Sunday 29th January 2006

At the final whistle, I got up off the sofa, switched off the television and headed into my room depressed, dejected and glum. How could I spent the rest of my evening? While perhaps the option of burying myself in the garden (or at least under my duvet) was there, I choice to occupy my […]

Friday 27th January 2006

At times I had to remind myself that it was a Friday today. For a change it was quiet on the phones, but this did not ease the burden of the work load. When I logged onto the computer in the morning, eventually I get around to opening Fire Fox (having full admin rights on […]

Friday 20th January 2006

The week ends much the same way it started with me watching a-ha on television. Although on Monday evening it was TOTP and tonight it was VH1 – Then & Now. I recorded the a-ha ‘upfront’ performance from the Beeb, due to more the fantastic introduction by Brian Potter than anything else. His exact words […]

Saturday 7th January 2006

So much to say, where do I begin? Perhaps with the biggest news prior to the weekend. After over a month, perhaps two out of the limelight. Sippy is back! His blog returned on Thursday evening, with two great entries. Several years ago, coming up to three now, if my memory serves me correctly, Sipz […]