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Good things come to those who wait? Does that mean I was just getting impatient? Today was the start of a new chapter in my life and I was looking forward to one thing only, the return to normality, the sense of a routine. Something I have always craved. It felt rather strange to be in my car at 7:30am precisely, listening to Moira Stuart read the news on BBC Radio 2, as I sped off onto the Handycross Roundabout. What was key about my drive over to Wiltshire? Well the soundtrack of course. I gave up trying to tune into Radio 1 and switched between my CD and Evans. I do not think I have the patience yet to listen to the show alone, I need to fill in the gaps with some song choices of my own. I picked an old CD at random out of my Case Logic case. There were some gems on this album, which I had burnt some three years ago. Perfect Day by Hoku and Neve – It’s Over Now. The later song I had referred to recently in a tweet to my dearest friend Sippy. He responded with a very heart-felt tweet. The song I am referring to is It’s Over Now by Neve, it plays during the closing of The Faculty. The drive itself was not as bad as I expected, considering I drive through three, (yes three) sets of road works. All with speed restrictions and two of the three having SPECS cameras. I am not sure how much extra time these delays make to my journey (on top of the rush hour traffic) but we shall find out sometime later in 2010 when two on the M4 are completed. After Reading (junction 11) the traffic eases and it is just the last leg into Wiltshire and to the office. I arrived, found a place, parked up and took a deep breath before heading to reception. After signing in, there was a good fifteen minute wait before my manager arrived to welcome me and introduce me to my new team and office area. I met a few colleagues before being taken straight into my first meeting. This was much more informal start than my earlier positions but that did not really bother me. Although it was strange to notice people wearing ripped jeans and trainers, this was really taking smart casual to the limit. How was the rest of the morning spent? I got introduced to one of the technical managers before being offered a nice of tea (which for a change I desperately needed). The rest of the day was spent with my mentor, learning all the new reports I soon would be responsible for. In between all of this, colleagues around me are taking helpdesk calls. Nothing new there, I hear you cry, sure that is correct. However, unlike all my earlier helpdesk related positions, this time around the language is not just English, but another four European languages, plus Turkish and Arabic. My first foray into a multi-lingual environment was going to be interesting. Over the course of the afternoon my brain melted, or at least a big chuck of it did. The reporting was just a minor jigsaw piece to comprehend to the juggernaut of the business. I should consider myself very lucky, more than this, privileged. I have always wanted to work for the biggest companies on the planet. To a certain extent, I have always have (either directly, in three cases) or indirectly on the client services side (only one place but an experience in itself). As I left the office after my first day hitting the M4, I wondered if (in the grand scheme of things) I had made the right decision. I had turned down several other potential opportunities to take this role. It felt great to be back in work, to have something to do. You will have noted from my blog posts from late October to Christmas, that I had lost the will to live in the job hunt, after the constant rejections. It was actually something my colleague said perhaps even as late as my second or third day that gave me a great deal of confidence. “You will get all the support you need! I am not going anywhere!” It was a reassuring few words and finally I felt I could close the book on my previous position. In a strange twist of fate, four months ago exactly on Thursday 24th September, I put a tweet out there. Four months and one day later, I had finally answered that call. I headed to the gym, to get a good session in before heading home. I had a song on my mind, which I really wanted to listen to. I had not copied it onto my Sony MP3 player, so had to wait to jump on my computer after my first day at work to enjoy the song in full. I threw a tweet into CyperSpace to capture the moment. I was back! As the saying goes, it is difficult to keep a good man down. I will endeavour to be that good man, today tomorrow and far beyond!

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