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Hey B!

Oct 17, 2007 by Teg

Forgive me, while this post heads off on a slight tangent. Although please bear with me, it will be worth it, and in any case normal programming will be resumed very soon! I consider myself someone whom keeps well abreast of current affairs. I watch the Ten 'o' Clock news and Newsnight most weeknights and my home page on all my browsers is set to BBC News. While watching BBC News 24 over the weekend, I noticed a YouTube clip flash up on the screen. However, the news reader and guests were talking and I could not hear the song, so I had to do a quick impromptu search over at the video sharing site. It all kicked off in June, but somehow I missed out on the viral clip which made a political impact the other side of the water. What impressed me most (aside from Amber Lee Ettinger) was the polished production, including fantastic vocals from Leah Kauffman. Sure, ultimately it is a joke, but very well executed and has caused quite a stir across the media networks. Amber Lee (a perfect name for a model come wannabe actress) now takes the nickname of Obama Girl and has her own blog. The people behind the video, run the web site Barely Political and the original has spawned two sequels and several video responses (all of which are viewable on YouTube). Even comic legend Jackie Mason gets in on the act! There is of course, as you would expect even a Face Book group - I Have a Crush On the Girl Who Has A Crush On Obama.

This movement has inspired me to a degree. It proves the power of a simple video clip that can enable you to get your message, serious or light hearted across to the mass public with little outlay. I feel it could play a major part in this site, to make more people aware of Asha and get them tuning into Five. I just need a creative spark to light the fire. Suggestions are always welcome!

In The Red Corner

Oct 15, 2007 by Teg

Seems to be quite a few competitors to Asha's crown out there. Not just British lass, Priya Kaur-Jones, but Monita Rajpal from CNN whom has quite a big following. She has her own blog which runs alongside her show, Art of Life. Although to date, I have only found a rather pathetic fan site for her, which has not been updated in months. There is also a light hearted entry from the female perspective on a blog regarding how thenewsreader gets in the way of her marriage. I am yet to catch her live on CNN, although have caught a few of her clips from YouTube.

In terms of the latest news for the site, I have been informed by Asha's friends on Facebook that is she is aware of both this site and Facebook group and is extremely flattered. Although she has yet, shied away from making any direct contact.