Supply & Demand

As expected, additional dates were added for the Mrs Carter Show World Tour starring BeyoncĂ©. Therefore it was a case of deja vu for myself and colleague Priyam on Friday morning. I was keen to make sure I secured tickets on this second priority sale, even if that meant skipping breakfast all together. I knew […]

Coming Out As A Gleek?

I have been watching Glee since it was recommended to me by my girlfriend’s friend Shabana (who over the past year and a bit has actually become my BBF, even if she is not great at answering her phone!) back in late October last year. I watched the first series religiously but was rather disappointed […]

Guilty Pleasures

I am sure we all have them, those things we like that if the world at large knew, would laugh or worse. I suppose, I have to admit that I am more guilty than most on both counts. I have a great deal of guilty pleasures, which alone would not really be an issue. However, […]