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Asha Transfers Over

Mar 12, 2009 by Teg

I do apologise for the lack of updates to the site recently. However I have a double whammy for you, I hope it has been worth the four month wait. Firstly the bad news, Asha was made redundant in a spaint of changes at Five News. The channel is going through various changes and the News is not unaffected. However, the great news is that she has popped over a few channels over to GMTV as Senior Reporter for breakfast television show on ITV1.

We have been informed by Asha's cousin that she is embarrassed of all the attention she receives on her Appreciation Society over on Facebook and the fact we have gone to the full hog to create her own website. All I need now is the official sanction from the lady herself and we can make it 100% official, rather than 100% aware. A passing note, membership of said mentioned group has now ballooned to 268 as of last Friday.

Will keep you posted with any news in the future and update the details on the site very soon.