Primetime Karaoke

At times I wonder why I get sucked into the bandwagon that is The X Factor. If you strip the television show down (sometimes we need to remind ourselves it is just a television programme), it is purely glorified karaoke on a Saturday evening. Instead of an audience of a few hundred in the pub […]

Heroine Worship

I got back to my flat late on Monday evening (around 9:30pm) to find a letter in my postbox with a South East London postmark. I knew what is was already but waited until I got into my flat, sat down and switched on the television before opening. Those lovely people at Daybreak had sent […]

Forever Young

After almost four years, one of my favourite shows came to a end on Monday but of course, being in the UK, I had to wait until the following day to catch up on how life ends for a group of students at fictional Cyprus Rhodes University. However, before I go into the review of […]

Even The Principal Is A Hero

Iqbal Theba is somewhat of a hero of mine! Let me clarify this by making that a small time television hero, not the super street fighting kind. He starred in a handful of episodes of Sister, Sister, with the classic line, “This is AMERICA! Everything is for SALE!”. However, he has outdone himself as Principal […]

Junior Artists

People are often surprised when I tell them I am an avid watcher of Eastenders. They expect me to have a broader, more high brow approach to television. The events in the fictional Walford, are perhaps rather too much in the realm of common denominator TV. So what appeals to me so much about this […]

Reality Bites

One of my favourite colleagues from the last job and one, told me that I should always be grateful. Grateful that is, for those few days off in the period I call Twixmas. (The period we found ourselves in at the moment, the time after Christmas and before the New Year when you lose track […]

Coming Out As A Gleek?

I have been watching Glee since it was recommended to me by my girlfriend’s friend Shabana (who over the past year and a bit has actually become my BBF, even if she is not great at answering her phone!) back in late October last year. I watched the first series religiously but was rather disappointed […]