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News Becomes Chat

Nov 6, 2008 by Teg

Been out of the loop a little recently but going to come back all guns blazing. I caught Five News about a month ago and wondered who the blonde presenter was? My question was not answered until a few weeks ago, when I finally had a chance to sit down and watch Five News. For a second, I thought either Kirsty Young had had a major makeover and lost at least ten years or her daughter was now presenting the news show. I was wrong on both counts but the identity of the female news presenter soon became clear. Isla Traquair has been on Five News since February 2008 but only started covering the evening bulletins (which she shares with ex-BBC London boy Matt Barbet) during the summer, to cover Natasha Kaplinksy maternity leave. You can read a brief history on perhaps the fifth most famous person from Aberdeen. (She has scrubbed up rather well from her STV North days, don't you think?) Looks like Asha has some real tough competition on her own sofa, forget about other broadcasters.

Watching Five News, I have noticed it has become a chat show. They had Alistair Campbell on one evening, plugging his book and giving his opinion on various news stories, then a few days later Andy Goldstein former Soccer AM presenter (only lasted one season). Is this what news has come down to now? Report the news in a quick snippet and then discuss at length with your guest on the sofa?

Any real Asha news? She did a stint on Sky News covering the graveyard shift late into the night and some weekends but has since had a slot on Five News. I have seen her cover the late night bulletins this week. I know I should have updated the links months ago, but she has a blog, along with the rest of the Five News Team over at their official web site. I think it may be worth writing to either Asha directly or her employers to get a view / endorsement or otherwise for this web site. Although, I most likely expect to be shut down, it would be nice to hear back from Miss Tanna and hear her opinion, be it negative or positive or indifferent.