My name is Andrew Tegala, but I am known as Teg to all my friends. I was born on Monday 23rd November 1981 (click here to find out who I share my birthday with and what famous events took place on my birthday through the years)

I studied my GCSE’s at Sir William Ramsay School and completed my A Levels at Henley College. I didn’t do as well as I expected. But I found a place at De Montfort University in Leicester. I was in the Midlands for three years (plus a placement year) studying Computer Science. I like computers, playing football, listening to music, going out with my mates and, of course, watching the great Arsenal and the international wannabes that call themselves England.

The year 2000 was extremely exhausting. I took my A Levels in the summer. In the autumn, I left small town Wycombe to start my Computer Science course at De Montfort University in the big city of Leicester. I quickly settled down to work mode again, made several new friends, started a new job and got used to life in a city!

Successfully completed my first year in 2001, allowed for a rather relaxing summer. I headed back to Leicester and once again began working hard for my second year. Unlike the first year, all my results and grades now equate to my final degree classification! The first semester of my second year was extremely hard work but went well. I was also searching for a placement during this time. Unlike my friends I did not get a even an interview until after Easter 2002. I had applied to over 100 firms by this time and the continue rejections were demoralizing to say the least. In mid April, there was finally some good news! I had two interviews.

So as summer arrived in 2002, I was beginning my third year, out on a placement in industry. I started on Monday 1st July and the duration of the placement was 12 months. For further details regarding this, and more information please check out my professional web site.

Fourteen years ago, 2003 turned out to be a very strange, as I completed my Placement, at the end of July. Enjoyment of the summer was quite short lived. In September, I was back in Leicester, and my final year at University had begun. For the first time my blog was able to record all the major stories from Freshers Week to those final few exams.

With 2004, the big bad world beckoned. I worked in London for a five months and then after an unemployment break of four weeks, in November I started working in a new field, pharmaceuticals, but still IT. To run along side this job, I also started a work log, which records my experience in the office and the development of my technical knowledge.

Ten years ago, my blog grew in both popularity and content moving for the first time to paid advertising free hosting, including the move of the domain to 123-Reg. Perhaps for the first time I was able to write frank clear postings about everything without other things such as university getting in the way.

A Brief History Of Our Time

The Blog

The blog came about as an accident really. It was the evolution of the site from being merely a brochure on my life to peering further below the surface and has taken me to another level. Firstly let us establish what a blog exactly is. I am asked this question so many times I feel I should point people in the direction of a comprehensive resource for all those FAQ’s you may have. Try here, for a detailed explanation. So originally, I would use my homepage to give details of what has been updated across the site. Photos and links being the main additions. Then over the course of early Summer 2002, I started to briefly add my opinions on current affairs, sports results and general commentary on my life. The turning point came in the midst of the Summer, in early August when the blogging started for ‘real’. I began to include my emotions, from which I was able to reflect on events in my life. Overall I found the whole experience therapeutic and the more I did it, the better I felt. You can see how the updates grow from a mere five or eight lines to three of four paragraphs of text. The blog wasn’t actually referred as such until April 2003. The site came into it’s own in November 2003. With the new design, I finally achieved the status that I wanted to. The recording of my time at University, and going from purely text to including my own photographs and links. I hope you enjoy reading my entries as much as I enjoy writing them. It is great to know that so many people find my life so interesting.

The Site

Well where do I begin. Perhaps at the beginning? Well back in June 1997, I met Steve Driver on ICQ. He had just started work on a web site and asked for my ideas on content. I suggested an audio page. This was just before MP3 files became as big as they have now. Back them Real Audio was perhaps the best quality audio on the web. Steve, did not have the time to work on a separate page, he was busy putting together a few other web sites. I offered to work on the page if and ‘Teg’s Audio Page’ was born. From June until the end of October my page was on Steve’s web site. Unfortunately, until recently you were able to visit the site but the account has been closed and subsequently the web space has been deleted from the server. I received in the range of 5000 hits on the page until it was closed late, 2003. During this time, I was the foremost user of the messaging program ICQ (I Seek You) gathering over 200+ contact list. For many years, I enjoyed using the program, it was handy, and enabled to be get into touch with so many people. It was ideal tool. However, as the program was updated, it started to annoy be. Dictating the way I should use messaging and get in touch with people. So I took it off my system, and have never put it back. Although, recently, I did consider putting it back on my computer, I decided against it. If anyone, who remembers TEG from the ICQ service, contact me on the above services.

On the first of November, 1998 the site moved. I had so much that I wanted on my own page that it become too much for just one page. I decided to get my own site. I did not want to pay for a domain name at this stage and opted for Web Jump, with the site URL, http://teg.webjump.com It was great, 50mb of space to use as I wished. The site grew from the single page to over twelve. However those surfing onto my site complained that the server was extremely slow. Indeed this was the case and at times you could not even access my site. Time had come to get a new site. This was done just at the right time, a few weeks later, Web Jump stopped their web hosting service. Below is version 0.5 of my site. Keeping very much to the same style and layout, of the original site hosted by Web Leicester. However, as this was my own web space, I was able to control more of the content. My graphics skills were poor (notice the Word ’97 Word Art graphics as title headers for the pages).

http://www.t-e-g.co.uk (Domain purchased in March 2000) I decided to open a new ISP account. I wanted a different web provider, and I chose, Mad As A Fish. It was August 2000. And there we were. A faster site with no annoying banners, or pop-ups. Below is version 1 of my site. This still stuck with the ideas of predecessors but there was slightly more interactivity and more consistency in content and style across the site. Having had the site up with the same design for the past 5 years, I decided 2002 would mean a dramatic change. Due to other commitments it has was very difficult to get anything together. But after months of working on various designs, I finally chose the one below (version 2). I think its was quite effective. I added more pages to the site. I was very pleased with this version and kept the design for almost two years. The graphics had been designed by myself using Adobe Photoshop and all the pages were much easier to navigate and use. However due to changes in terms and conditions with the ISP, from August 2003, I would no longer be able to access the FTP for the site, without connecting through the MAAF account, that is dialing into their system. Also, I was now getting bombarded with junk mail. One week, I received over 250 spam messages, with only a small handful of important messages. This was highly frustrating and it was time for a move. I decided to temporarily host my site over at FreeServe. This was while I found a new server for my site. I decided that I needed a completely fresh design of my site. I have found a new host for my web site. The Hosts are called United. With, them I decided upon this design for the site. It went live, in late October 2003. They provide 15mb of free, advertising free web hosting with additional feature of mySQL and PHP capabilities, which I will be using later on in the development of my web site. In March 2003, I purchased premium hosting from Portland to cope with the growth of the site and increase in traffic. In 2005, my needs changed once again. Portland had let me down one time too many. Although I had contacted them to organise the renewal of my hosting, the company just removed my site from their servers. Apparently it was still in the free section of the rack, when it had been paid for for nearly two years. I called them, complained after the letter I sent got no reply. I was given a full refund for the hosting and given a lame excuse that they were a small player in a big market. I should have jumped ship then and there, but the fact I was getting a refund, let me stay. My plan was to move over to 123-Reg in March 2006, when my domain expired. All these well made plans were put into motion ahead of schedule in early August 2005, when Portland went down for what would be the last time (for my web site). I transferred my domain and purchased new hosting. It took much longer than expected. Twelve days, exactly the same number that Portland was down. Thankfully that is all behind me now, as I have a reliable host!


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