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Thursday 18th June 2009

I should be on my way back from Harrow collecting my server from MightyMouse but as you have guessed I am actually still in Newbury blogging. After a delay of a few weeks, Hussein’s server arrived yesterday morning. He e-mailed me and Jon a photo of the box seconds after it arrived at his workplace. I posted that picture, yesterday. However, a problem with the order (the CF card which will store Ubuntu) has meant it needs to be replaced with a faster model. While MightyMouse was willing to take a backup and provide me with a working server this evening, I decided against it. I would rather wait and have a fully working server with all the bells and whistles pre-installed. Plus, this way Hussein can come over to Newbury, see my flat and we can make a day (or rather an afternoon at least) of the installation. Rather than me walking blind. Knowing this was my first adventure with Linux, I spotted a book on the shelf in the library on Monday evening and took it out.


I am really looking forward to the weekend and this week has dragged. Tomorrow, my weekend kicks off at 4pm sharp. I will be off to get my haircut, then back to the flat to do some clearing up and preparation before my sisters arrive. We are then off around 7pm to see Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, I am really looking forward to this sequel. I booked tickets on Tuesday evening for the 8pm screening in my beloved screen four. However, all the main seats were sold out, so I had to make do with row E instead of the usual row K. Disappointing but you snooze you lose as many of my friends would say. I will be happy as long as the Pearl & Dean titles play! We will get back late on Friday night, get some food before crashing out. Saturday will be up at a leisurely time to go and get everything for the barbeque. It all kicks off around 2pm and is scheduled to last all night. Although I have just read my first ever Victoria Gardens Newsletter which stats above average noise levels after 11pm are considering a nuisance. We shall see how long we can truly party for, my friends?

Sunday I am heading back home for Father’s Day. Not sure what is planned during the day but as the weather is going to be good, I will pop down to the Rye for the Car Show with some friends. I am still debating whether to crash at home on Sunday night or drive back to Newbury but we shall see. I know Pav will not want me to miss a crucial gym session on Monday morning at 6.30am, particularly if I miss a major session this coming Sunday.

I better get off to bed and get some rest, it is going to be one messy weekend and I hope to return with some photographs and stories on Sunday or more likely Monday evening. Hope you all have a great weekend.

I ran the Bayer 10K on Sunday 31st May. I am raising money for the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation. If you would like, you can still sponsor me, you can go to Thank you for your kind donations.

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

Friday 7th April 2006

With a week to go, you could forgive me for going absolutely crazy, unable to hold in my excitement for what the Easter weekend will hold. Pav too, has tried his best to keep his feelings deep down inside, them only briefly appearing above the surface. For example, his MSN personal message now reads, “7 days until the Ring :)”. Everything is set, I just need to sort out some Euros and perhaps buy the odd piece of clothing to take with me. All this will be completed in the early part of next week. While I could go further into the building up to Good Friday, I will instead focus on this week and bridge the gap of the weekend.

As you know, I have suddenly fallen in love with the Treo Smart phone. Hussein has taken this on board and on Monday this week by starting MSN conversations with a URL for eBay auctions selling the device. It was tempting, very tempting in fact but I had other more important things to focus on. A new phone would be great, for a few months but the novelty would soon wear out. However, I am considering purchasing a smart phone of some description (most likely Nokia) in August next year when I can next option an upgrade on my Vodafone contract. I warned my friend from Harrow that he would be banned for constantly sending me eBay URLs over MSN. It was only later in the week, while stumbling upon Dave’s Daily Blog that I noticed a link to Bryan’s Rules on Instant Messaging. Most of which I agree with and wish people would adhere to. The problem with IM is that so many people use it for several different purposes. Some keep it logged in but rarely chat. Other people chat too much, others too little. Perhaps we should all learn to follow only a few simple rules to make life in cyberspace so much better.

Next week is strange prospect, with me spending four days over in the Docklands, then returning home, packing once again to head over to Germany with Pav on Friday morning. Perhaps the most worrying element will be no internet access outside of business. Even net access within the office will be limited and highly restricted. I decided to turn the offer a 3G card from my colleague, Peter on the helpdesk. I would have to go cold turkey. I would have to face my demons and find something else to fill my evenings, rather than staring blankly at a computer screen for several hours. With London at my doorstep and most of the city at my beck and call, I think it will be a great opportunity to go and explore.

I am now regretting uploading the images of my Lynx (Axe) clicker over on my FlickR account. I have had at least three people ask me to send it to them. One individual evening leaving his full address in the comment box. Why do these people not understand that they are available free (relatively, the only cost is sending an SMS to a special number). Some people have tapped into this strange market with clickers selling on eBay for as much as £20. Now who would play this much for a novelty item, with no real purpose? Obviously some strange (and lonely) people out there who become hypnotized by a deodorant commercial.

Time for a quiet weekend, before my adventure on the continent. My plan is to get my haircut in the morning, head into town to get some last bits and pieces, pick up a copy of the The Independent newspaper, as it includes a teach yourself German compact disc, which I hope pick up some useful phrases. I want to make the most of my time in Germany and actually make an attempt to socialize with the locals. Think I will give my car a good clean, then on Sunday settle down on the sofa for three back to back Premiership games from 11.30am. Pushing towards a near perfect weekend if you ask me.

