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There Goes The Neighbourhood

To provide substantial evidence to support my previous post from almost a year ago (when I moved into the estate). I received the following letter from Slough Borough Council today. Something makes me think that the threat of a fine or prosecution will do little to deter my neighbours from such anti-social acts. Although it will be interesting to bump into any member of the so called Neighbourhood Enforcement Team. I doubt they will be around at 6am in the morning when I head off to the train station or around 7:30pm when I get back from the gym but us honest residents do live in hope! Which makes me wonder what type of covert surveillance they will be carrying out to catch the perpetrators. This is local government in the 21st century! When you have to, not just remind people to put their rubbish into bins but threaten to take them to court (at the most extreme) for not doing so. Come on people it really is not that much hard work!

Household Waste Storage

What Is In A Name

My wife, Michelle received her new passport this morning and with it a new surname and new identity. We have now been married for just over four months and in a twist of fate, her ten year old passport expired a few days after our honeymoon in Rome in mid August. (The same week many cities in the UK were besieged by riots!)

However, there was a dilemma, which to be honest I never truly understood until much later. How would it feel to give up the surname you have grown accustomed to over the past twenty eight years? I was not asked to give anything up so important! A few tweets I have saved as favourites over on Twitter have perfectly summarised the now age old tradition of the married woman taking her husband’s name. One as recently as yesterday the other from just over a month ago, very much on similar lines. I have to say that I am very traditional when it comes to the name change. If the social convention was for me to change my surname, to that of my wife I probably would have gone through the motions. Personally I do not like double barrel names and our combination of surnames would have resulted in a sixteen character surname, including separating hyphen. Call me Victorian but I believe changing your surname is part of the commitment of marriage. Michelle decided to give up her now maiden name and take on my family name. The process begins with the arrival of a new passport.

New Identity

From this point forward, every item of identification needs to be updated with the new name. Which I appreciate is quite an administrative chore but I am sure, I am worth the effort!

Received our first joint Christmas card yesterday morning from my friend Clive. The envelope had the recipients listed by joint addressee.

Joint Addressee

Religious Beliefs

I parked my car in the Tesco Extra car park and headed off to Slough town centre. There were a few errands I needed to run before picking up a few groceries from the supermarket. The sun was shining brightly, unusual for such a cold afternoon, making it difficult to make out cars and people up ahead. As I made my way to the main crossing, a man handed me a leaflet and responded with “God Bless You Son..” as I took the leaflet into my hand. I was half expecting some commercial based sales blurb on a retail establishment or service but instead, was greeted by an interesting angle on taking a path to Jesus.

Be Somebody

I would be lying if I said I have not thought the very same thoughts as the man pictured on the front cover of this leaflet. We tend to live our lives based on the material items we have amassed or the holidays we have experience or even the woman we may have married. To say I have no regrets would be foolish but to say I have too many would also be completely untrue. Perhaps my biggest flaw as an individual (now I know I have many) is to look too deep into things. I read too much between the lines, with a constant need to analyse every word be it spoken or written. In recent years, I have calmed down a great deal. I recall one of my good friends in 1999 saying that I would have a heart attack at the age of forty, as I tend to get worked up about even the little things far behind what is humanly necessary.

This leaflet landed in my hand by pure coincidence. I had popped into town to get a few things but originally had planned to walk but only drove as I had little time in the afternoon to get everything done before a cinema trip with my wife, brother-in-law and mother-in-law in the early evening. Now this is not to say I am now going to convert to some form of Christianity. Not at all, but the leaflet and the kind words of the gentleman who handed it to me, brought home an important message, a week or so before Christmas.

All that matters to me, are the love of the important people around me. Everything else is purely temporary. Jobs will come and go, as will material possessions. The only constant will be the love of the people I care for most. At this time of year, this can all be easily forgotten as we rush to splash the cash. Does that truly make us happy? In recent weeks I have increased the number of people I follow on Twitter. Not just the geeky people you would expect but footballers (current and ex) but movie stars, tv stars and even the odd HipHop mogul. In fact I believe my count of followers have gone from around fifty to now eighty-five! Has ever there been a better tweet than this!

Weekends Before Christmas

The weekend officially began (week 49) at 18:00 sharp, as I started my car and Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris – We Found Love blared out of my radio. I had tuned into Capital FM. The song had been recommended to me by my sister, Samantha and I had listened to it via YouTube a few months ago. Now it is played non-stop on the radio but back then it was an up and coming new release. The video though, is something else, I would describe it as an acid trip. (Not that I have any experience of one of those mind you!)

My ultimate destination was Thame, Oxfordshire but I had decided to swing by Didcot to drop off some birthday presents for a friend. Common courtesy would have been to call beforehand, even when en-route to make sure it was convenient but I did not bother. The reality is, I doubt my friend BT would have even answered the call. Plus the element of surprise was actually to my benefit, I had my fingers crossed that he would be at home. In any case, I found the house in a new estate on the outskirts of Didcot Parkway railway station and dropped off the items before heading over to Thame. Perhaps a rather scenic journey on an August evening but in early cold December it was perhaps ill advised at best. I called Clive as I left Didcot and it would take me a good forty minutes to get to Thame.

Once you hit December, the runaway mine train is heading to only one destination – Christmas. I try not to get sucked into the commercial marketing bliss which usually is brewing from mid September. However it does mean I am busy with various events, every weekend all the way until the end of the year. There is no rest for the wicked!

I Spy

On Saturday afternnoon I had a few errands to run in town. This including joining the library, a ritual for me at any place I move to (although it will probably be a while before I borrow a book, or use the internet facilities) As I walked towards the entrance, I noticed a car parked outside on the curb. It was the number plate I found most amusing.

Private Plate

My dear friend Sippy has been working on our wedding website for months but I am sure you will agree that it has been worth the wait. The completed site is much better than anything I had imagined or would have been able to develop myself. I am so glad I got my old Uni chum to carry out the work, it has meant we save a great deal of time and hassle in the long term. Everyone that needs to know anything can just check our website or alternative send us a quick e-mail.

What are you waiting for? Go and take a look, while I try and remember how long is left until the big day? Sixy four days, or alternatively two months and three days or a mere one thousand five hundred and thirty six hours!

Pure Vandalisim

Do not fret my dear blog readers, I have already placed my A3 under 24 hour security surveillance. However, the lesson for the owner of this Peugeot 207 is simple. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Peugeot 206

However I still believe it would be worthwhile getting a quote for spray paint removable from the awesome Crystal Detail!

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