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Life Through The Lense

May 12, 2008 by Teg

The fact that the discussion on the Facebook group has moved onto whether or not Miss Tanna wears contact lenses and if they do in fact make your eyes bigger, may lead you to believe that things are very quiet at the moment. Membership has bloated up to 129 members and continues to increase on a weekly basis.

[Image courtesy of TS Celebs]

No real news on the Asha Tanna front I'm afraid, hence no updates in the past few months. I do apologise but unfortunately this site is now very low on the list of my priorities. To be honest the wave of Asha euphoria seems to have died down recently. Although that does not stop people coming along to this site after a Google search. The fact that both my e-mails and letters have gone unanswered does not leave me with much hope. However, I am not going to give up. I am going to try a different tactic but will post more on that after I have done the deed. Meanwhile, join me and another 128 fans over on the Facebook appreciation society.