Tuesday 8th March 2005

How long before the Doctor returns? If I am honest with you, I was never a big of the series, but did watch Sylvester McCoy play the Time Lord. That was my era, the late 1980s, with myself at the perfect age, just starting school to find the science fiction series fascinating. Sure, looking back now, even with rose tinted spectacles, the show has aged very badly. Particularly when you hold it up against American shows from the same period. For my impressible mind, McCoy was intriguing, and his assistant, Ace, had some great, if cheesy lines was played by cute Sophie Aldred :)

In May 1996, I waited patiently, just as I do now for the Doctor’s return, but at that time, as great as the story was, it did not re-capture the magic of the original series. Unable to convince their American backers, with poor viewing figures across the pond, compared to the 9 million UK viewers. Last year, while trying to avoid doing work on my project, I watched the various episodes on BBC Online, in flash with Richard E. Grant at the helm. They were comical but with serious fast moving plots. As I had waited, I was able to watch each episode one after the other. Looking back these were wasted afternoons, at my student student house, passing the time before Hollyoaks. came on at 6.30pm. Then, it was announced that our trepid explorer of time and space would be returning in 2005.

The lessons have been learnt, and here I am again, nine years later waiting for a new Doctor to take on the mantle of Time Lord and for new adventures in the Tardis. The casting is inspired, particularly once Pop starlet, Billie Piper as the assistant. Although Rose, does not quite hit the same spot as Ace (on so many levels). Even with my matured age, and more refined tastes. I will ignore the leak, true fans such as myself will wait for a few weeks for the broadcast. Some of us have no need for spoilers or sneak previews, we can wait for the real mccoy. Although, looking back in my humble opinion, Walk of Life is an amazing single and should have done much better than 25, on the UK Top 40 back in December 2000.

Saturday 1st March 2003

As a new month starts, I look back as recently as the night before and discover things that touch my heart in ways, I thought they never would. I was never a big fan of the Manchester boy-band, Take That during the early to mid 90s. However, on VH1, yesterday evening, just before the 8pm showing of Eastenders, I saw a glimpse of an ever memorable music video. When the trumpets and great orchestra instrumental began, I knew, this was one of my favourite songs. As the song continued, “We’ve Gone so far, and we’ve reached so high and we’ve looked each day and night in the eye, and we’re still so young and we hope for more…” The song took be back to July, 1995. I was on a coach driving back to High Wycombe from Wolverhampton, it was nearly 7pm and the coach driver was playing the Top 40 countdown, I can’t recall if it was the BBC Radio One official countdown or the commercial version. However, that is not important. Other songs in the top ten that Sunday evening were, Seal – “Kiss From The Rose” and U2 – “Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” (indeed it was the summer of Batman’s third silver screen appearance, Batman Forever starring Val Kilmer, in his lone outing as the caped crusader) If my memory serves me correctly, it was Sunday 30th July. (Don’t hold me to that though! I can’t afford any law suits at this time!) Take That had reached number one with their last single as a group, and they of course wanted to leave the pop music circle, in style. The single was called, “Never Forget”, and indeed we never do forget, its just a shame that at times we are very selective with memories. Some we allow to freely resurface, others remain forever at the depths of our ocean’s mind.

You may ask, for the reason I was on a coach travelling back from the East Midlands to the place I call home? It was my cousin, Tony’s wedding day. Looking back it was a day full of joy and happiness for two families joined in unison to celebrate the union of their young children. That was eight years ago, this coming summer. Eight years, an indescribable amount of time, in the lives of us mere mortals. And being mere mortals does have its disadvantages. At times, we all feel that we are invincible, but the hard truth to bear is that we are all far from indestructible. God Bless Tony! May he forever rest in peace and harmony…

I have been considering some of the ‘categories’ of music I should be working hard to compile, in my now ‘world renowned’ MP3 collection. Obviously, I’ve been considering some of the following:

Dance Floor Covering – the recent trend to take classic tracks from the 70s, 80s and even early 90s and add a modern dance beat. I, vividly picture some record label suit saying the eternal line: “Don’t worry, the kids will buy it…”
Covers – 2002 saw the most number of unoriginal material entering the UK Top 40, in its 50 year history. This would be a large 10 disc compilation! That’s one way to fill up my now semi-redundant CD-changer! :)
Samples – this has been happening for a very long time now, and it would be interesting to discover what great tunes have been sampled by other dance artists. Michael Jackson would be right up there with the best of them! :)

I do not have any other ideas, so if anyone out there has any other good ideas for possible album material, please e-mail me. For reference, you can check my Audio page for a detail listing of my current collection. However please note, as soon as this page is updated, it is out of date, as I am continuously updating, sorting and re-sampling my collection of over 2200 songs!

Eastenders had one of the most moving final scenes, I have seen for several months if not years. We have become accustomed to the soap opera concluding on a knife’s edge, with us eagerly anticipating the next installment. However, I think a change of direction was very much needed and the writers, producers and more importantly the directors delivered the goods… I think they realised that, we all do indeed enjoy


Sunday 23rd February 2003

Went out in Bedford for the first time last night with some work colleagues and had a quite a good time. When in one of the pubs in the High Street, I noticed, perhaps not a mass upsurge but considerable interest (mainly from the ladies) for a young man whom, had just entered the establishment. As he squeezed through the crowds of Saturday night revelers, I was amazed to discover it was Kevin Simm from the original (2001) ITV Popstar’s runners-up band, Liberty X. It was on his return through the crowds heading out of the public house, that I was able to make eye contact, smile and say “Hi”. My thoughts fell back to the MasterCard poster campaign, which had come to climax, for the Brit Awards on Thursday 20th February! The poster has the image of a young teenage girl, at the front of a crowd at a West Life concert, with the classic words underneath: “Star gazing: priceless”. An ideal way to describe my experience on Saturday night. Its amazing how much we realize that when we do meet some ‘celebrity’, that they are indeed ‘human’ and no different from ourselves. Its just unfortunate, or perhaps fortunate (depending on your own personal view point) that it takes a moment, of ‘star gazing’ for us to come to this perhaps obvious conclusion.
Audio page – fully updated, with latest version of my now, “World Famous” MP3 Collection!