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The Wait Is Almost Over

Queen Bey

Supply & Demand

As expected, additional dates were added for the Mrs Carter Show World Tour starring Beyoncé. Therefore it was a case of deja vu for myself and colleague Priyam on Friday morning. I was keen to make sure I secured tickets on this second priority sale, even if that meant skipping breakfast all together. I knew the process now, so made sure I logged in early and waiting impatiently in the Virtual Waiting Room. All my details were already in-putted (although surprised they could not save my information from the previous day) At 9:30am sharp, I was through and booked tickets almost immediately for six people. Priyam had logged into the site, a minute after me, but was left waiting in the waiting room. The opportunity to purchase tickets never materialised. I, on the other hand, spent almost six hundred pounds in a world record twenty seconds. My colleagues were shocked at how quickly I navigated the site and took the best tickets available in my price category. Seating may not be perfect, but I would rather be there at the O2 Arena, than be watching on television.

My dilemma now is that I find myself some four hundred miles on Tyneside on the day of the concert and will need to make my way back down South, rather sharp-ish. I cannot rely on my friends, so may have to book a flight back. This may sound drastic but the reality is that a weekend with the lads, will never go according to plan. It would be unfair of me to force the rest of the group to leave the city early around 1pm sharp to ensure I make it to London in time for Beyoncé. I thought I was getting too old for these ultimate adventure weekends. Perhaps not, perhaps this is one last through of the dice. I do enjoy the thrill of trying to fit too much into a weekend. Thankfully, there is a Bank Holiday Monday to cushion the bump back to reality that would have been Monday morning.


Racking my brain and my blog archives, I have discovered that there is a precedent for such an event. Way back in July 2007, I was in Wrexham, visiting my dear friend David Jones and had to rush back on Sunday morning to ensure I got home to Wycombe, so I could take my sisters to Wembley Stadium for Concert for Diana. Six years ago, I believe I had the energy for a two hundred mile drive and then train trip to Wembley. Unsure of how I will cope with a flight, after a heavy weekend with the boys and travelling into Greenwich. Oh well, time will tell people!

Sunday 16th March 2003

Another great weekend! Sunny weather, and getting stuff done, which always feels good! :)

Was in PhoneLand in High Wycombe, with Radio One playing in the background. An intro filled the shop, all to familiar, but when the song kicked in, the vocalist that greeted my ear was Beyoncé Knowles and not 50 Cent. Indeed, it was one of those response songs that are now so common. If you recall, back in October 1999, TLC made a brief comeback with the single, “No Scrubs” and the album, “FanMail”. A group of boyz from the hood, called “Sporty Thievz” came up with the response, “No Pigeons“. Another response song, of more recent times is to Shaggy’s – “It Wasn’t Me“. This was done by Lady Saw, and it was the female response to the song!

Life is good, and the fine weather brings with it the thought, “Summer is just around the corner….” Take care for now. Very busy, so no real updates to the website.

I also took my little sister, Julie to Slough for a nice relaxing day. Indeed, the Office, may have been the best thing to happen to the ‘Industrial town’, but don’t knock it too much! Its the only place which I can distinctly say allows people to realize how far away from London I live!

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