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Forum (For Him?)

Nov 25, 2007 by Teg

On my search around the interweb, I have found a new forum. TS Celebs focuses on any female appearing on television but specifically newsreaders and presenters. Asha has her own thread which is now 15 pages long. Members post their own screen captures (refered to as caps) from a range of sources and some members request caps from particular news bulletin. This website has now been added to the Celebrity Link section of the forum. Hopefully that will, in time increase our reach. Okay, I know what you are thinking, what does TS stand for? Television Stars? Tele Stars? Actually it is far more sinster and Hollywood. TS in fact The Sentinel after the online nickname of the founding member.

Internet Campaign Phase II

Nov 11, 2007 by Teg

A new group started over on Face Book called "Ladies of Channel 5 Appreciation Society". Asha Tanna is featured of course, along side weather forecaster Lara Lewington. In my quest to find further competiton for Asha, I stumbled upon Shibani Joshi. I entered Asha Tanna into Google but found the Fox presenter thanks to someone leaving a comment about Asha on this blog. No videos on YouTube I am afraid, so I will just have to wait for Fox Business Network to roll out internationally. Come on Rupert, do not deprive us Brits!.

In more specific five news news, I discovered they have their own director account over on YouTube with various videos featured. Nothing I can see featuring Asha but I have not really spent a considerable amount of time digging around. Strange that they joined back in May but have not come up in any searches I have been doing for five news material. You never know, they might contact me for copyright infrigment very soon and that would effectively be my third strike and my YouTube account be suspended. We can only but hope!