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Video Killed The Radio Star

Sep 12, 2007 by Teg

While, Alan, Alan and Ian were discussing how well England were playing against Russia, I hopped over to Channel Five to catch Asha Tanna present the evening update. I hit the record button, converted the mpeg file to divx and have uploaded the video to YouTube. I believe, for the record it is the second video of Asha online and the first complete stream with no editing of the actual news footage. Enjoy!


Sep 10, 2007 by Teg

Martin, admin of Current Buns messaged me on Face Book requesting a banner for my 'fansite'. He would then add it to his site. Fantastic idea I thought, great way of getting the site url out there. So tonight, I knocked up a quick banner. Nothing too fancy, but it does the job. You can download your own copy to link from the links page. Let me know what you think. I may change with better photographs of Asha, once I find her presenting on five news and happen to be on my PC to grab a few screenshots.


Sep 9, 2007 by Teg

Finally, the website goes live. I have been working on the site for the past few weeks but surprisingly did not even know who Asha Tanna was more than a month ago. I was watching the trail end of a Five News bulletin, one lazy Sunday (19th August) afternoon but did not catch the name of the presenter, so I had to wait for the next bulletin. (Looking down the listing on the Sky EPG). I caught her in full technicolour glory for the 8:55pm slot and got her name. A start! Next stop Google but apart from a few pages dotted around the web and just two photographs there was nothing. Next attempt FaceBook. I was under the impression that she might be on the site (along with thousands of actors, muscians and footballers) No luck, but I joined an interesting Face Book group. More on that over on the about page.