Ghost Protocol Initiated

I am sure we can all recall a moment in time when we truly grow up. These, ‘rights of passage’ occur throughout our lives but generally are confined to our early teens and twenties. In June 1998 I headed on my first solo journey into central London. It was perhaps the biggest interview of my […]

Cross Dressing

Michelle’s friend Ali was appearing in a London pantomime, so she eagerly booked tickets for us, mainly based on the fact the story was written by former One Show presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli. I had quite low expectations of Bollywood Cinderella after reading the blurb on the Tara Arts website. However, I liked the idea […]

Defying Gravity

During 2010, my wife Michelle was a fan of Glee along with me and we were watching series one at practically the same time. Although I was a few episodes ahead, on my weekly TV diet, she would watch episodes in major blocks. We watched an episode together, “Wheels”, one weekend (I think I may […]

Hogmanay Tickets

Michelle had a special item for me this evening. She told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. I was not expecting an early birthday gift (eight days before my big 30!) They were our tickets for the Concert In The Gardens, part of many celebrations for start of 2012 in Edinburgh. […]

Last Night Of Singledom

It is plainly obvious that I am not ready for this weekend and instead of spending Friday night sorting things out for my up coming nuptials, I am actually off to another wedding. I have no idea what my so called friends have got planned for this weekend. Although I did my best to arrange […]

Get Carter

Part Two of my blog post of Pavneet and Emily’s wedding, you can may want to read the first post on My Best Friend’s Wedding. I was woken up at around 9:30am, by housekeeping knocking on my hotel bedroom door. When I did not respond, I am sure I heard the cleaner come in, see […]

The Wolfpack On Tour

I never thought I would be getting married in the same year as so many of my friends and in particular my best friend Pav. Weddings can be a nightmare to organise, arrange and put together, particularly with so many people to please. However, there is always the stag do to look forward to. I […]

Creative Gene Pool

Reading up about my cousin, Simon, my sister, Samantha mentioned that he has a permanment exhbition in the Science Museum, London. I had mentioned this to Michelle a while back (obviously purely to impress her with the creative talents of the Tegala name!) We had promised ourselves that at some point we would take a […]