Friday 10th June 2005

Friday again, with us more than half way through the year. Time seems to be passing by and work consumes me more than anything else. Sometimes I feel I don’t really have much of a life outside of the office. The fact that I have been working solid since 16th December, with not a single day off, might have something to do with it. My Manager made the comment, in jest, that he still hasn’t seen a holiday request form in my name. If I am truly honest with myself, going on holiday is not the major hurdle. Not having the friends to go on holiday with, is. While I agree their thoughts of a holiday would be very different from that of my own, I miss them and wish there was a way back. Yet as you drift apart and the years past you realise that it is harder to reunite. I should not let this bother me as deeply as it does. I should move on, instead of holding on to ghosts of the past. To cover this empty feeling, I fool myself into thinking that I do not deserve a holiday. No, I am right, I do not deserve a holiday right now. Afterall, there are other things we are setting our sights on.

Are you a Kipper? Unfortunately, I joined this budding brigrade of misfits a year ago. Rolling into the mid twenties and still enjoying the creature comforts of home. Who do I blame? Well there are some opinated readers of BBC News. While sure, affordable housing is a major factor, the British relunctance to rent is closely second. Stuck in what can only be described as a wonderful void. A mixture of the real world on the outside, but inside is a strange dream world. Not knowing when you will land, with a bump onto hard ground and hard times. While I may not be planning my escape yet, I hold onto dreams of disappearing to the land of golden opportunity. You never know, worst things have happened.

Finally, after years of talking about it, I have placed myself on the Season Ticket Waiting list for Arsenal. Along with my membership introduction pack, which arrived this week, I also received my certificate. This confirms that I am in the long queue waiting to purchase a season ticket. My number? Wait for it, 33,001. If Arsenal dot com is to believed, then only an extra 13,000 tickets have been made available for the first season in our new home, over at Ashburton Grove. Therefore, I will be waiting for several years and be luck to be in my mid thirties before I can make the most crucial, life changing purchase of my life. Reliant upon the number of people that do not renew their seasons tickets each season, which must be just a handful. Looks like I will be paying for my Prem Plus season ticket, for several years to come. Of course there are benefits of being an arm chair supporter, but I long to sing along from the North Bank and cheer my team onto victory. There is of course the final game at Highbury to look forward to. The struggle for that one ticket, will be well documented, right here.

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