet Terror tomorrow night. Plus hopefully I will be able to watch High School U.S.A., a TV movie made in 1983. Although there is still 24 meg left to go as I type this. Not much else planned for the weekend, I am off to the gym on Sunday morning as usual. I was quite good this week, attending the gym on all my planned sessions, although due to time and logistical restraints I did not have time to hit the rowing machine on Thursday night. I am trying hard to stick to the regime of four times a week and three on difficult weekends when I am too busy for that Sunday morning session.

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